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An Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology (AAST) student should have a strong interest in mathematics, science and technology.  The program of study is centered on the usual academic core subjects - English, social studies, world language, and mathematics.  In addition, AAST students take three years of biology, chemistry and physics.  This means that an AAST student takes two and often three science courses simultaneously.  This unusual sequence leads to an understanding and retention far greater than that obtained in a more traditional program

Of course this concentration enables students to graduate with a strong background in scientific concepts.  However, AAST students are also equipped with a strong, practical education as well. Weekly laboratory sessions are held for freshmen and sophomores.  Additional laboratory work is performed in core classes and electives such as organic chemistry or biotechnology.

Most AAST students pursue careers, for which they are well prepared, in science, engineering or medicine.  However, law is surprisingly common. Sometimes AAST students with a strong interest in mathematics choose careers in mathematical modeling in the financial industry, while others may become poets or philosophers.  Anything is possible! Applying to AAST requires an interest in science, not a pledge to devote one's life to it.