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BCA Club List


BCA Clubs Trimester One 2014



BCA Knit-­‐Wits: Mrs. Cimmino & Mrs. Stott – Rm 261

We plan to knit simple squares for KasCare (Knita‐square, an organization assembles the squares and sends blankets to South African children), hats and scarves for Warm Up America (an organization that donates to people around the country), and premie hats for Valley Hospital. Club meetings will be a time to knit, relieve stress, and chat with friends.

Cardio Training Club: Mr. Marmora Fitness Center or


The Cardio Training Club will incorporate speed

training, techniques, and endurance. The goal of

the club will be to increase the speed, agility, power and strength of its members in a fun and stress free environment. Students will be encouraged to join the "marathon crew" by completing a marathon, 26.2 miles, during club hours.


Pre Law Club: Ms. Belkin  Rm. 110

The club introduces BCA students to the legal


We take a look at the various areas of law (prosecutors, criminal defense, corporate, public interest, patent law, entertainment law, IP




intellectual property law, etc).

This can serve as preparation for law school

(admissions, internships, LSATs, accelerated BA/JD programs).                                         Students will individually explore the different fields and report back to the group on their findings. Guest speakers from the profession will make appearances.

Scheduled trips to State Superior Court for criminal sentencing and to Bergen County Jail/Forensics Unit

DECA 9, 10, 11 Mr. Mendelsohn (Rm. 48) Mrs. Sawhney, ( Rm. 167) Mr. Schwimmer (Rm 180)

DECA, the Distributive Education/ Business

Careers of America is a club that prepares students to participate in regional, state-­‐wide and national

competitions in fields such as entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, hospitality and management.

JSA: Mr. Demeter, Mr. Madden – 1st Floor Cafeteria

The Junior Statesmen is one of BCA’s largest

student‐run organizations, as well as one of the oldest high school debate societies in the country. JSA, through our regular Wednesday meetings, as well as our regional and national

competitions, allow students to discuss and debate

issues on a wide array of topics ranging from politics, economics, and other relevant societal issues. In addition, the club organizes various




political awareness and activism campaigns such

as mock elections, parent‐student potlucks and

viewing parties of important

Math Club: Mr. Penev – Rm. 268

The Club is aimed at preparing students for math

competitions such as AMC 10, 12, AIME, USAMO and IMO. Students also write math contributions which will introduce them to math research and contests based on math research like the Intel Talent Search, NJRSF and ISEF. Students can also apply for grants which can help them do their math research.

Chess Club: Dr. Galitskiy & Mr. Paul Rm. 233

This club is open to chess players of all levels, from

beginner on up. Members enjoy the friendly comadery of playing a game that challenges the intellect. In addition to playing games, there are opportunities to learn about some of the strategy of the game, such as the opening, the middle game, and the endgame. Some members end up joining the school chess team (the 2014 state champion and eighth in the nation).

Mission Music Club: Mrs. Heitzman & Dr. Kim Rm. 258—

Student initiated

Mission Music is a nonprofit student‐run

organization exclusively at Bergen County Academies. It was founded in September of 2010 on the core belief that music is a universal gift that




should be shared with everyone. Our mission is to

spread music throughout the world by performing

and fundraising in our local community. We donate one hundred percent of the funds raised through concerts and other events to underprivileged children in the northern New Jersey region who lack the financial means to enjoy the gift of music.

SoundWave Audio Lab: Mr. Lemma & Mr. Wilson

A club where students build unique devices that

unite music and electronics! Each trimester offers

a new project design, which students complete and take home



Trimester 1: Fuzz‐FACE DISTORTION PEDAL This trimester, students will build their own Fuzz‐Face, a distortion effect primarily used for electric

guitar. The circuitry is similar to the original 1960s

design and was the predecessor to many guitar effects used today. We’ll even include a mod to add a 3PDT stomp switch with LED indicator and an aluminum stomp box enclosure.



Trimester 2: DRAWDIO Theremin Pencil Draw + Audio = Drawdio. This trimester, students will build a unique device that lets anyone draw with music! Essentially, it’s a very simple musical




synthesizer that uses the conductive properties of

pencil graphite to create sound. The result is a

device that lets you “draw musical sounds! The heart of the kit is a TLC551 integrated circuit-­‐ and the PCB is small enough to mount on a pencil.



Trimester 3: FM Transmitter This trimester students will build their own FM transmitter. The multiplexer device bundles a FM modulator and RF amplifier all in one integrated circuit. Mod the unit to accept inputs from your guitar, smart phone, iPod or microphone and tune to any

frequency from 88‐108MHz a great way to hijack your home/car audio system.

Disney and Dessert: Mrs. Skuriat Rm. 235

Students will take turns each week to prepare a

dessert to enjoy while watching Disney movies. We will also be making Disney themed cards for hospital patients, the elderly, and those in need of some joy.

Ideal amount

Dance Club:  Ms. Crochet and Ms. Kouefati Rm. 216

Do you want to learn new dance moves? Do you want to share your old dance moves? Are you looking to improve your trademark dance moves?

Have fun in BCA’s dance club and get ready to move! The Dance Club will meet in the Theater





Arts Studio, room 216. No dance experience

requireda great way to end the day!

Science Olympiad: Dr. Zubov and Ms. Caroccia: Rm. 235

Students will be preparing for participation in the

Science Olympiad and/or Physics Olympics.

Do Something Club: Mrs. Leonardi – Rm. 224

The Do Something Club is a club meant to provide an opportunity for students to take action and

make a difference in the community on causes they care about. Do Something is a non-­‐profit, national organization that impels young people to take an active interest in social issues and aids them in taking action through nationwide campaigns. This year, not only will the BCA Do Something Club be participating in the national campaigns created by the national Do Something Club organization but we will also be running campaigns we have created of our own such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Red Cross Blood Drive and the Bergen Sci Challenge. Members of the club will enjoy community service activities while making friendships that span academies and grades and enjoy being part of a national organization promoting youth leadership.

Spanish Club: Ms. Calandra and Ms. Seltzer – Rm. 125

This Club would like to include ALL STUDENTS




who are interested in the Spanish Language and


It is a place for students to learn, celebrate and promote the Spanish Heritage.

Filipino Culture Club: Mr. Nodarse & Ms. Joa-­‐ Rm. 146

"Our goal is to spread Filipino culture and

celebrate the culture within the club. We will also try to raise awareness of issues and topics pertaining to the Republic of the Philippines to provide socio‐political, artistic, and cultural insight on these issues or topics to whomever we can

reach out to."

Home Work Club: Mrs. Levit Rm. 264

This club is designed mostly for freshmen, but not limited to.

If you are overwhelmed the quantity of the assignment and need some place for finishing them, or if you need to get some math help, or if you need some time just to relax this club is for you.

We are at room 264 every Wednesday.

I invite some members of NOS: Sometimes you run to me at the end of a trimester asking to fill out the form that you helped some students because you need the community hours. This club is for you!!!. You may help your friends here and it will be real






Model UN: Mr. Kramer & Ms. Buccino – Rm 239

Model UN is an activity where you represent the

views of different countries and debate international issues. The Model UN is a major organization here at the Academies. We put on our own Model UN conference called AMUN involving our students and students from other schools. In addition, the Model UN traveling team goes to conferences at schools such as Princeton, Yale, and George Washington University, where we compete against other schools. If you are interested in international affairs, politics, debate, and getting involved in a really cool and well-­‐ established organization here at the Academies, join the Model UN club. It’s a lot of fun!

Radio Controlled: Mr. DeFalco & Mr. Liva -­‐ Rm. 166

The RC club provides students with an exposure to the sport of Robotics and Radio Controlled Modeling in a fun and flexible environment.

Projects have included everything from hand-­‐ launch gliders through full‐blown electric model airplanes, quad copters, helicopters, cars and of course-­‐-­‐robots!!! Members can explore in‐class technologies and equipment, or design, purchase, build and modify their own models independently or in teams. Robot and design competitions,





flying/driving exhibitions and other interesting

projects or events occur each trimester.

Cosmos – A Spacetime Odyssey: Dr. T Crane – Rm. 224

: Did you get a chance to watch one of the best science shows to come to TV in a very long time? If

you missed it, now’s your chance. Did you watch every episode and can’t wait to see them again? Well, this is your chance too. The 13 episodes of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey originally aired from March to June of this year and was widely regarded as the best science on TV since the original Cosmos series hit the small screen nearly

35 years ago. Host and astrophysicist Neil

deGrasse Tyson leads the audience through a wide range of scientific discoveries and theories all of which is visualized with some of the best animation and graphics even seen on TV. If time permits, well move onto other fantastic science television after completing the full run of Cosmos.

Chem. Team: Dr. Gallante—Rm. 251

Do you love chemistry? Want to learn about real-­‐

world chem? Having trouble with chem HW? Well, you're in luck -­‐ due to a recent surge in interest in chemistry,

The BCA Chemistry Team has decided to once again resume having regular meetings during




the 2014‐15 school year!

Some of the things we hope to accomplish are:

Have exciting chemistry lectures!

Participate in Chem Expo at Liberty Science


Take part in chemistry competitions!

Provide chemistry tutors!

...and more!

National Art Honor Society: Mrs. Onnembo – Rm 139

based on eligibility, by application,

see advisor for


Chamber Choir: Dr. Finley – Rm. 225

Chamber Choir is a group of selected students

from concert choir who sing advanced repertoire, singing in both the December and May concerts, as well as competitions and festivals, including the Teen Arts Festival in the spring. entry is by audition only. Seniors in chamber choir attend selected after school rehearsals.

Amnesty International: Dr. Mayers & Ms. Zapatos—Rm.


Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 3 million supporters, members and

activists in over 150 countries and territories who campaign together and partner with other organizations to end grave abuses of human rights. Its vision is for every person to enjoy all the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human




Rights and other international human rights

standards. It is independent of any government,

political ideology, economic interest or religion.



Students in the Wednesday club will learn about Amnesty's theory of change, about the issues, the Key Club is an international student‐led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. Key Club International is the high school organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. Key Club assists Kiwanis in carrying out its mission to serve the campaigns, the cases, the victories, and the research in every country across the globe. They will develop skills as activists that will further empower them to be agents of positive change in the world.

Best Buddies: Ms. Ballas & Dr. Kenny – Rm. 136

Best Buddies is a club that meets with students in the Fairmount Elementary School after school

program until 4:30. We offer casual academic and social support on a one‐to‐one or small group basis to any of the children in the program. This usually takes the form of helping out with homework, playing board games or going outside to play or talk. This is a club for committed, responsible students who really enjoy being with




children. Since there is no bus transportation back

to BCA, all club members must arrange for

transportation so they can be picked up at the Fairmount School by 4:30. It does count for community service credit.

Skills USA: Chef B, Chef J, Mr. Lang, Mr. Alschen-­‐ Rm. 236

Skills USA is a national leadership organization that provides quality educational experiences for students in teamwork, citizenship and character

development. Skills USA also promotes understanding of corporate, business and entrepreneurship models and involvement in community service activities. Students will also prepare for State and National Competitions in areas such as Web Design, Entrepreneurship, Culinary Arts, Customer service, Community Service, Television and Video Production, Quiz Bowl, Medical Terminology, Advertising Design, Graphic communications, Technical Computer Application and Robotic Technology. In order to compete in the state competition, you must be in the club. Students will be expected to participate in community service and fundraising projects

throughout the year. NEW MEMBERS MUST HAVE






Interpretation Of Dreams Club: Ms. Beideman – Rm. 262

Have you ever had a reoccurring dream but do not know why? In this club you will work with your

peers to remember your dreams and discover the meaning behind them.

Research In Medicine Club: Dr. Pergolizzi & Ms. Waldron –

Rm . 213

Our goal is to enrich the knowledge of the club

members about the medical field by providing a forum for discussion about medicine and

biological research that is informative, interactive, and entertaining. We will have professionals from various field of medicine and research come in to talk to members. Members will also have an input on what they would like to discuss; all topics are welcome for discussion! In addition, club members will learn various skills necessary to pursue a career in research and medicine. Club organizers will also give various presentations concerning recent developments in the medical world. Our

club allows members to challenge themselves by

applying what they learn while providing additional knowledge. Participation in related fundraisers is also encouraged, as the world of science is all about improving the lives of people. This club is open to all students interested in the field of medicine!



BCA: Bergen County and State/National Debate Club

(separate from debate team): Mr. Russo Rm. 41

The debate Wednesday club would provide BCA

students a class to learn about and work on

debate. The club will be divided into two sections: one section being students participating in Bergen County League debate, and the other section being students participating in State and National

League debate. If you are on the debate team and

are looking for a set amount of time to work, or if you have never done debate and are looking into doing joining, this is the club for you!

Weight Training club: Mr. Symons-­‐ Fitness Center








Relay for Life Club: Ms. Wallace – Rm. 236 (student

initiated-­‐ Ruchi Shah)

Relay for Life at BCA has been a huge success and

the objective of this club is to start planning earlier

for this huge event, come up with new fundraising ideas, brainstorm ideas to spread the word about Relay, recruit other clubs to create teams of their own and be actively involved, and plan and help other events, performances, etc. for Relay.

Writing Club: Mr. Weems & Mr. Gonzales (student

initiated – Jaime Greer) Rm. 44

The Writing Club is a club where students can both

improve their writing skills through activities and have plenty of time to edit their own writing and create new works. Students can write poetry, short stories, or whatever else they want to write and even submit to writing contests.

Harvesters Club: Mr. Zhang, & Ms. Ponce – Rm. 141

The Harvesters Club is predominately a service and fellowship club based on a Judeo‐Christen Context. We usually host about 3 large events each year, with guests ranging from 100 to 350 people. Throughout the year, we also carry out various community service and humanitarian missions such as the 30 Hour Famine and Sumar Missions. One of the main goals of the Harvesters Club is to serve our community and the outside community.

Quiz Bowl Club: Mrs. Di Amico-­‐King, Ms. Rick, Mr. Pinyan

The Quiz Bowl Club is an extension of the BCA



– Rm. 33 & 34

Quiz Bowl Team, a fast‐paced question‐based

competition where teams vie with one another to

answer questions involving a wide‐range of subjects including history, art, math, science, popular culture, etc. Participants meet each week to engage in practice meets, discuss strategy and refine their playing techniques. Students are encouraged to compete on the Quiz Bowl Team, but may choose to join the club for their own enjoyment.

Computer Science Club/hackBCA: Mr. Isecke & Mr.

Bonanomi, Mr. Repass – Rm. 138

Time to get coding! Whether you want to get cracking on your own project, you want to work

on this year's hackBCA hackathon,or you just need

extra help in one of your programming classes, this is the place for you. Anything and everything computer science is fair game.

Fashion / Retain and Merchandising Up-­‐Cycle Club: Ms.

Pero – Rm. & Basement

This fabulous new club, advised by Ms Pero, will create BCA's first fashion exchange store. Club members will learn basic sewing, fabric and

designer recognition, and how to up‐cycle gently used clothing into high‐end wearable fashion. BCA students will be able to bring in their used garments to our club where we will re-­‐ envision/redesign those garments into amazing




new clothing to be sold in our BCA Exchange. Club

members will create the fashion, run the store and

control all aspects of the merchandising in this totally fun, real-­‐world experience.

Italian Culture Club: Ms. Xu – Rm. 210 (student initiated – Josie Des Rosiers & Victoria Jasionowski

The Italian culture is rich with a colorful history and a strong love of family, and we're inviting you to become a part of ours! While the Italian Culture

Club will no longer be giving free food to it's members due to a lack of cooperation the previous year, we'll still be the same club as we were. A place for open discussion on Italian Culture, Italian/American vs. Italian movie watching, and this year, IDT!! That's right! If you join first trimester Italian Culture Club, you will have extra time and a much better grasp on the Italian IDT that the club leaders are preparing! We hope you join us this year!

FAAM ( Fight Against Animal Maltreatment) Dr. Bajwa

Rm. 214 (student initiated: Myriam Burger & Aastha Jain)

Did you know that only 26 states in the U.S.

have laws that regulate commercial kennels to prevent animal abuse and cruelty? There are alarmingly few laws concerning the treatment and well‐being of animals throughout the world and that is something this club will be working to change. We will on host a few events to raise money, educate our members




as well as the school on the issues at hand, and

work closely with our members, as well as

local organizations and shelters to help improve animal care. Join us if you too want to help give a voice to these innocent creatures. Join us if you want to save lives. Join the FAAM

African Experience Club: Mr. Djedji – Rm. 174 (student

initiated – Princess Ibeabuchi)

Is Africa a country? Does everybody in Africa live

in huts? Is it true their idea of a toilet is a hole in the ground?no, no and... maybe to that last one. Africa is actually the second largest continent in the world and has 53 countries. To give you an idea of how large that is, Asia, the largest continent, has only 48. The African Experience Club hopes to answer the above questions and many more and show you just how evolved modern Africa is. You will be participating in weekly cultural activities that will explore the many diverse cultures within Africa, Essentially, you will gain The African Experience! Join The

African Experience Club to gain deeper insight into the motherland rumored to be the origin of all civilization!(p.s if you are a photographer, or very artistic you should absolutely join this club because we will be taking many pictures throughout the year to catalog for a club scrapbook.)



DIY (Do It Yourself) Club: Mr. Samarakone – Rm. 164

(student initiated—Chirayu Jain & Merav Epstein) OPEN ONLY TO FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES

Join DIY Club if you have ever seen or thought of

something that you wanted to make, but you did

not have access to the tools or resources required. You will think of a project that you want to make which can be as simple as a wooden airplane or as complicated as intricate decorations. Here, you will have access to the resources and tools needed to actually make what you want. Most of the materials will be provided but if you want to use your own feel free to bring them to school.

Logic Puzzle Club: Mr. Walsh Rm. 260

Do you enjoy using logic to solve puzzles and problems? Are you a logical thinker? Do you want to get recognition in a national test that not many

students know about? (but colleges do!) If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, Logic Puzzle Club could be the right choice for you. In this club, students will do logic puzzles such as Sudoku puzzles and KenKens. After the first few meetings, students will start to concentrate more on preparing for the NACLO, a national competition in linguistics. This test, which is entirely based on logic, can distinguish you from your peers if you do well.


Key Club is an international student‐led







(student initiated—Yasharr Hafizka)

organization which provides its members with

opportunities to provide service, build character

and develop leadership. Key Club International is the high school organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. Key Club assists Kiwanis in carrying out its mission to serve the community.









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