You are genius. i will try your method for the coming Great article. Click on links below to jump to that question. I never have good luck with that. Currently, the population of Wrentham consists of 11,597 people. Is this possible, Kevin? Southborough has a population density of 276 people per square mile. Ohh the vases! Plastic bag humidity domes are not used outside, just indoors under the grow lights. Aug 9, 2018 - There are several ways to overwinter geraniums (Pelargoniums). happy to have more of this particular favorite – so, thank you for your good advice! I just found your website! Signed, I water these twice a month and do not let them dry out totally. Kevin, do you think that this technique would work for ivy geraniums? Thanks, Kevin! I love the stuff you send out. Have told many about it. A succulent tender high yielding variety that produces delicious dark green colour spears with a purple tinge, Mary Washington is quite resistant to rust, making it an ideal variety for a more organic type of gardening. Good morning , Kevin….I got my 2 shelves cut for my south facing computer room window last week….now i think I will have to go back and get more cut some for the east facing living room for the added geraniums….one can never have enough flowers blooming in the house over the winter….and, of course, that gives us plants ready to go for the next spring………..thank you so much… this project…can hardly wait to see how it turns out! Some of my plants are 4-5 years old….I have managed to keep them going by trial and error….but now you have set me straight. I am in SW Colorado (13,800 ft elevation) and my geraniums are quite happy on the deck from mid-June to mid-September. Scroll down through the catalog to Pelargoniums – Scented Geraniums, and prepare to be AMAZED. Thanks! Perhaps you will let me know by leaving a comment. Thru the years, she became forgetful…and stopped watering her plants…and the houseplants were all gone the next time I came home. rehashed information. Amazing! During the dormant period, I check my geraniums for any sign of bugs and if necessary, I gently mist them with my preferred insecticide (soapy water); if you are going to use something other than soapy water, check your municipal bylaws for a list of less toxic products. Two surprises were a Solomon's Seal hosta that I had given up for dead, it sprung back to life. Kevin- do you have any suggestions for Martha Washington geraniums- they are so beautiful in the greenhouse that I can’t resist buying them, but within a very short time they cease blooming altogether. Cheers! Thanks for another great idea. I have three huge geraniums, nurtured through 3-4 winters, that need to be tamed and revitalized. I’m looking for a double-flowered white. Most spring-blooming bulbs need to be exposed to 8-10 consecutive weeks (or more) of winter temperatures that are 7°C or colder. Place the stem in the pencil-dibbled hole…. I’ve got them in a big raised bed (60cms high, 1.5m square) with glads, lilies and aquilegias. Be sure to have a look-see…. And truly don’t know how you have the time to read all the notes people,send you? I am going to share some with friends on Valentine’s Day. Add new soil so the new roots have new material to grow into. I put my large pot of geraniums in the garage last year over winter…occasionally watering and they came back in spring. Grab a glass of milk because we're about to dunk peanut butter cookies, oatmeal-raisin cookies, snickerdoodle cookies, and many more of our all-time favorite cookie recipes. They have an amazing selection of scenteds and other pelargoniums and geraniums, including some really lovely blue varieties. I have kept them alive, but they are not very attractive. Top Questions About . I’m sure with adequate thought and planning something can be invented that would not only collect rainwater but transport it to a large garden. My failure rate has been reduced enough to convince me they are valuable. Restored plants can bloom as early as December, while plants grown from cuttings usually won’t set buds until the days lengthen in February or March. Thanks so much for all these great tips and explanations! Time to clean up my act! My windows would be facing northwest…guess I will need a light. Hello from Washington State, They seemed to have already gone into a dormant state but recently started putting out new growth. It has been repinned a number of times already. Hopefully they will survive the surgery and I can propogate new ones. Thanks. PEST ALERT: Japanese Beetle | What You Need to Know, *ONLINE* Na’ʔk’ʷulamən (what we do): Wild Tea Blends, Vancouver Island Rock and Alpine Garden Society. In so many ways, I thought I would never regain what I had lost and though it’s not the same as having my mom’s plants, you are the first person I have actually thought of that can help me replace some of the things, some of the sentiments, some of the charm that I lost in her. Once in a while the bottom leaves turn yellow and i cut it off. me. I haven’t too much space in the house for larger plants near windows, but I want to use them for next year, rather than start over with all new plants. I will give these poor anemic, leggy girls one more try by cutting them back drastically and performing that severe root amputation you described. Hi Betty819 – You can start the cuttings in plastic or clay. I am looking forward to using these steps mid august. I take 3-4″ cuttings (sometimes more on leggy ones), stick them in their assigned glass to harden over for a day or two and then fill them with ordinary tap water. I’m wondering if this soil will keep them too moist. I have successfully grown many plants by cuttings from these four. (I’m not a winter loving person. Now center the plant in its pot. Be careful! Thank you for this post. If winterizing strawberry plants in mild winters, they will often live without any mulch or special winter care in Zones 7 and higher (8, 9). I’m repotting them in Miracle-Gro moisture-control potting soil, as I sometimes don’t get around to watering them until 2 weeks have passed. Enjoyed this and I’m going to give it a try. The only difference with the petunias vs. the geraniums is that I kept the geraniums outside and brought the tunies inside. In fact I had the screened-in porch on my 113-year old home converted to a sunroom with extra-wide sills to house my geraniums, along with a 7′ tall umbrella plant, 5′ tall corn plant, blooming impatiens and begonias and assorted smaller green plants.. Or, maybe the window area is too cold during winter-time. Now I know to let them ‘callus’ first. From the two I bought I made eight new plants. I have grown this geranium for a year with success in southern California. Thanks Kevin! All my little geraniums are lined up on my southern window sill….can’t wait for them to bloom. I have always loved them. The room stays at zone 7 or 8 so even if I am away dormancy is no problem nor need to water. I truly do take pleasure in writing however it Leaves are healthy, but no more blooms. Then repot in fresh mixture. I love geraniums. I think Husband worries that our house will be overtaken by plants! Thank you so much. Master Gardener AssociationsPacific N.W./Canada/UK, Please consider the environment before printing any material from this website. Hi friends, how is all, and what you want to say on the topic of this post, in my view its actually remarkable in favor of My geraniums bloom from May to October (or later). (Don’t ask) Is it too late to plant them outside? I couldn’t even get mine to thrive in my garden. not now You can keep your beautiful snow in the Hudson valley . kevin, I also have the glass water globes stuck in the soil, one or two per plant depending on its size. To answer your question, I feed my plants with Jack’s Classic Blossom Booster (as described in the article above). I tried the petunia cuttings and did everything you said but none of them made it. Love this post. The medium sized knife I use in the garden was removed from a parolee arrested by my husband many years ago. Thank you Kevin for the tips on how to do geraniums these are my favourite plant & I have one which is called Rose Geranium – it is white with pink frilly edges it looks like tiny rose buds just beautiful – I hope I can keep it over the because this one is hard to come by. I love the plant window you created for your own home, I may have to try that one out on some other windows! I can’t see how this could possibly happen but I didn’t want to insult her by saying I’ve NEVER ever heard of being able to do this. , I tell you Kevin, you are always right on target! I tried to sign up for your newsletter but it would not accept any of the crazy words you have to type in. I do not allow them to flower [this will zap their energy]. I carefully shake the old soil off the roots, and plant them in a 1 gallon pot or larger if necessary. Keep up the good work. Each year about half of them bear fruit and half don't. Thanks for the great tips! You’ll find my Holiday cactus tutorial in this post: November Brilliance: The “Thanksgiving Cactus”. know-how. I will keep it in the pot. Hi, Mr. Kevin! ((((hug hug))). I am tossing old stems, leaves and roots to my compost pile. I’m going to look for it now to work on my geranium, and don’t get in my way. Sounds like good advice for geraniums. I have geraniums that live inside, in my dining room window year-round. But how do I prepare my leggy geraniums for going back outside this spring? I also have a new window shelving unit (copy cat that I am) that I built which has brightened up my blah center dining room window now that it is FULL of blooming African Violets! How to grow a gloxinia plant. I just wanted to tell you I found this germanium bush at this place we always go to eat. Water is sparingly applied only once a month from November through to March and the dead or dying leaves are tidied up. Hi -- We have 16 40-year-old avocado trees of various flavors (basically, everything except Haas). So far, I have made the broth for Scotch Broth, 2 pumpkin pies from a volunteer blue hubbard squash and 4 loaves of pumpkin nut bread. I dread the short days and lack of flowers . Maria – Good news for you. I want fresh, young geraniums that are eager to grow, and which are small enough to serve decorative duty in the window garden. I’m going to try to overwinter my geraniums for the first time. Thanks! Love, Pam couch, Kevin! I had no idea! There are no "secrets" to growing geraniums/pelargoniums - all they require is sun and watering when the soil dries or the temps climb. Super Thrive. Thank you so much for your wonderful information. This is all so interesting and I will try the cuttings on my one red geranium this year. Today I took the lanky non blooming geraniums and cut them back and by cutting the roots knew this was going to make the best geraniums for my south facing windows this winter. The amount of roots you remove should be in direct proportion to the now-missing foliage. Kevin, if you are still reading this thread, is it too soon to be taking cuttings from a scented geranium in early Feb? again ….many thanks …. Out of the total city population, 50.2% are female and 49.8% are male. Then fill the pot with fresh mixture. Thanks for the tutorial. I love them but they’re such a pain to find homes for in the winter… This should fix that! Thank you. or maybe 1/2 c. Can I mix some osmocte in the potting mix when I plant the cuttings instead of going out and buying the product you suggested? Fill in the gap between roots and pot with fresh potting mixture…. Thank you, thank you! Plants delivered to your door with easy care instructions. Geraniums are very easy to start from cuttings. Got the LED shop lights there too). Do you think I’m giving them too much water? Thanks for refreshing my memory. In your case, I suspect both desert-dry air and over-watering. I found much more success (and blooms) with the cuttings. Tricky to grow indoors, since it demands water every time you turn around! I’m very excited about this post, but then most of your posts excite me. Now I allow new growth. I love your website. Hi Dear, are you genuinely visiting this website regularly, Thank you, Behold, for sort of answering my question about pinching for bushiness–I guess Kevin did not see my question or did not think it was worthy of a reply (too bad I am not Joan Crawford!). Pictured above is my rose-scented ‘Lady Plymouth.’  You can crush the leaves of this variety, and add them to your bath water. Every winter I just bring them inside, put them insouth facing windows, and water once a month. I am having some success with the geraniums I cut back. When I married, I moved across country but always figured that her gardening things would be passed down to me. With cuttings, I pinch out the first new growth to encourage branching. Information provided on this Website is believed to be correct to the best of our knowledge. Hi Sanna – Thanks for writing. Join over 250 Gardeners Already Registered! I constantly make new plants from these. I’ve been watching some YouTube videos on this same subject and they almost use the same or close to how you take your cuttings. You will know that your cuttings have rooted when new growth becomes evident. I also add 1/4 tsp. I posted in October 2015 that I was going to try your method. I harden all my geraniums slowly, and by mid-May I put them in pots, using good potting soil, or in the ground in a sunny location. I can’t wait until summer! for me i don’t think all thats necessary to do. Nothing like rushing the season! This is the first year I haven’t killed mine. Have fun with your project! clays/with saucers but don’t recall seeing any there yesterday but since I was mainly looking for the small bags of potting mix, I really didn’t pay much attention to pots. I guess that’s it. Thanks, Kevin, for reposting this valuable article. thank you thank you thankyou… getting your newsletter. I’m very The median age of Wrentham is 43 years old. I’d not been able to keep geraniums alive past May here in AZ (probably because of the heat) but will try your method starting in late March/April when the plants are still strong and temperatures below 100. Would mid winter be a bad time to prune them down some? Please advise…. You have definitely been the role model for Delicious Living. I look forward to reading even more of what you’ve so kindly shared with everyone. Looking forward to doing this your way this year. I have ordered from them several times (most recently five years ago) and their plants have always been well grown, properly labelled, nicely packed, and promptly shipped. Thank you so much! Beverly – I use that big serrated knife for all my “plant surgeries.” But I want the knife that you have. By April I gradually move them outdoors, but avoid direct sunlight. We heat our home with electric heat and a wood stove. All the things you teach and tell us about on your web-site are not always new ideas, but ones that have somehow fallen by the wayside in our hurly-burly, faster-faster culture. Lastly, what a beautiful photo of the moth! I carefully shake the old soil off the roots, and plant them in a 1 gallon pot or larger if necessary. Aloe Vera is easy to raise, requires relatively little care and provides pretty foliage year round. I’m hoping to try this myself in a month or two. my own. They have more varieties than you ever knew existed — and of herbs as well, of course. I get excellent results on my ‘plant wall’ ( a five shelf wire rack from Costco. In 2002 my Mom visited us in Colorado and brought me a pink geranium from Ohio. Is it too late? And then firm it down with a paint stick, a Popsicle stick, or a plant label (as above). All my little geraniums are lined up on my dining room windowsill, and doing well. Widely available Chinese hibiscus and Confederate rose, a hand-me-down treasure, cannot tolerate freezing temperatures. I have 3 large geranium in my Cold garage for the winter (central Al). When I had the big house with great windows I used to do this… Now I don’t have enough good windows for many indoor plants and I miss them . Great read! Using a serrated knife, slice off two-thirds of the roots. now I finally know how to do my geraniums properly for the winter…Last year I trimmed them and cleaned them up …then into the fruit cellar with them. I’ll share a tip I read in Mother Earth news: if you do not have chards/gravel for the drainage hole on your pots, used coffee filters work well and can be dumped on the compost pile ( I use non bleached filters). In the past I found that if the geraniums bloomed during the winter, they were extremely slow to bloom once I returned them to the garden in the summer. I have in the past suffered with little gnats on my houseplants during winter. Excellent! Veez. I was wondering why my overwintering geraniums get yellow leaves at the bottom (usually) of the plants. Toss the severed roots onto the compost pile. I think one of them has bloomed in last 2 years. Based on gender, 51.5% are female and 48.5% are male. Thanks for clarifying for me. I have a zebra plant for about a year it is growing very tall. It was like having free plants! Next I’ll do the scented geraniums. I like the fact that it has fertilizer it it and is supposed to keep them fertilized for up to 6 months. Illuminated for 16 hours per day, I can tell you that zonal geraniums will bloom in winter almost as well as they do in summer. I just pulled my two plants inside for the winter and they’ve recently started growing abundantly, but I’d like to take cuttings (to make more plants! I’ve been doing this with my geraniums for a few of years now and it’s great to have plants ready to go in the gardens the following Spring. and I’ve gotten too old to enjoy the invigorating experience of shoveling snow .We used to live in Larchmont , NY when the kids were little…. I place them next to the mother geranium and wait. Zonal geraniums become actual shrubs in SoCal!! Yours are so beautiful. Wow! Set the plant in a bright but sunless location outdoors. Hi Venkat — I can’t say for sure, but your winter temperatures are probably not cold enough for these alliums. good job. I have had difficulty clearing my thoughts in getting my thoughts out. I have always wanted to winter over my geraniums and this year I have a very special one that my Mother loved on. just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually lost just trying to figure out how to begin. Very leggy too. I do have a few of them but they are small, like maybe a 1 c. size. I love the “frugality” aspect of it! The leaf is not in good shape, but when I gently pull on it, it seems to be stuck well in the soil, as if it has roots. Perveez, Veez for short. Thank you for all the inspiration. Both genera belong to the family Geraniaceae. Hi Kevin, your tutorial for the geraniums is really helpfu,I have geraniums that were bought in1988 that still bloom. Never fails me. I bought 2 and gave one to my neighbor. I am about to give up on mine. You give the best directions for overwintering plants! If I sound sappy, I’ll attribute that to a rainy afternoon and some good chardonnay. HI Ruth – Sounds like you’re becoming a geranium-rejuvenating pro! And we get to enjoy them all winter long as well Your blog is a highlight of my week. I’d love to save it through the winter. I’m glad I found your wonderful blog. Beautiful gardens along the house and separating one part of the yard from another. I took some cuttings off the geranium last evening, got some fresh potting mix and this afternoon, plan to plant them. if so after that you will absolutely get pleasant I was also wondering, do you pinch the cuttings back as they grow to keep them bushy, or is this not necessary? We haven’t had a hard freeze yet, and it doesn’t look like we will for at least a full week. Good tutorial – thanks much! I bought a number of the scented leaved varieties this spring; the oils evaporating in the evening air (a warm spell in this part of the UK!) Geraniums are easy to over-winter. With some newspaper, a cardboard box, paper bag, or a sunny windowsill, you can keep these tender perennials for the winter. Minimal flowering is ok as long as the plant lives. Thanks for your prompt reply. Unless they are being grown in a container, they don't even require much in the way of fertilization. Very enlightening and inspiring. They are both now in full sun area, quite hot at times. I was successful much to my delight and surprise. Love your posts. The old ones get leggy and don’t produce many blooms, still I take them indoors in winter, and keep them in a sunny window. The following restoration and propagation procedures have never failed me: When you are dealing with a zonal geranium that has grown all summer  (such as ‘Puritan White’, above), the first step is to cut the plant back to within an inch of its life, or to the point where the lowest leaves can be found. I have trimmed the roots, like you said. Love your blogs and pictures.+. I have never successfully brought my geraniums indoors for the winter. I hope this tutorial was useful to you in some small measure. Hi Tris – Yep, let the petunias root outdoors in a bright but sunless location. They are so wonderful and will look better and grow better for the pruning. I hung it up on a shepherd’s hook at the back of the house where it gets morning and early afternoon Sun and is somewhat shaded at certain times of the day by a dogwood tree. I have several scenteds struggling along in their pots. Hi Susan – Here in (cold) zone 5-b, zonal geraniums are not hardy. But I have just ONE teeny tiny question. Thank you, […] hanging basket that I got for my birthday (pictured near the top of the post). I will definitely be doing this to it soon. Leaves can wither if the soil is permitted to dry out between waterings. Then let me show you how, exactly, to prepare these popular summer plants for winter-beauty indoors. But you can still stick cuttings now, do more then. I better do it tomorrow as it is September 4. Also, I will be bringing in geraniums that have been in the ground. And thank you! ha!) You are awesome, Once the plants are growing, I encourage bloom with a high-phosphorous, low-nitrogen plant food. They winter over just fine here, but it might be fun to use this method for a little happiness in the window through the winter months… Thanks. Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial, Kevin! Thanks, and Happy Holidays! –>Seeking rose-scented leaves now Armed with your helpful instructions, I’ll be cutting up my pelargoniums in the next two weeks too. Choose from a wide selection of easy-to-grow upright and trailing varieties. On the good side, I can now see what has survived over the winter. It is a hybrid of two older geraniums - G. himalayense and G. wallichianum, both of which are rated for USDA zones 4-10 and up to 24 in Sunset zones. great fun then. For potted cuttings of many types, I rely on vented plastic bags, positioned as humidity domes. I just pull them off, not a big deal since the plants always grow more shoots. We pick the best plants to thrive in your environment. I live in Wisconsin. I would love to try growing african violets; at least I’d have some color in the sunroom besides the bright turquoise walls! I want to know about that knife you are using to slice the rootball! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! I don’t have storage space for any more gardening supply products. Soak the plant thoroughly, until excess moisture escapes through the drainage hole. Just recently signed up to your blog and ADORE it! So, are you considering ideas for getting going on a gardening book? I missed the end of last season you recommend in this excellent blog. Thanks so much Kevin! Learn how your comment data is processed. It’s always brilliant. Gloxinia (Sinningia speciosa) has oblong fuzzy leaves, large velvety bell- shaped flowers with ruffled edges.This tender tuberous perennial is a member of the Gesneriaceae family, a relative of the African Violet. Here, it recently attracted a hummingbird moth. I took a small stem yesterday and to did the way to said to do inlet it dry out over night.

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