What other models would you recommend? Posted by 2 years ago. All rights reserved. Other than that, there’s not much to report. ATH-AD1000X audiophile headphones feature 53 mm large-aperture drivers, delivering precise imaging and an ideal frequency response. 10 Pair Replace headband pad for Audio t... 10 Pair Replace headband pad for Audio technica ATH-AD500X ATH-AD700X ATH-AD900X ATH-AD1000X ATH-AD2000X headphones Maintenance: $56.99: Get the deal: Sennheiser HD 599. [REVIEW/COMPARISON] ATH-AD900X vs ATH-AD1000X vs MDR-MA900 - It's STILL over 900!!!! Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X vs ATH-AD500X weighs 265 g and the other headphones have 235 g. Whatever device you buy, it will have an adjustable headband. audio-technica-air-dynamic-headphones-ath-ad900x, audio-technica-air-dynamic-headphones-ath-ad1000x, sony-mdr-ma900-over-the-head-style-headphones. The ATH-AD900x is, for the most part, made entirely of plastic; and it doesn’t feel like the most premium kind of plastic at that, either. On a positive side, the headphone is very lightweight and I feel very comfortable wearing it. ATH-AD500x vs 700x. James is a self-proclaimed audiophile and tech geek. I'd use the word "airy" too. As advertised on the Audio Technica AD1000x webpage, these are open-sounding. btw i just reviewed the ad900x check mah blog, "One of a kind is what I'm in the market for". The one that’s relevant to the build has to do with the materials used. This was a welcome change, as it made the sound more punchy without betraying the Audio-Technica sound for something more along the lines of Beats. Of course, that’s not a fault with the headphones and we won’t be scoring them for portability; open-back headphones simply weren’t designed for that. However, if your head is too big or too small the wing support simply won’t function as intended, rendering them almost unusable and uncomfortable. The bass was improved and makes them viable for a wider selection of genres, from classical music and jazz all the way to rock and hip-hop, although bass heads certainly won’t be impressed by them. When I game it's normally for long sessions, when I have the time, so comfort is likely an important factor to consider, thanks for the recommendation. 35000Hz vs 30000Hz AD700x and AD900x have no sonic differences, fit and finish is higher on AD900x, pretty much their only difference. Audio-Technica ATH-AD1000X vs Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X The ATH-AD900x lacks on the low end compared to the HD650. The sound quality was also surprising, but not in the same way the soundstage was. The bass is a tad lean, but the midrange smooth and the treble crisp. Are they comfortable? Also, let’s not forget that these are open-back headphones. some people have even used the ad500x and bought the drivers for the ad2000/ad2000x and stuck them the ad500x frame for a cheap version of the top tier AT offers. I will outline the AD900x, and then compare/contrast it with the HD 598 towards the end. That's what the Ad900x are for and supposedly the AD700x do it better. Moreover, the cable is too long and non-removable, therefore, this is definitely not a portable headphone. I'd probably call the HD518 the poor man's HD650. The audiophile-grade sound coupled with such an affordable price easily makes them one of the best headphones for getting into the audiophile hobby. I bought and sold the Ad900x, demo'd the AD1000x then eventually upgraded to the AD2000x for the amazing mids and highs for one thing only: female vocals. I had expected some… Why is Audio-Technica ATH-AD900X better than Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X? Exciting and engaging open headphones - fantastic for vocals! Both pairs of headphones have a 300cm long audio cable and its length can cause gentle tangling issues. The orange cherry wood with its glossy finish is simply wonderful to look at and has a very Japanese esthetic. But the 3D wing support system is rather hit-or-miss. They sound pretty good even when you pair them up with a simple smartphone. We’re never glad to see non-detachable cables in high-end headphones, especially when the cable seems this unexceptional. First off, the AD1000X does not have the same sense of transparency that the AD900X … If nobody buys my A900x, maybe I'll donate them to "science". Headphones vs Headsets vs Earphones vs Earbuds – What Is the Difference. From what I've read the 2000x is just a slightly more refined and forward 1000x but both have a very similar signature. I've had the Ad900x for a couple of months now and it's starting to bother me how uncomfortable they've gotten (sliding down my head/clampy) and I think I'm going to give the MA900 a shot! It’s biggest strengths are the overall lightweight of the all-plastic design and the substantial layer of padding. But whether you love the design or not it doesn’t really matter too much because the ATH-AD900x aren’t headphones that a lot of … The 3 meter, non-detachable cable practically spells ‘indoors’.

ad900x vs ad1000x

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