Looking for Rocky Mountain Juniper Blue Arrow, also known as Blue Pencil Pine or Blue Arrow Juniper, for your garden landscape? It grows at a medium rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for 70 years or more. Regular price $59.99 Sale price. Blue Arrow Juniper as the name suggests has a narrow straight growth habit, not unlike an arrow. Find Blue Arrow Juniper (Juniperus scopulorum 'Blue Arrow') in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota (MN) at Gertens (Colorado Red Cedar) ... #5 container - $49.99 #10 container - $119.99 #20 container - $219.99 #15/4' B&B - $189.99 #15/5' B&B - $209.99 6' B&B - $249.00 7' B&B - $269.00 8' B&B - $299.00 * Sizes and availability are subject to change. Blue Arrow also produces silvery blue berries from late spring on and the birds love them. This sun lover is hardy to Zone 4, maintains beautiful silvery-blue foliage year-round and grows to 15 feet tall and just two feet wide. The wispy foliage is the most vertical of all our junipers. Deer don't like the taste of these small trees, but the birds will flock to Blue Arrow Junipers from spring to late winter. Conifers in Containers; Thank You! Many gardeners are even growing Skyrocket juniper as part of a mixed container display. The silvery blue color will work beautifully with a very wide perennial plant color palette. Improved variety produces bright blue foliage on tight, narrow, upright form. To remove your Juniper from the container it was growing in, first squeeze or tap on the sides of the container to loosen the root ball. Upright, columnar habit; Blue-green foliage; Drought tolerant; Size Plant SKU Size #07 4-5' HT Please Login for Ordering: Mature Height: 12-15 ft. Image result for blue arrow juniper in containers. It possesses many advantages and it is profitable for plants [7, 8, 10]. The J. x-media conifers are wide spreading, ideal for … Perfect as a tall, narrow screen where space is limited. Plant several as a tall, narrow screen where space is limited. Reddish-brown bark can be seen amidst the foliage adding texture and color. ORDER HOTLINE: 01782 502741 Everyone loves the intense silvery blue foliage of this Juniper. $119.99. Qty. See more ideas about Blue arrow juniper, Plants, Conifers garden. Use these to welcome guests to a special Outdoor Room. Find Juniperus scopulorum Blue Arrow availability & prices online now. "While 'Skyrocket' is most often used in formal landscapes, I think it blends well in just about any setting," he says. Pines in general tend to grow quite large and outgrow a container. Immune to cedar-apple rust. Have you seen the way they use Italian Cypress in front of Ceaesar's Palace? It has dense foliage that is a rich silver-blue all year round, and this tree is hardy even in zone 4, making it a great substitute in colder regions for the Italian Cypress. Another unusual upright plant is the juniper called 'Skyrocket' (Juniperus scopulorum). Rocky Mountain juniper thrives in drought conditions or other equally dry sites. Plants may be The Blue Arrow Juniper is a wonderful narrow accent plant, reaching 10 or 12 feet tall, while staying no more than 2 feet wide. *If you have found your zone already, the table above will highlight your zone. For this purpose, it is better to approach Juniperus communis Gold Cone or Blue Arrow Juniper, etc. Container Sizes are really all about the This blue-tinged plant develops exceptionally dense foliage, so it can withstand some of the natural thinning that occurs in partial shade. Drought tolerant and easy care, but nonnegotiable in its sun requirements. Find Your Growing Zone:Show Approximate Ship Dates & Restrictions, Address2336 S 156TH CIRCLE OMAHA, NEBRASKA 68130. They can be sheared to keep a particular size, but why not allow them to grow naturally with their pretty, soft and fluffy look? Common juniper of Texas Hill Country. Container cultivation helps to prevent this disadvantageous phenomenon. Mar 1, 2019 - Explore Michelle Pierce-Hose's board "Blue arrow juniper", followed by 105 people on Pinterest. $79.99 1. When you are looking for juniper plant companions, think about bamboo. After having removed the plant from the container, loosen some feeder roots around … Note: This plant is currently NOT for sale. Bamboo species, particularly dwarf bamboo plants, are also good choices for juniper companion plants. Any juniper with blue foliage also looks good near other blue-hued plants. Juniperus Chinensis blue point is a good choice for privacy … The Juniperus are extremely hardy with a good growth rate. Seasonally, Nature Hills offers hand selected, high quality bare root trees, shrubs and perennials. logging into shop.monrovia.com. Skyrocket Juniper has a rich blue-green color. When you are looking for juniper plant companions, think about bamboo. See more ideas about plants, garden landscaping, yard landscaping. Popular sizes of select bare root plants is 1 foot, 18 inches, etc. root plants are sold by height from the top of the root system to the top of the plant. Curbside pickup available . Blue Arrow, considered an improved form of popular Skyrocket Juniper, was developed by Pine Grove Nurseries, PA, introduced in 1949. Check Other Stores closed . Measure 3 feet from the middle of one trunk to the next trunk when planting as a screen. It grows steadily, adding at least 6 inches a year, so it will soon be a striking specimen on your lawn, or part of the varied planting around your home. There are many ground-covering junipers, ideal for suppressing weeds. Makes a colorful addition to the garden. If you do trim this Juniper, it will tend to get a bit wider, so keep that in mind. Plants with blue flowers, berries or leaves make good companion plants for juniper. If the root ball is stuck in the container use snips or a utility knife to cut the container away. This page is preserved for informational use. Cold hardy alternate to blue Italian cypress. Shredding gray bark. Very narrow upright evergreen with beautiful tight bright blue foliage. This is a narrow, upright evergreen conifer with distinctive, erect growing stems and bright silvery-blue foliage. Excellent in symmetrical pairs or as a single specimen. 2 total. After 10 years of growth, a mature specimen will measure 12 to 15 feet (4 - 5 m) tall and only 2 feet (60 cm) wide, an annual growth rate of 15 to 18 inches (37 - 45 cm). If a container is the option then be sure to plant in a mixture of John Innes No3 and multi-purpose compost, making sure there are sufficient drainage holes. A popular candidate in small irregular groups soften corners and highlight entries in foundation planting. How to Search Our Website; Juniperus (Juniper) Native ranges of juniper span much of the northern hemisphere, from the Arctic to China, tropical Africa and the mountains of Central America. Blue Arrow Juniper is a dense multi-stemmed evergreen shrub with a narrowly upright and columnar growth habit. At Nature Hills we handle, package and ship the products you order with the utmost care to ensure healthy Blue Arrow juniper is as thin as a supermodel. Le Juniperus scopulorum Blue Arrow est un genévrier très rafiné dont la forme pyramidale est très reconnaissable parmis les conifères. For some great structural shape and unique color in your garden, pick up a few from Nature Hills today! Gray-green foliage. This plant is a best seller for us because people just love tall, skinny evergreens. Plant Details ; Care & Info; Add to wishlist ; Growing just 12 to 18 inches a year, this lovely narrow-leafed evergreen slowly rises, straight up, symmetrical, and clothed in brilliant blue foliage. The Juniperus are extremely hardy with a good growth rate. The plants of the Rocky Mountain Blue Arrow juniper should be grown in containers. This kind of formal, skinny growth habit can also be used very effectively in a modern landscape. It’s happy in full sun or partial shade and virtually any soil type providing it’s not waterlogged. An improved selection with tight, bright blue foliage and a very narrow, upright form. This could explain the versatility and variety of the genus, which is among the most useful of conifers. 2 total. Guaranteed best value, low prices, fast delivery, special offers. Did we mention the deer leave them alone? The Plant Sentry Compliance Officer works closely with NatureHills.com and each nursery or fulfillment center to ensure only compliant plants are sold to customers. These pretty trees are even tough enough to handle urban pollution. This could explain the versatility and variety of the genus, which is among the most useful of conifers. Sites that display the Plant Sentry protection badge are protected from consumers buying and nurseries shipping material carrying invasive pests and diseases. It will work to provide gorgeous definition. A beautiful dark green background for beds and borders. Female plants bear blue, - to -inch berries with a waxy sheen. It lends an extremely fine and delicate texture to the landscape composition which can make it a great accent feature on this basis alone. Therefore, these plants often grow in partial shade. This outstanding columnar form is the Italian Cypress of colder climates for lending a decidedly formal or Mediterranean character to gardens.. Plant as a hedge for tall narrow privacy screen. Use this very slow-growing conifer in Container, as a windbreak or screen, or as a showy accent. Skyrocket Juniper has a rich blue-green color. It is a very compact-branched variety which forms a beautiful pencil-shaped tree, reaching 1.5 to 2.5 metres high after 10 years. taller than the height minimums.

blue arrow juniper in container

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