Join our watch list and be the first to get the best deals. The north Island branch covers Car hire in Auckland, Wellington. In fact, that’s where we specialize. All our current relocation specials are listed above or you can call our JUCY crew on 0800 399 736. Australian Freephone 1800 771 302 . We get that. Sedan. Updated on a daily basis, details on the latest relocation deals can be found below. Rental Car Relocation – List of ALL the Rental Cars Needing Relocation in New Zealand Rental Car companies are always needing to move their vehicles between branches around the country. Main menu. Travel the world in relocation rentals from $1 a day. Some rental companies will only accept credit card. Partial refund. Campervan Relocation Means Free Campervan Hire! Latest listing. We provide our services to a range of customers including businesses, those in the car industry, as well as private individuals. Below is a list of rental companies that offer relocation deals in New Zealand. Christchurch Quality Rental Cars New Zealand covers the South Island including Christchurch, Picton and Queenstown. Go rentals 4×4 SUV relocation in Auckland City, Auckland Airport, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown. Car Transport Auckland NZ You can rely on us at Express Movers for car transport services in New Zealand. NZ Car Transport is a locally owned and operated company, offers all types of vehicle transportation services like Car, Bike, Boat, UTE, Van, Heavy Machinery, Tractor, Large SUV, insurance services, and moving truck hire & trusted with transport your vehicle since 1997. © Refuel Topco Limited. We have used with great success and save $$$ in the Process. RV, camper & car rental companies sell relocation rentals through as a way to save money on paying drivers and trucking vehicles. MAKE YOUR GREAT WALK EASIER. 26 relocations found on any date . The best thing about our relo deals is that no matter how cheap your deal, you still get the same award-winning customer service. Customers pay for their individual fares. Do you have any possibility for us? It is usually best to go directly through the car rental companies. With daily rates from as low as $1 a day, our relocation specials are the ultimate JUCY deal. Some car rental companies need cars and campervans moved from one branch to another. Book a one way deal from Auckland to Christchurch in a 2019 Toyota Prado, from now until the 31st of July 2020. Check out our other articles on the other methods of transport and transport tips in New Zealand. It offers freedom and flexibility that other means of transport cannot offer. View All . Car Lease; Relocations; Trucks; One Way Campervan Relocations. Free for car + 1 adult. 21 or over. English. We would like to relocation a car or (the best) a camping car from Christchurch the 2nd or the 3rd to Picton-Nelson-Wellington the 10th or the 11th of february. From To Inclusions Earliest Pick up Latest Drop off: Vehicle type Rate Days allowed Extra days; Brisbane: Sydney: Fuel: $120 : 30 Nov: 11 Dec: 2 Berth Best Available El Cheapo Car Hire; Small Hatch; 8-Seater Van Rental; Car Locations. By using this website you agree to our Privacy Policy and the terms of use within it. We help with the bus, car relocation, food and hire gear. Transfercar is a free service for car relocation and camper relocation in NZ and Australia. Extra charges may incur per km, Limited days with all car relocations there are a limited number of days you can drive the car for free. We’re with you throughout your planning and help you get there. Enter your dates, times and locations above and click on the Get Quote or Book Now red box and this will then advise if any vehicles are … We’ll specify the dates of travel, and how long you can take your JUCY hire car for. For these occasions, we offer heavily discounted relocation specials. Basically, stick to the number of free days given to drive the car. Home; Are You Available? Enjoy our car relocation deals in New Zealand How does it work? Hatchback. This is your opportunity to road trip in the cheapest and best way. The following offer FREE or Cheap relocations of Cars or Motorhomes/Campervans in New Zealand: Apollo Campervan Relocation Deals. Specials; Relocations; Vehicles. Contact – Disclaimer, Welcome/Kia Ora! Transfercar is a free service for car relocation and camper relocation in NZ and Australia from Cape Town. By using this website you agree to our, Advertise your business on New Zealand's most popular travel guide, Why You Need an International Driving Permit for New Zealand, Different Types of Campervans in New Zealand, Ferry Between the NorthIslandand South Island, How to Convert Your Driver Licence into a New Zealand Driver Licence, Complete Guide: First Week of a New Zealand Working Holiday. Although there are a limited number of days you can hire the car or campervan, you may be able to hire the vehicle for some extra days at normal rates giving you more time to explore. We’re glad you asked, because here is a list of them. Driver Age. Take a Peek; Articles; FAQs; About Us / Contact Us . The concept is simple: relocate rental cars and drive them for free! It offers freedom and flexibility that other means of transport cannot offer. Compact; Mid Size; Full Size; Station Wagon; SUV 4×4; 8 Seater MPV; Minibus; Cheap & Cheerful; See All; Locations. This too-good-to-be-true deal comes with some limitations. An aggregator of all the car relocations: Car rental companies: Jucy, Thrifty, Apex, Maui, Omega, Ace, Budget, Rental Car, Spaceships, Cheapa Campa, Apollo Camper, Wilderness, Avis, Hippie Camper, Britz, Go Rentals,  and Quality Rental. Otherwise, your car rental is free or at least dirt cheap! What’s included in car relocation differs from company to company, so it’s best to always compare companies and read the terms and conditions. Sounds like a win-win! Car Range. Please have your car parked and ready for relocation by 1pm on the day you start walking. Availability of cars to relocate differs between seasons. That’s usually not much time for sightseeing, but it may be worth paying for an extra couple of days if the company allows it, Fuel cost in many cases, car rental companies will pay for one tank of your fuel, but you may have to pay for extra fuel for long-distance trips. Sign up to receive our deals, news and inspo. Step 2: Pick up the car from the specified pick-up point. This guide will tell you how car relocation works in New Zealand, along with the pros and cons of using this system. Relocation Specials are one-way car hires ranging from one to four days. Select your language. Join Our Watch List. When choosing a car relocation in NZ with TransferCar, all we had to do is sign up, enter our card details and apply for the relocation – You are able to browse the cars before singing up and you’ll only be charged by TransferCar is you’re accepted for the relocation but don’t show up, otherwise you’ll pay what’s owed (if anything) once you collect the car. No. 4 left . 27 Nov. 3 Dec. Queenstown Airport . Transfer cars are often free, and can make a holiday in New Zealand a lot of fun, budget friendly and open to everyone. Browse and search all relocation car, relocation campervan, motorhome relocations and relocation rental in Australia. Hippie camper relocations in New Zealand. See Services. In other cases, no fuel is included at all so you will have to factor that into your budget, Car rental companies don’t provide return or onward transport (unless you pay to rent from them), so you will need to organise your own transport after the car relocation is over, There are more offers from south to north as people tend to rent their vehicles to drive down south. Avis Sometimes have cars for relocation, you can find offers for regular rentals here as well. NZ 0800 399 736 AU 1800 150 850 USA 1800 650 4180 DE 0800 181 7169 CA 1844 261 0376 NLD 0800 020 3516 UK 0808 234 7261. Sort. Although you can’t rely on this transportation method for your entire gap year or a working holiday in New Zealand, car relocations are ideal for a quick one-way trip. Pick Up Location . Driver's LicenceSelect issuing country. Our experience includes transporting cars, utes, and commercial vehicles including vans and small trucks. Search. Vehicle. © 2020 NZ Pocket Guide. All those details are clearly explained on each car relocations offers displayed on the aggregator of all the car relocations: Transfercar so you know where you stand. For a limited time, you can book a One-Way rental, pick up in the South Island and drop off in the North Island, crossing the islands via ferry. Step 1: Check for availability of cars and campervans on rental websites and book online. Australia. Apply Filter. Relocation Deals . New Zealand. Christchurch Cab Fare: Taxi Prices in Christchurch, 11 Reasons to Travel in the Shoulder and Off-Season in New Zealand, 15 Ways to Cut Down Your Expenses So You Can Afford to Travel. Rental car … Recommended. Rental Car Relocation – List of ALL the Rental Cars Needing Relocation in the USA Rental Car companies are always needing to move their vehicles between branches around America. Search. Just remember your trip is determined by the pick-up and drop off points decided by the rental company, not you. Of course, rental companies aren’t just going to give free rental cars to people without a few limitations. Finding the best options for you or your group takes time and effort. Our free one way rentals are on a first-in, first-served basis so keep an eye out if we have any available they will show below. NZ Free: 0800 52 52 10 AUS Free: 1800 144 367 E: Don’t see the dates you want? NZ’s First Rental Car App Making Life Easier. For example, a large number of international visitors hire a rental car or RV from a major center and then end their journey in a smaller town with much less demand for rental cars. New Zealand Rental Car Insurance: Explained! Our rental car relocation deals are the cheapest way to explore New Zealand. Terms and Conditions. Only 1 left . Visit us for more info on our rental car services. For example, a large number of international visitors hire a rental car (or campervan) from a major center and then end their journey in a smaller town with much less demand for rental cars. The idea is pretty easy. They are often free, and can make a holiday so much more enjoyable. Hire a campervan for as little as $1 a day. Same as Pick-up . Welcome/Kia Ora! NZ Rent A Car provides rental car relocation services whenever you need them. New Zealand. Pick Up Date Drop Off Date. It’s cheaper for these companies to get travellers to do the job of relocating rentals for them, while the traveller saves a bit of money. Easy! of days. Driver Age

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