;) – Chelsea Garrett Waldon. They are comfy shoes for all-day standing with gel pod inserts. Some say the sizes tend to be too large. I’m glad to hear your input–we’ll count this as another vote for Skechers. Seventy percent of customers rate the Aubrey five stars for all-day comfort. I’m a man working in early years and honestly the best shoes I’ve found are Doc Martens, of any variety incorporating Airwear soles. They are very flexible and comfortable. Like other shoes appearing on this list, the comfortable rubber soles and full grain leather make this specific model a great choice for nurses to wear while working. These Shoes Have Laid-back Style. Unfortunately, the brand has not kept up their quality and I cannot replace them. The only review with a con is they are not very durable. All of Nine West’s shoes have a genuine leather upper, which means they last a LONG time and don’t create stinky feet like synthetics. Hi, Richard. These are comfortable and attractive shoes for classroom teaching all day. These gorgeous shoes come in 24 colors, so it’s not unreasonable to have several pairs. Comfortable and attractive shoes for teachers don’t always go hand in hand. These have a patented removable footbed which is cushioned with memory foam. They are lightweight and slip-resistant providing good traction. Teacher reviews say these shoes give good support for standing for hours. Now that everything is fixed, I love Aerosoles dress shoes and my Sketchers still.” – Jessica H. Alegria was one of the top brands mentioned. These are genuine leather cowboy boots that come in 18 colors. It has a slip-resistant rubber sole for good traction. This is why I have given an extensive list of different styles and types of shoes. A friend with diabetic neuropathy recommended Anyu. The half-size designation is for width, so if you have wide feet you can get a good fit. These are good for people with wide feet. “I wore nothing but Sketchers dress shoes my first 2 years of teaching due to knee and ankle problems. If you like wearing heels and wedges for extra height and your dress code allows very casual shoes, you can give these flip flops a try. “Danskos: my feet, knees and legs don’t hurt at the end of the day. “Italian Shoemakers at DSW Shoes. Crocs make a couple pair that are for the food industry that have a nonslip bottom. The sandals come in eight colors and are great for all-day use. These are black patent leather, traditional-looking loafers with a synthetic sole and a removable, cushioned insole. I love them! (2204) Free Delivery. Cobb Hill shoes are very comfortable for all day wear. They are very comfortable and durable. They are designed to reduce foot pressure and fatigue. Merrell clogs (I need to buy them in more colors than just my black). QVC and Amazon are two places I’ve gotten them!” – Missy M. “Wore Clarks for years.” – Olivia Junkin Sansing. I have a pair of Docs that I got in 1996 that I still wear!! Geesh! I have been a reader for quite a while now and I was surprised to see such a blatant view of sexism in academia where we are suppose to be liberated from some of those worldly problems. Make-Up and Hair Ideas for Teachers. NO QUESTION! “Clarke bendables. They are a great summer shoe or if you have carpeted areas in your classroom where you take off your shoes to sit on the floor. Coolest Clogs – Dansko at The Walking Company. The Best White Sneakers that Go with EVERYTHING. They are made of leather and synthetic fabric, very lightweight with a flexible sole and a 1 ¼- inch heel. In the threads I’ve read about comfortable shoes for standing up all day, massaging insoles also comes up as an option. Some models are so stylish they are not useful for work but look great. The opening is just above the ankle. The sizing tends to be large, so size down. This shoe is for walking and other activities, but not running. I have taught twenty years in third grade. Naturalizer claims every shoe is anatomically sculpted to meet the contour of your foot. They are suitable for standing all day. She says, “So far, so … The heel is one and a half inches and the top opening is 10-inches circumference. But if they fit, they are attractive enough to wear with a dress, pantsuit as well as jeans. The Airwair air-cushioned sole makes these comfortable all day. Reviewers do not recommend these pumps for wide feet. Love Clarks, Naots and SAS. They are comfortable, ethically conscience (they are made from plastic water bottles), professional, and stylish. What kind of shoes do school teachers wear? It has a classic ballet slipper shape with a rounded toe. The only drawback I found is the front strap is not flexible, so they may not be a good choice if you have extra-wide feet. They have lace-up closure. They are well-made and should last for years. Since they are leather, they are not as lightweight as fabric sneakers. Softwalk slip-ons have an egg crate sole that does the job wonderfully. They tend to be small, so some reviewers recommend getting a half-size larger than you usually get. then Easy Spirit Traveltime mules and Zero Gravity shoes are are a good bet. They have air-cooled memory foam inside for excellent comfort. A lot like Toms when it comes to shape, these shoes come in a wide array of colors and styles, and have a memory foam footbed which makes them easy to wear all day. Dressy Wedges for teachers and the vertically challenged like me!” – Danielle B. Where can I order these shoes. But don't take our word for it. These fabric pumps come in eight colors and have a synthetic sole that provides some traction. Countless teachers are in love with Clarks not only because they are comfortable but also because they have a lot of cute styles. Best Overall: Dansko Professional Clog. I’d also love to add my vote for Hafflinger. This is a retro-looking shoe back to another age. These are other functional sneakers that aren’t particularly gorgeous. These are not considered particularly attractive shoes but are very comfortable and durable. The sizing is a bit narrow and some reviewers say the synthetic material smells bad. Now that I buy only quality name brand shoes, they last a lot longer and they are by far more comfortable. “Vionic orthaheel. These faux-leather boots are vegan and have eight-hole lace up only for decoration. Do males not suffer with the same issues? It comes in 30 colors with a rubber sole and a cushioned faux suede insole. Please share in the comments! AND I love my Merrells!!! If you’re working in a casual setting and love wearing sneakers to your job, look no further than these Nike’s! Some designs all feature an anti-microbial additive to the footbed, making them great for sweaty feet! She believes the latest technology has made a huge impact on the quality of early learning and has worked hard to upgrade her classroom and her own children’s learning experience through technology. When you want to dress up but still need comfort and support, this is a good choice. My district isn’t very strict about footwear.” – Nicole Triplett Blanc. These boots run large, and they don’t come in half sizes. The ankle strap is not adjustable, so if you have narrow ankles, you may have space around the strap. Needless to say, pumps are not for running on the playground. ... 10 Most Comfortable Heels to Wear … I am in love with them! But the most common declaration made by more than 140 different reviewers — including teachers, nurses, and even tour guides — was calling these the “most comfortable shoes.” They come in seven color combinations and are made from synthetic material. Hey everyone! There are so many shoes on his list that would not meet the dress code at my school. They have memory foam insole for comfort and support and are suitable for standing all day. They come in 17 colors and are synthetic, vegan material. Merrell, hands down! Some reviewers question the quality, so make sure you are getting genuine Dr. Scholl’s shoes. They come in wide widths and have a cushioned sole that provides traction and comfort. The size runs small. This is a good shoe if you have extra wide feet. I had bought a mary jane style in black at a consignment shop. They are lightweight and comfortable and the strap is adjustable. If you like the style, these are a good choice. The shoe is made from synthetic material and the sole is rubber. These are very stylish, sturdy boots that tend to be large, so you may want to choose a smaller size than usual. The sizing tends to be narrow, so if you have a wide foot, it’s recommended to order the half size. I always wear flat or very low healed shoes because they are easier on the back. Highly recommend!” – Amanda B. Flat-footed teachers rejoice–the Gretchen clogs from Payless work well with your foot structure. 150 Reviews. They are a good choice for the price and can be washed in the washing machine and air-dried. The size runs large, so you may want to get a half size smaller than usual. Also, they don’t look great with every outfit. While you can wear them with any outfit, if you want to look a bit dressy, they will not do. Some teachers need to run more than others. However, with pointed toes and a range of styles, they also look trendy. However, they are four-inch heels and not a good choice if you need to wear high heels for long hours. This is a very trendy boot that comes in 26 shades. “SAS (San Antonio Shoes). Best for: When you need to dress up but don’t want to sacrifice comfort, these are a good selection. Teachers swear by this brand’s heels! A heel not more than two inches is best if you stand most of the day. Seriously, the best! Sale. I bought a comfy pair of Micheal W. shoes recently and love them. These are very attractive shoes and not for running around on a playground. Best for: These shoes are perfect for a teacher who has to move around a lot. I’m always looking for new brands that will equal the comfort, thanks for this list. They are lightweight and provide enough support even for feet that has suffered injuries in the past. Several users say these shoes cut into their heels because the back of the shoe is too narrow. The footbed is memory foam, so they conform to the shape of your foot. I have problems with neuromas and hammer toes. I look on Amazon first because they’re cheaper and many of them come with free shipping both ways, so I can try everything on at home with my outfits and return what I don’t like. Click any shoe’s picture to learn more: Heels and comfort? Make sure you are getting the right brand as there are knock-offs out there, and they fall apart after a couple of months. Not just lady-shoe wearing folks. The sizing tends to run small, so reviewers recommend ordering up. Nine West is my go-to brand. I had a pair of Krona black slip-on shoes that I wore to school for about 5 years with black dress pants. when I try them on in the store and then they are horrible when I wear them to work. Hard to find but I swear by them. The heel is 1.5 inches classic kitten stiletto. These classical leather brogues come in black and gray. They not only keep your feet from aching at the end of the day, but they also give good support to your knees, back and shoulders. With gel-pod inserts and a slip-resistant sole, your foot has the maximum support you can expect from a pump. I love Alegria and SpringStep! They are a little expensive but are hand made and the support just doesn’t fade. These office-appropriate shoes are made of leather and have synthetic rubber soles designed to grip a variety of surfaces. The small heel is useful for rainy days when you have to be outside. Just because they are good for you, doesn’t mean they have to be ugly. CLARKS Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flat. I swear by them for comfort and support. These are basic, low-heel pumps with Ortholite footbed and smooth lining. You can also get them in plain old black and beige, but why should you when you have this amazing choice. We kept these things in mind as we sought out a selection of comfortable shoes for preschool teachers. It’s a very comfortable and classical looking shoe, but not the best for running on the playground. The weather-proof sole will hold up in damp weather. We are professionals so we must dress like professionals. It has a small heel of 1.33 inches and an Ortholite footbed. I appreciate your comment because I thought I was the only one who noted that she did say it upfront! A sleek pair of classic flats so comfy, cute, and versatile, they may be the single most perfect pair of … They have a rubber sole for good traction and the heel in four inches. We are sold on Keen. “Teachers, we have to be business casual,” says Katherine. There are lots of high-contrast pairings, as well as more subtle knit blends. Couldn’t teach a day without my Docs and Chuck Taylors! The footbed is Ortholite for great comfort. . Jambu has an open two clog with breathable sides that I love. I prefer wedge heels, and I’ve found that I can walk endlessly in just about any pair of Nine West shoes with less than a 2.5 inch heel (anything higher tends to throw my weight too far forward and cause knee/back pain.) “Payless Gretchen clog. It’s made from breathable leather with a non-removable leather-covered insole and comes in 23 color combinations. They would fall apart one way or another. I’m also a Skechers Go Walk fan. You can wear these all day and your feet won’t ache in the evening. This is a very stylish, cherry-red Arcdia leather boot with a synthetic sole. The tried-and … The footbed is slightly cushioned fabric. Bernie Mevs can provide both extra height and comfort. These classy booties are comfortable for all-day. They close with a zipper. These leather running shoes come in four colors. The chunky block heel is about 2 ½-inches high and provides support. If you want cute and comfortable, I love Tieks ballet flats. Many reviewers also say that they are very comfortable shoes that feel like slippers. The main complaint is crowding of the toes. For all you male teachers out there suffering from foot pain, there is a Spanish brand of shoes on the market named Fluchos that are known to be very comfortable. “Softwalk slip ons. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. These shoes are designed to support your feet for long walks and running. The size is large, so you may want to choose a smaller size than usual. They are 100 percent leather with a synthetic sole. I recently had to toss them out. They usually have removable insoles that are made of natural latex. They may look better on tall women than shorter women. This is a very cute-looking shoe. The block heel is three and a half inches. Absolutely! Much more comfortable than my sneakers!” – Beth Johnson Fenimore. They feel like house slippers.” – Deidre S.D. The sizing tends to be on the large side. These may not be great for long treks or walking in the rain. I recently asked my followers on Facebook to share the most comfortable shoes they’ve found for teaching, and got a wide range of responses regarding sneakers/tennis shoes, ballet flats, […] Also love good ol’ birkenstock clogs. They don’t react well to water, so you may want to watch any spills in class and only wear them when it’s not supposed to rain. I would also recommend Chacos and Haflinger. She stated in the beginning of the article that only ONE man responded and therefore she didn’t have much to work with when it came to mens shoes. It is a non-skid shoe, so you could wear it when playing games, but I think it’s a little too stylish for that. They are constructed with heal-to-toe balance and extra cushioning. They have great traction for running on the playground. They scan your foot for problem areas and help you pick out cute but awesome orthotic supporting shoes. Whether you want shoes to wear with sportswear alone or prefer to pair your new sneakers with jeans and t-shirts, you’ll find that these shoes provide style with a touch of retro charm. This shoe is constructed for running. They align feet and relieves heel pain by minimizing over-pronation. Flats can be comfortable shoes for teachers. Some styles are synthetic leather, so check the specs carefully once you select the style you want. I paid $175 for a pair I wear a 9 but bought a 10. This brand is known for producing truly comfortable and supportive shoes which are extremely well-made. It has a soft lining with a one-inch heel. Look for sales or Merrell Outlet stores. Naturalizer is another company whose name identifies with healthy shoes. The sole is also leather. I could wear my tennis shoes everyday but they don’t look very dressy, but at my age, I really need comfort over fashion. The soles are rubber, but not slip-resistant. I will look into the ones with arch support. He swears by Doc Martens, says they help knee pain. The soles on most other shoes seem to split across the ball of the foot with all the crouching I have to do, whereas my Docs last a good year or two before needing replacing. Pros: They come in lots of fun color options–more than 30! For those of you who don’t have time to get all the details right now, I have given the best comfortable shoes for teachers from three different styles, so you can see there is a wide range from which to choose. I am so disappointed. I have found Merrells to be the most comfortable. It’s a solid-looking shoe e and practical but maybe not as trendy as some would like. This is a great sandal for the days of fine weather when you need to upgrade your appearance. These shoes come in black and tan and are leather except for the rubber sole and textile straps. It has a removable cushion footbed that you can wash and air dry. They are great for hot weather, but not recommend for all-day use. Sperrys are another favorite because of their classic styles and reliable quality. The stretchy knit fabric holds tightly, but comfortably to your foot for easy walking. Teachers spend most of their days standing, weaving between desks, and even squatting and kneeling. Some reviewers say the insole isn’t soft enough, so they put in an additional one. Avoid any shoe that will be hard on your feet after an eight or more hour workday. The brand offers quite a wide selection which includes open-toed sandals, boots, and pumps. By Emma Seymour, Good Housekeeping … The sizing tends to be about a half-size big, so the manufacturer recommends you size down. The sole is rubber with great traction and the shoe is cowhide leather. In this list, you’ll find comfortable shoes that are also stylish, trusted comfort brands, and affordable options. I think people are being honest–I know a lot of folks who LOVE their Tieks. Clarks offers ballet flats, boots, clogs, mary janes, among other kinds of shoe styles. Some teachers say these are as good, if not better! The two crisscross stretch bands add a stylish touch to this traditional ballet flat. I ended up buying the same shoe in brown and merlot. Looove my Mephisto sandals. I have problem feet and narrow ones as well.

comfy shoes to wear as a teacher

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