They almost succeeded. Do you have any funny nursing stories to share? They had to tie him into his chair because he could sometimes become violent. 4.9k He was well educated and was a sales manager in some firm. By then we would be frantically looking for her, and suddenly an angry cabby shows up ranting about payment. He could speak, but nothing made sense, he could hear you, but he wouldn’t respond in any meaningful way. I dropped the baby doll when I fell over gasping for air. She would open up random videos and start conversing or arguing with them, because she thought she was looking at a live video chat with a government agent. a small percentage of alcoholics get Korsakoff’s. “This schizophrenic woman whose psychosis had the real-life origin of Dexter the TV character. “I was a psych worker at a day program for adolescent outpatients. You had staff who had been there for decades and truly cared about the clients. ... Want more creepy stories? I was told she set herself on fire after losing her baby.”. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to make interior design a priority. We admitted any age (youngest was 2) and would have some violent individuals with minimal staffing. It’s the worst depression and suicidal ideation I’ve ever seen. She was chronically depressed. The doors had no lock so another girl, probably about my age (early 20s) kicked my door open and stood in the doorway, staring at me with wide eyes and a knife in her hand. See more ideas about creepy, creepy stories, ghost stories. They then locked her in one of the 'quiet rooms,' a padded cell with a circular window, which was right across the hall from me, where she spent the rest of the night kicking at the door and yelling threats.". These creepy true stories from psych ward patients are enough to keep anyone up at … We had to have 2 staff on him at all times, just to keep him from traumatizing the other kids. Psychiatric psychiatrist - a joke on psychiatry Funny stories Rating : 4.81, 21 votes. Totally vacant staring eyes, jaw hanging down with a continuous thread of dribble rolling off his bottom lip. Stories From the Psych Ward–Charlie’s Story (Teaser) I have been encouraged by the response to my little stories and character sketches inspired by my stay in the hospital. And all he does is pace up and down whatever room his is in, all day and all night, until he collapses asleep after about 4-5 days sleeps 12 hours, wakes up and resumes pacing. Again, cue nervous laughter. We talked about how I was feeling. I found out that he was raped by his father. Whatever thoughts came into his mind came out of his mouth in real-time. She was pretty fantastic.”, “Working at a psychiatric hospital at the moment. I said ‘yes.’ Then she asked me if I worked on a psych unit. Anybody opposed to euthanasia hasn’t seen real brain damage. He admitted to voices talking to him. Had a teenage client commit suicide in a horrific manner. The three psych wards I’ve been in were pretty plain on the inside. She did not meet any typical milestones and would grunt to communicate. We freaked out and called up her caseworker, only to find out that there was no kid. He was from South America and kept babbling in Spanish about demons coming to get him, and I barely understand Spanish so there wasn’t much I could do to calm him down. These creepy true stories from psych ward patients are enough to keep anyone up at night.Â, Redditors have shared their scary mental hospital stories, ranging from the unsettling to the terrifying, and it is no joke. I didn't know about it until an expatient that was visiting the ward asked me why I was washing my own clothes. One of the things she most liked to do was take a cab to town when all the staff was distracted making lunch, buy a bunch of flowers, take the cab back and waltz back into her suite carrying an insane (literally) amount of daisies and shit. Another child, maybe 6, severely burned by a family member with a blowtorch. Social services found her tied to a tree. "During lunch, I got repeatedly harassed by the bra thief (to the point where he was not allowed near me) and John would sit across from me licking his utensils while staring at me. Back to the hospital she went. I turned around and there was nothing there but he kept staring anyway. A charming, surprisingly life-affirming peek at a depressed teen's stay in a psych ward. She thought of herself as a young mother, so she carried a doll with her, wrapped in a blanket. Everyone hears stories about psychiatric hospitals and I fell for them too. And the truth of the matter is, my daughter is journeying into another landscape. Many years ago, there was a lady with horrific burns scars. While those who stay in psych wards can have any number of debilitating issues, or can even be put there unjustly, the way these places are managed and run can be the stuff of nightmares. And none of them had given up on him. The look of sheer terror in his face and the shaky voice have stuck with me. I didn’t get much sleep after that shift.”. Staff in psych wards/institutions get a bad rap, but honestly, they wouldn’t put up with the kind of stuff they have to for the amount that they get paid if they didn’t feel a calling to be there. This story creeped me out, not just because it's ridiculously abusive and disturbing, but because it took two years to… After I started coming home with work stories, he gave it up. mjseu February 21, 2015, 2:25pm #1. He would look at me and tell me how she beat him with chains and belts. The first one had no pictures on the walls, and the second had about three abstract paintings, and 2 illustrations that reminded me of the Silence Of The Lambs movie poster (eerie, I know). She would go on very coherently about her pregnancy and her child. “I have spent time inside a few different psychiatric facilities. Psychiatry Jokes and Puns. Share your stories/experiences from the psych ward as a patient or staff member/doctor. After that, they kept him in hotel rooms with a rotating cast of social workers and youth workers to provide 1-to-1 supervision. Top 20 funniest patient stories from nurses. He could become physically aggressive at the drop of a hat for no perceived reason, or he could sit in a corner, crying and yelling that he was a good boy and he didn’t need any of ‘this.’ Even the most seasoned staff members wouldn’t enter a room alone with him. We had one girl who was trying to manage her depression/anxiety and be a better parent to her 2-year-old. I was actually thrilled to see that happen. He threatened to kill me if I made eye contact with him. I had the thickest skin and could tolerate the toughest of situations. Someone who would spend almost all their time walking in circles screaming at imaginary people. Had another patient who cycled through almost 100 foster homes in their youth. Do you have any funny stories from a psych ward. It was her, all better. She was even allowed a baby bed and every night she would tuck her baby in beside her bed. Chemically induced psychosis, from my experience, is game over most of the time. One time I heard him yell: ‘Fire every missile! Supposedly they had both [gone] to the kitchen to get coffee or something. He had in a way started to assume the identity of his little sister and he considered the girls in the pictures he cut out his friends. Even a hug felt awkward when the person next to you had no visitors, which is often the case in the psych ward. I imagine some residual guilt/anger for her loss is what cause her to throat punch me for taking her doll. This patient had been staring through my room window repeatedly, would say hi (and run away), and had plucked my hair out during breakfast. How about you? The things she would scream when actively psychotic were truly some of the saddest, most terrible things I have ever heard. Terry loved to wear little girls’ clothing and would have pictures of little girls that he had cut out of magazines on a string around his neck. 1. Well, about a minute later security comes running in the room and busts out laughing as he seems a butt-naked little old lady trying to corner me while swinging a commode at me.”. He lost one testicle in the 90s, attempted to cut off the other about ten years ago, and this time he tried taking the whole thing off. She was so distraught over it she gave the newborn up for adoption. I was going through my weekly rotation in the psych ward when my instructor assigned me one of the few males that were admitted (I am a male so I often got the male patients). By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. I have seen violence and gore. Typical stuff. Submit your writing to be published on Thought Catalog. One night she got all tucked in and forgot to tuck her baby in. He said that since he is so isolated and there is no other way for him to get sexual gratification, he has to mutilate himself. I couldn’t take how an individual could corrupt something so innocent.”, “I’ve worked at a psych unit for teens/children for a couple years. About the Author: Je Abarra is a nurse by profession and a freelance writer by passion. Let us know in the comments! She could be pretty lucid on good days, and had a real affinity for flowers. She smiled, thanked me, and we said our goodbyes.”, “Young man who was suffering from drug induced psychosis. And none of them had given up on him. One full moon, and anyone who’s ever worked in a psychiatric facility knows what I’m talking about with full moons, she decided to pluck one of her eyes out with a plastic spoon she palmed from a tray on the way to the bathroom, despite her restraints and that two PRN attendants wheeled her down. Next day she came in vacant and dead-pan, and nonchalantly told us that her (fictional, and now dead) kid had been hit by a bus in front her of that morning. He is the youngest I’ve ever encountered with sociopathic tendencies :(”. He cannot eat by himself, he cannot do anything by himself, the only verbal noise/speech he produces is a loud ‘GU-GU-GU-GU-GU-GU-GU-GU’ like a propeller engine starting up. Blow up the sky!’. If he saw something he wanted to put in his mouth, it went into his mouth. Maybe the most troubled were some of the staff, rather than the clients. She was a very kind sweet old lady. He said his (deceased) father was going to help him. I had to end up calling the charge nurse who proceeded to call security. DX'd - Other. She’d been with us for a couple of months when out of nowhere, she comes in completely hysterical, screaming that her daughter was found murdered that morning. Unique Holiday Gifts from Thought Catalog , 29 Babysitters Share The Most Messed Up Thing A Kid Has Ever Said To Them Once Their Parents Were Gone, I Couldn’t Wait To Adopt My Sister’s Baby, But Something Always Seemed Off About Her Pregnancy, 8 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Diagnosed With Herpes, 25 Horrifying (And Heartbreaking) True Stories From The Psych Ward, 10 Real-Life Horror Stories From The Psych Ward, 14 Nurses And Hospital Workers Share The Creepiest Thing They’ve Ever Seen On The Job, Hospital Horror Stories: 30 Workers Share Their Creepiest Real-Life Tales. The city I lived in had a massive shortage of beds in psych units, so we ended up getting a whole lot of kids who really belonged in inpatient care. From hilariously misinformed patients to doctors with a wickedly dry sense of humor, we at Bored Panda had compiled a list of short stories when doctor/patient interactions were just too funny. Sign up for The Lineup’s newsletter, and get the strangest tales delivered straight to your inbox. He would mutilate himself for sexual pleasure. I was starting to get more and more nervous by the second when all of a sudden I hear from across the room one of the girls with extreme anger management problems start yelling for this kid to shut up. “In a day treatment facility I volunteered for, I led a writing group to help people develop goals and motivation to continue in treatment. She witnessed her mother’s brutal murder at age 4 and was not found for almost a week. One of those cases that sounds funny on paper, but is absolutely gut-wrenching to watch. In one of my psych ward experiences, a nurse refused to feed me even after I told her I had hypoglycemia, a low blood sugar condition where all kinds of nasty things happened if I got too hungry. I'm still not completely sure where they were during all of it. The writing does an excellent job capturing the fractured thinking that paralyzes Craig and stops him from being able to get anything done. Seriously, people, brain damage is no joke—wear your helmets, fasten your seatbelts, and for the love of God, don’t drive drunk.”, “A young man with a history of poorly managed schizophrenia who also had chronic meth-induced psychosis, or what I heard someone call ‘Methiphrenia.’. Most people feel relief — not anger — at being there. “I did A mental health co-op in high school. Haha I’m a mess 🤡 here are some wack stories I did in the psych ward lol Instagram- @barrett.haha Hopefully someday they’ll find a … He has no purpose, has required 24 hour care his entire life, and I don’t think there’s a single person who has ever worked with him that wouldn’t have gladly taken him outside and shot him in the head if they were allowed to. I imagined padded cells, straightjackets and a prison-like culture. I always thought of that whale when I worked with this patient, it preserved my patience and empathy for him when he was displaying more negative or aggressive behaviors. Arms hanging down by his sides. The one that sticks with me the most is the patient who was married to their spouse for over 60 years. When I asked him why he did it all he gave me the most sane and logical responses. And that was not the only animal. this guy was completely delusional and dissociated from time and location; he thought at times he was at a bowling alley and at other times he thought he had just gone shopping for shoes. Enjoy these funny psychiatry jokes and puns. They laughed and said "Oh he likes the young ones!". I felt horrible for jumping to conclusions, especially after I got to know him more and saw what a gentle, kind soul he was.”. ", "On my second night there, I heard screaming in the halls. “When I was doing psych clerkship as a med student, there was a schizophrenic patient with the usual signs: auditory hallucinations, disheveled appearance, no expression on his face. It was like a scene from a horror movie, it went on for a good 20 minutes and I couldn't figure out why the hell the nurses weren't doing their checks and why this kid was still pacing without being found. Then she informed him that they can give him some medications to make the voices go away, and he immediately rebuked that option (mind you, still displaying no expression on his face the whole time). Anyone who can’t understand why doctors give up trying to resuscitate after a certain point where irreversible brain damage has occurred have not seen real brain damage. He wears an adult nappy/diaper because he is totally incontinent, and changing it is remarkably difficult because he won’t stop pacing even while people are trying to clean him up. He was court ordered to be there for a period of time. He shuffled in and hands me something, says bye, and runs out. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. Every now and then she would get up from the computer and start taking all of her clothes off or smearing her lipstick on her face. We also have other funny jokes categories. I bugged one of the nurses to tell me why she was covered in burns. There was one guy who had brain damage from infant meningitis. I never expected the delusions to have back stories. He lost his ability to ‘hear’ thoughts in his own head, and had absolutely zero impulse control. Told us about their marriage with Jesus, how their 250 grandkids are doing, why we were getting fired and then yelling at themselves for firing us.”. Honestly, it depends on the day. Never had been. I’m going to have another baby!’. Psych wards have a bad reputation in general, and these true psych ward stories won't do anything to fix it. That was seriously what it seemed his life was like. I left three times during the admission process to choke back tears. “I was in a juvenile psych unit. She was just the sweetest person ever. Houses are dusted with new snow, and arctic temperatures are expected by nightfall. We continue talking and suddenly he says, 'You know, those hospital pajamas look really fucking sexy on you. 24 Jokes Only Psychology Nerds Will Find Funny. “I had a kid once that kept freaking out during the night shift. Subscribe. There was no spark of anything in that 9-year-old’s eyes. He was a court-appointed commitment, as he was far too dangerous to walk the streets and too far gone to take part in any sort of rehab or social program. Most of them die before it sets in, but about 2% of all alcoholics will get this disorder. The kicker is, this isn’t the first time he has been hospitalized for this. The other patient was someone with severe brain damage who had to be kept locked naked in a padded cell with access to nothing she could put in her mouth because she would continually try to eat anything. He would pull drinks out of the fridge and dump them over his own head, bash himself in the face with sporting equipment and just drop his pants and pee whenever he felt like it. I had to put a girl in restraints that included her head because she was so suicidal and distraught that she was biting chunks out of her own shoulder. Once I was in the psych ward and one person was brought to the ward. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. She ate Styrofoam cups, plastic cutlery, plates…etc. In the last week, I have been able to write 8 or 9 more, in preparation for collecting them in book form. From violent and strange roommates to lifelong patients and attempted escapes, a lot of these stories sound like something straight out of a horror movie.Â, While much of what leads to people being sent to psych wards and what happens while there can be tragic and disturbing, it's clear that many facilities have no idea how to actually help the mentally ill. Rather than receiving any help, many patients do and say whatever they have to just so they don't have to endure the facility anymore. Most clients were diagnosed Autism, so you saw the typical self-injury and harmful to others. This was the worst part of the experience for me. Not to visit a friend, or as research, but because I was mentally ill and a danger to myself. First, birth control and how babies are made are common areas of misconception which means nurses spend a … Psych wards have a bad reputation in general, and these true psych ward stories won't do anything to fix it. I looked down and saw that he had given me my bra back all neatly folded. I don’t mean ‘couldn’t help himself from eating a second cookie.’—I mean zero. Don’t fuck with spice.”, “I worked in the dental clinic of a psychiatric hospital for a bit and I’ll never forget a patient named Terry. There’s nothing there in his mind, at all. "We got talking and things seemed normal until he said he saw me when I was admitted the previous night. Then, you had new hires that wouldn’t last more than a year, and although I never saw anything physically abusive, I definitely had to report staff being verbally abusive to clients.”. Had a client shove a metal jagged end of a broomstick that he snapped in half right into his abdomen then start screaming and digging into it with his fingers. She had me believing she lived in this sweet fantasy land that was set on repeat. ", "During the night, the workers go through rooms every fifteen minutes, shine a flashlight in your goddamn face, and record if you are awake or anything out of the ordinary. I think the laughter also stems from the community that forms. Some blame them for only being after the money, others accuse them of killing people with their brutal methods. Treatment was talking with patients, reading to them and taking long walks. It was in his file. So my mom turned a corner and noticed an open door. One was a guy who had Korsakoff syndrome. This whale just swam around, calling out to others in a way that no one could understand or respond to, alone forever. That has been his entire life. After a couple seconds of listening to them wrestle around on the floor, I finally heard the nurses come running to break it up. One that was consistently troubled was a patient with hallucinations and schizophrenia. It gives me hope that even after death threats and shows of force, as far gone as he seemed, there were still so many people still trying to help him and find a way to communicate with him. A 16-year-old kid was in for molesting his 3-year-old sister. Two things become clear when I … These should be among the most private moments families have together, when a loved one is at their worst lows. He was well behaved and actually really cute. "In the end, before John was sent to another hospital, he cornered me and told me that I was making him so horny. Reviews: 11 [] . He proceeded to pull his pants down and show me his boner.". The girl had somehow flung open her locked door and tackled the kid to the ground. At home, he had beat up the family cat to the point of its bones breaking because he liked the sounds the cat made. In October 2019, I spent two weeks in a psychiatric ward. We were all thrilled… he came back the following week because he stripped naked in school and threw a desk at his classmate. I asked him where he would be going after release (because he couldn’t go back into his home with his sister). Would also say ‘Jesus loves you’ whenever you saw him and always had a Bible. A couple of the most memorable ones: One girl was convinced that YouTube was a secret way for the government to communicate with her, and only her. “Had a dementia patient, among other things I imagine, but I was just the nursing assistant. “Was a nursing student at the time, and I have been a nurse for years now and this is still by far the most ‘troubled’ patient I have worked with. “I worked on a juvenile psych unit. No life, no humanity. Had a child, maybe 8 years, who could’ve modeled on the front of a GAP catalog. There was this story that I read a long time ago, about a whale that lived in the ocean somewhere, who was born with an inability to make sounds at the frequency that any other whale could understand. There is a lot of controversy around the subject of psychiatrists. We chatted for a while and I told her how happy I was to see her doing so well. I sat there frozen for a few seconds before she was tackled by two security guards. He covered the entire spectrum of psychotic behaviors during his stay but the worst was when he would pop into reality for a moment. ANY years ago, after I had received my Ph.D. and while I was studying for my Psychologist licensing exam, I worked the 4:00 PM to midnight shift in a residential treatment program for severe psychiatric disorders.. But it would all abruptly end and start over once her baby was due and there was no new baby. I can totally see myself tearing those off of you.' She is working as a staff nurse in the pediatric ward of a private city hospital for more than two years. But my daughter is safe and warm inside the adolescent psych ward. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. The real-life experiences told by the these psych ward workers far surpass any horrors you may have encountered at the cinema or in a book. Within 10 seconds of meeting me, he had called me (or whoever he thought he was talking to) a bitch, a cunt, a whore, and a slut. The winds have picked up to 40 miles an hour. His mind was messed up for some reason. When I first started working there I just thought she was some fun old delusional lady. He was in his early 30s, and it’s likely he’ll be in institutions for the rest of his life, partly because of years of bad decisions, and partly because of the hand he was dealt. Either way here are some psychiatry jokes. He had smoked some spice and was taken to out hospital with involuntary status. We had a kid who had pretty much been raised in a series of hotel rooms from a young age, because he was so violent that he burned his bridges with every group home, residential placement and appropriate foster home in the city. He had done so much damage with his years of meth use, on top of his poorly controlled schizophrenia, that he was incapable of any sort of meaningful interaction with another human being. "As I was reading, I saw a nurse escorting a boy my age (we shall call him John). The doctor believed that the young man felt like he was in safe environment for the first time in his life and his mind was allowing him to re-remember past trauma.”. A middle-aged man who literally had an emotional age of 6 who spent almost all his time annoying staff, throwing literal tantrums, or manipulating people to cause fights. The guy is about 40-50 years old now, but he’s exactly like what you might imagine a lobotomized person to look like. His family broke down during visitation and only his father could manage weekly visits afterwards. Ten years ago I spent time in a residential psychiatric ward. He’s a husk. What’s interesting to me is how someone is fine the next day but will stand up randomly and shout ‘I need my kitty titties!’ the next. Had an adult client go outside with a bat and smash a co-workers new BMW. Guy who was usually very sweet, but couldn’t handle stress and would have episodes where he would run and smash his forehead against doors/windows until he literally had goose-eggs you could put golf balls into. Once the dust settled it was shared with me that she was pregnant once upon a time, and she already had a 1 year old. I also think it’s worth noting that before I went to work with brain-damaged patients, my boyfriend rode a motorcycle. He once ate all the staples out of a stapler before staff noticed what he was doing. He couldn’t comprehend a single subject or idea for more than a couple seconds, and it was like he lived in this chaotic world that none of us had access to. From her head down her entire body. Then she would talk about the baby growing inside her belly. She was very badly disfigured. Visiting hours were three hours shorter per day for the psych ward than “regular” patients. Another kid, completed his whole program and set to go home. Apr 17, 2018 - Explore Ruth Ochoa's board "Creepy/ Ghost stories" on Pinterest. She was making her routine room checks and happened upon the most horrific scene I’ve ever heard.This was during the night shift, and generally, all the patients’ bedroom doors should be closed. "I then went into my room and took a nap, suddenly this other male patient came in. "Well, this one night I remember falling asleep rather fast and waking up in the middle of the night to someone singing, it started off faintly then got louder as the person neared my room, I then realized someone was pacing the hall singing. It is incredibly unsettling hearing somebody shuffle into your room and scribble on a notepad, especially when you are already a paranoid schizophrenic.

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