Her mother was what they call a Black Sea German. Although the English language possesses the adjective Germanic as distinct from German, it lacks an equivalent distinct noun.The terms Germanic peoples and Germani are therefore used by modern English-speaking scholars to avoid confusion with the inhabitants of present-day Germany ("Deutschland"), including the modern "German" ("Deutsche") people and language. The Kaulitz brothers btw, are 100% German. The Germanic Europe DNA region is located in the most northwestern part of Western Europe and is adjacent to Eastern Europe and Russia, a distinct DNA region. How do I take the test? Germans usually have a slight pigment to their skin. She has made it her mission to help as many people as possible understand their DNA results and learn how to build their family tree. So I am wondering if fluffy hair is a common German trait and even more curious as to where the trait comes from originally. I am from Wisconsin and this is pretty accurate. My husband is 5'7", his dad is blonde, blue eyes and 5'10". Humorous, but in a more cynical way but they are not stiff and humorless like many people think they are. One of my own relatives (grandmother's sister) had dark hair and those odd "asiatic" eyes, and there is no Turkish blood in my family, nor anything else so please don't even begin to assume. Both parents have dark hair, fair skin and blue eyes. Is it true that my daughter’s test will only show her fathers dna? Oh yeah, small lips, high check bones, my face stayed very round till I was 21 years old and I pluck my eye brows because the are light colored, thin consistency but alot of coverage on the brow bone lol! You can read my post about German-American Immigration to the United States to learn more about what our German ancestors experienced and how to research them. They are tall, mostly dark blonde and almost blue or green eyed (80-85%). Eugenia Annabelle Asher, as “Gene” LaMott (his wife) & shows Raul’s occupation was a chauffeur. My Phoenician ancestors (16.04.2009, DIE WELTWOCHE) Genealogical research by means of genetic analysis (05.06.2008, Der Sonntag) Searching for your roots (26.01.2008, Mannheimer Morgen) We have all immigrated at one time or another (31.07.2007, Migrosmagazin, PDF 400KB) … I am 72 percent German and you just discribe me face exactly. German Shepherd behavior consisting of lying or sitting on or next to your feet can have 3 different meanings. Extremely white skin that doesn't tan was common.Most were tall,long legs & arms. }); Your email address will not be published. I find Germans often, though not always have:Broad facesWide spaced eyesProminent brow ridge which in turn makes small eyebrows seem more prominentStrong cheek bonesSlightly tanned/olive skinSandy blonde/light brown hairThin upper lipsSquare shouldersSmall noses...at least that is how they look to someone who spends most of their time looking at English faces. Before you ask yes Crouse is the English spelling. German Shepherds are pack dogs and, therefore, have remnants of the tendency to stick close together. I recommend building family trees on Ancestry, especially since you did your DNA test there. How does that sound? We all have dark brown hair, brown eyes, tan easily and something called "Muntz hips" (the women anyway). Thank you Mercedes B, Hi Candace, I love this comment SO much! The hair and eye color varies with genetics. It's blonde hair and blue eyes so heute klape!! Some of you might have noticed on your Ancestry DNA ethnicity estimate that along with the Germanic Europe DNA ethnicity, you were also assigned a Germanic Europe sub-region. There is no one way anymore. There is no mixing on my father's side and only very little mixing with Irish and Scandinavian on my mother's. It is believed that pressure from northern Germanic tribes and the southern Roman Empire led the Celtic tribes to leave this part of Western Europe. The analysis came back with Germanic Europe, but not Italy. Grab a dictionary and get back to us. She's mad mad about her nose and is taking it out on all of us. Sort by Count. The currently available sub-regions with connections to specific United States regions on Ancestry DNA are as follows: Most us won’t get a Germanic Europe sub-region connected with a US state, and that’s okay. I am about 45% German. Germany has an abundance of laws regulating all aspects of life (see, for example, the German beer law below) and its people like to obey them. i live in southern wisconsin..mostly southern germans from bavaria or the alsace-lorainne area. I hope that this post helped you understand a little bit more about your Germanic Europe ancestry, how you might have inherited your Germanic DNA, and how to go about researching your Germanic Europe ancestors. You can search all of Ancestry’s German records here and a free trial is available here. Plus, it’s free (forever) to build and keep your tree on the site. This is in stark contrast to what it was like in the 1970s, which is when I went to school there in North Germany. Looking on my mothers birthd certificate it said he was born in Richmond, Virginia, it also shows his name is R. C. La Mott but my grandmother said his name was Raul Cevis La Mott it also shows he was 22 years old when my mother was born March 26, 1927. Required fields are marked *. Many also have very broad shoulders or a stocky build (usually both the women and the men) and sometimes a fuller chest. 3. you are not German. Her maiden name was Diehl.. My father was full-blooded German with the name vehlmun.. Later changed to wellman. Peace along the territorial borders was rare, and we can only attempt to imagine the suffering that the average citizen endured during this time period. Many thanks Rosalind. The Germanic Peoples were an Indo-European people of ancient times who originally came from the northern part of Germany and adjacent regions. Elizabeth, you do seem to have a hot temper, lol, but that is ok-- but why all the anger towards all the opinions? I look just like my grandmother whos maiden name is Haffner. All German traits I see in myself. Okay I hate going here, but I think you could thank Hitler and the Nazis (sounds like a rock band) for the stereotype that Germans typically are pale, blonde hair, blue eyes. No you're mostly just unruly and give Germans a bad name. My daughter’s dna test came back 0% Italian. were do u dopes come from. Even though Germany didn't exist as a unified nation until 1871, many German states developed their own systems of civil registration prior to that time, some as early as 1792. German words for persons, places, and things (nouns) are always capitalized. Lots of different shades of blonde and light brown hair, occasionally red. And there where many cultures before the Celts. My mom, on the other hand, is mostly of UK descent and she has completely straight, limp hair. 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