Old screen doors make useful hangers as well. Because Nettles also improves oxygenation of the blood, it works well as a preventative. Choose a dry, airy space such as under the veranda at home and hang your nettles from the roots on a line until dry. Let’s look at the variety of cracks, assess the causes, and see if dry hooves need moisture, or something else! Also, if a horse has a chronic problem, it is good to offer them a break from the herbs you are giving to support them, but at that time you may wish to offer them a different herb, or group of herbs, to support the same problem. Nettles are incredible herbs and to see them growing in your own paddock can certainly stir up some excitement. Your email address will not be published. Horses tend to avoid the plant because it is distasteful, and they are unlikely to eat enough to cause serious problems unless the weed is rampant in their pasture or they have no other suitable forage. For convenience I also use a dehydrator which reduces drying time to a couple of hours. It is often found growing in the wild in many parts of the world. This herb has also been called a “spring tonic,” which is a substance intended to cleanse the body after winter. Packed in 1kg tubs and 1kg bag refills. Chop nettles and place in a heavy based saucepan with the olive oil on a medium heat. Wisdom handed down from ancient times includes advice on using nettle to protect one’s self from lightning, to enhance fertility particularly in men, to reduce the swelling of arthritic joints, to heal the sick and bestow courage on those who carry it as well as how to avoid being stung by nettle. It can be used to aid in the prevention of rhinitis, or the inflammation of the mucous membrane in the nose. Nettles is a fabulous spring tonic and will hasten the shedding of the winter coat to reveal the new lustrous coat underneath. I don’t cut my nettle but gently pull it from near the base so as to gather the whole plant, roots and all. This formula is also helpful in resolving skin infections such as mud fever and greasy heel in conjunction with my Artisan Skin Healing Balm. If you’d like more information on herbs, download my full list of useful herbs. It’s hard enough to work your foot free if your horse is patient and quiet, but handling a … Spread your nettles on a flat drying surface out of the weather. Can I chop stinging nettles and leave them in the ménage for him to eat liberally or must I restrict the amount please? Mrs M Grieve in her historic work A Modern Herbal (first published in 1931) states: “Nettles are of considerable value as fodder for livestock, and might be used for this purpose where they occur largely. Herbalists have prescribed the use of nettle in treating urinary tract infections as well, because of its ability to cleanse and dispel toxins. Dried nettles can be added straight to feed half a cup per day for an average size horse. I often add dried Nettles leaves to diets, because of the nutrients they offer, to provide some much needed Chlorophyll,  especially where horses have no significant grazing, and/or no green hay such as lucerne, either due to lack of availability or it not being suitable for that individual. Sleep Disorders in Horses. Hoof wall growth When the weather warms up in the spring, a horse’s hoof walls go through a growth spurt. Horses may eat a blend to get at a herb they need, or avoid a blend because of something they are averse to. When dried, the proportion of albuminoid matter in Nettles is as high as in linseed cake and the fat content is also considerable.”  “In Holland, and also in Egypt, it is said that horse dealers mix the seeds of Nettles with oats or other food, in order to give the animals a sleek coat.”. Chlorophyll (very rich source), formic acid (causes stinging), histamine, iron, vitamin C, minerals – calcium, chromium, magnesium, zinc, cobalt, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, selenium, silica. Once cooked, the sting is dissipated and it can be eaten like any leafy green. Turn every couple of days or so until dry. Dried leaf or fresh leaves boiled for a few minutes or wilted to remove the stinging action, for use as a spring tonic or nutrient feed supplement. The nettle supports over 40 species of insect including some of our most colourful butterflies. Stinging nettle rash presents as raised bumps or hives that are often light in color and up to a centimeter in diameter. The drying process removes the chemicals which cause stinging. Termékleírás: A Nettle(csalán levél) kiválóan alkalmas tavaszi frissítőként, mivel vitaminokban és ásványi anyagokban gazdag. Astringent, antiseptic, diuretic, alterative, tonic, trophorestorive (bringing balance to a system, in this case nettle seed is a trophorestorative to the kidney and adrenal glands). Nettles being strengthening and tonic to the whole body may produce a very lively response! When the beeswax has melted take the saucepan off the heat, cool slightly then pour into a bowl. I never use dried herbs as medicine, because I always use at least five herbs in a prescription, I can do this easily with liquid herbal extracts which are a potent medicine with a relatively small dosage and highly absorbable in this form. I dont really know if they are true but I was googling effects of stinging nettle on horses ad there were serval sites saying that you can dry out the leaves I think it was and feed it to horses and it helps with something.

how to dry nettles for horses

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