Sounds like a miracle product right? I have been using my mix for 2 months now and it is still going strong  even though it is not stored in the fridge. Discover (and save!) Hair styling wax is sold in salons and stores, but making your own is simple and allows you to customize its fragrance and thickness. The wax on the leaves will eventually turn into dust and is then removed by threshing. Cost: $8.99. Thanks for the information. mango butter in this recipe is a definate win for me! I am a container junkie (I’ve got it bad lol). Whether you're new, or have been on this journey for awhile, it can be aggravating to deal with edges.Many naturally curly girls struggle to get their edges to lay flat. This is a medium hold edge control product keeps frizzy edges at bay without hardening or flaking. DO NOT CARRY THIS PRODUCT IN YOUR BAG, IN YOUR CAR, POCKET ETC BECAUSE IT WILL MELT AND CAN SPILL OUT THE CONTAINER! yours truly) will literally only need to glide their fingertip over the product and it will suffice. Then add the lavender oil to the wax and pour that mixture into your other ingredients. My pleasure hun and thank you for the support! Thanks makes perfect sense. Dec 21, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Sasha Bianca. NOTE: I am neither a doctor, a dermatologist or a medical professional. Thanks! (Search online you will find a few recipes that includes beeswax). It doesn’t have the texture of a normal edge control, but it definitely has the results. If I want my edges “laid” I want to do so with a product that I know is not harming my delicate, fragile and super sensitive edges. I have a video on how I make my coffee bean infused oil here: and also have a blog post about it: Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Coffee Bean infused Almond Oil (can be replaced with any carrier oil). Mix everything really well and pour into your container, Protein Strengthening & Fortifying Treatment, Styling Flax Seed Gels/Setting Lotions/Sprays (Old), Whipped Butter Cocoa, Shea & Mango Butter (more), Whipped Coffee Bean Infused Butter (Hair & Body), Whipped Double Coffee Butter (Hair & Skin), Itchy Dry Scalp Treatment (Protective Style Spray), How to tame edges and flyaways natural hair, Protein Strengthening and Fortifying Deep Conditioner,, Elay Understood ( Pronounced: L.A. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. ( Log Out /  Collection list. Customize the Fragrance . © 2020 Mommypotamus  •  All Rights Reserved  •  Site Design by Emily White Designs, Safe Essential Oils For Babies And Children, 2 ounces jojoba oil – This is a “dry” oil that keeps the formula from being too greasy. Jan 9, 2019 - Now at, learn how to make your own edge control with natural, easy-to-find ingredient such as avocado oil and beeswax (, Peppermint and rosemary essential oils stimulate hair growth and add shine. We Tested 10 Edge Control Products for Black Hairstyles ... $5.99 The Score: 8 This lightweight styling wax keeps softer hair textures sleek all day, but fails to do the same for thick, coarse hair types without creating buildup. Ingredients I use: (I use a 3oz container), Edge Regrowth and Tame mix before it sets. Edge Control for Hair Growth . Thank you so much for watching the video and commenting :). Combine Edge Control and gel. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Use the 'strong hold' for spiking hair. Cantu Extra Hold Gel. Pls where can i get all these ingredients used in this edge regrowth balm ? My nane is val from Nigeria. I am sorry but I have not experimented with wax so I will be of no help there. ( Log Out /  The remaining ingredients (e.g oils) can be purchased in a regular supermarket. It will smooth your edges, tame frizz, and manage flyaways to reveal effortless, filled-in, and laid-back edges that last. your own Pins on Pinterest Although many women with African-American hair textures will rely on edge control styling gels because they add a slick look to a lot of different hairstyles, but daily use of these products can lead to hair breakage along the edge of your scalp and even at the nape. Choose from our 2 oz & 4 oz options! A little vintage Hollywood glam with this easy DIY sculpting pomade featuring beeswax, shea butter, jojoba and essential oils. 13 thoughts on “ DIY Edge Regrowth & “Tame” Pomade/Balm ” valbraska January 8, 2017 at 11:24 am. Melt down the butters in a double broiler (no more than 5 minutes required) then take it off the heat. Depending on the products you use, edge control can come with a world of problems. I can’t bring you a round-up of the best edge control for 4C hair without mentioning this firm hold gel that gives me the sleekest edges. Video. • dry hair styling • pliable, medium hold • all hair types. Balm: To make a balm you will want to let it set in the fridge for a few hours (minimum 4 hours – best overnight). (, Lime essential oils smells amazing, and is helpful for balancing oily hair. In order for it to remain a balm you might have to restore it in the fridge after use, however, depending on how warm/cold you house is it can retain a slightly soft “balmy” consistency outside of the fridge after you have let it set. There are 3,448 suppliers who sells hair edge control on, mainly located in Asia. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I kept adding too much water to the boiling process of the Flax Seed Gel, and as a result, I’d have way more gel than I actually needed to make the edge control. How do I create that? Use your whisk to make sure everything is well-blended for about five minutes or so. Wrong. If you prefer a scented hair gel, just add a few drops of essential oils to create your own unique fragrance. So apart from using Flax Seed Gel (if I happen to have it on hand) then this is my “go to”. Personally I prefer using it as a pomade because it is easier to get out of the container, quickly melts upon contact with your skin and you don’t have to store it in the fridge. And potamus... obviously. An edge control can come in the form of a gel, paste or wax. This particular container had incense cones in it, so I just disinfected the container once I used up the cones I am sure if you look around your place/families place you will find a ton of pretty reusable containers. yours truly) will literally only need to glide their fingertip over the product and it will suffice. The key to using two or more hair products at the same time is to start off with using just a little bit of each. Those with fine hair (e.g. Personally I do not mind a little frizz but will admit there are times when I want a more “polished” look. It take’s my strands from eek to chic with a single swipe. Secondly,how can i make the product permanently wax for commercial purpose without keeping it in the refrigerator. It's conveniently sized, so you can apply it regularly without having to use a brush. Depending on how warm/cold your house is, the mix can become a little more runny or slightly thicker but it will not become extremely firm or liquid. ( Log Out /  Many curlies opt to go with a relaxer in order to help their edges lay flat. One of the the other reasons why I love this product is because it is a 2 in 1 mix. The most important aspect is that the ingredients used in the mix helps to grow healthy edges, takes care of your edges, is all natural and at the same time can help flyaways/edges (while not being damaging or containing chemicals & alcohols). A water-based edge control is lightweight and soft, while an oil-based option will have a stronger hold. Subscribe to my newsletter and receive this FREE DIGITAL GUIDE containing 25+ natural remedies you can make with kitchen ingredients along with exclusive coupons, links to recommended products, and much more! The number one wax stick on the market . In a more concentrated form it may also lighten hair. Pls where can i get all these ingredients used in this edge regrowth balm ?

how to make edge control wax

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