//-->. The academics at the London School of Economics were extremely challenging. I dealt with stereos before I switched to computers in 1980. Economics 101: Saudi lifting cinema ban can help boost region’s entertainment sector Social media - a new phenomenon - definitely plays a part. Before we dive into the principles of microeconomics, we need to define … If you can grasp the basic concepts of curve shifts and shifts along the curves, you’ll be good to go. Granted, I took one business course in grade 10 but even then, the course was straightforward without that knowledge. That link to the pbs site was fascinating. For hunter-gatherers in small bands, sharing, matching and ranking were probably as fundamental to survival as eating and breeding. It's partly due to a lot of new concepts and lots of math. Equality matching, by contrast, means we all take turns. Sociology was a breeze for me. Does the boss have a leadership problem? many found it super ez and many found it super hard. Economics is a complex subject filled with a maze of confusing terms and details which can be difficult to explain. Economics is difficult to understand because economists leave out relevant information. I don't remember anything taught in that course that was substantially hard to understand. I thought it was both really easy & a little strange. Economics is crucial. Duke's introductory economics course will no longer give students letter grades. As long as you go to a lecture a week ( out of 2), check test bank, and do some practice questions (not a crazy amount) you should get a good grade. In other words, to have an intuitive grasp of economics, you might just need to take a step or two up the evolutionary ladder.