Kevorkian assisted former racecar driver Thomas Youk with the latter’s death in September of 1998. It was against the law to criticize the government in Colonial America. (Recent examples may include the O.J. In a civil trial, rather than setting a defendant free, the jury decides whether the defendant is liable or not liable for the accused misconduct, according to the law. The jury is there to assist so the decision of the case does not depend solely on the judge. Kevorkian passed away in June of 2011, at the age of 80, from a blood clot. We refuse. After one acquittal and several hung juries, the government was forced to drop all charges. Jury nullification is a legal phenomenon in which jurors choose to acquit a defendant despite the facts and law presented to them supporting conviction. What follows is an outline insofar as how jury nullification works. Four jury trials ended in three acquittals and compelled the government to drop the charges. Lawyers use shadow defenses in the hope that the evidence they provide will prompt a nullification. 3. The evidence was overwhelming yet this jury chose an acquittal. Such a holding would be the first step down a very steep and very slippery slope. Because of juries, a network of people organized, knowing northern juries would not convict them.  The Southern States seceded.  Civil War followed, then the Emancipation Proclamation. Bushell refused and spent months in jail. Jury nullification is a discretionary act, and is not a legally sanctioned function of the jury. The judge instructed the jury to return a guilty verdict since the men were plainly guilty. But still, the jury votes to acquit him or her of the charges anyways despite the evidence. Examples of Jury Nullification Throughout History; 1215. Examples of jury nullification in a sentence, how to use it. Even during oral arguments, the Court stated that Kevorkian’s attorney made no mention of a defense in support of euthanasia. Most racial problems in society stem exactly from this attitude. He defended his intention in assisting Youk as not a murder, but a “mercy killing.” The jury ultimately found Kevorkian guilty of second-degree murder, and of delivering a controlled substance to Youk. Jury nullification. A jury could also do the opposite—could vote to convict someone even though it is not convinced of his or her guilt. In the early 1800s, nullification was practiced in cases brought under the Alien and Sedition Act. A great example of jury nullification pertains to the Prohibition era. Definition of jury nullification : the acquitting of a defendant by a jury in disregard of the judge's instructions and contrary to the jury's findings of fact Examples of jury nullification in a Sentence In Springfield, Mo., Davis Tutt engaged in a one-on-one pistol, quick draw duel with William Hickok. The 52-year-old York had contacted Kevorkian because he was suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease, and no longer wanted to go on living. Kevorkian taped himself interacting with Youk on two occasions to show the condition Youk was in. Jury nullification appeared at other times in our history when the government has tried to enforce morally repugnant or unpopular laws. Despite this extensive history, modern judges mostly forbid any mention of jury nullification in the courtroom. ... For example, consider the variety of gun crimes that the U.S. Attorney’s Office has the power to prosecute. Jury nullification can be traced back all the way to 1670 England (Freedman, 2014). Even those supporting race-based jury nullification in general in favor of African-American defendants, for example, agree that “it can be and has been used by white juries to free whites who have illegally harmed blacks simply because they where white” (Jemal, 1998). After a 100 percent conviction rate and the execution of 33 witches, in 1693, juries decided the court of Oyer and Terminer had gone too far. The US Constitution was amended to prohibit the sale of alcohol because a majority who did not drink wished to impose their morals on the minority of citizens who did. A stealth juror is a person who has a hidden agenda to promote jury nullification, and does whatever he can to ensure he becomes a member of the jury. Once a jury declares a defendant “not guilty,” the court cannot question the verdict, and law enforcement cannot re-charge the defendant for the same crime. July 28th 2013 Ethnicity plays a big role in courtroom proceedings as well as judicial practices from all parts of the criminal justice system. A shadow defense is a defense that does not have legal merit, but that lawyers use to open up the possibility for jury nullification. This has happened in part because Ultimately, the Court upheld Kevorkian’s conviction. John Peter Zenger’s newspaper criticized the Governor of New York. Supposedly jury nullification is a more threat to laws passed by representative legislatures than it is a threat to judicial power. During Kevorkian’s jury trial, the jury watched the two videotapes that Kevorkian had made. The rights of unions were safeguarded in America by juries. The next step would make the people slaves.". Juries who did not support the laws that regulated alcohol would set defendants who faced charges of smuggling free. Another example where jury nullification would be helpful involves severe drug laws which impose unjust or discriminating punishment. The Lien-Soong camp has filed a lawsuit for the nullification of the election and another for the nullification of the electee 's status. Others believe jury nullification is a violation of an individual’s right to a jury trial, if the jury is just going to make their own decision anyway without regard for the details of the trial. Simpson criminal case.) Jury nullification happens when the jury finds a “not guilty” verdict for a defendant because they disagree with the applicable law. Kevorkian was subsequently arrested and charged with Youk’s murder. Of course, there is much debate over the practice of jury nullification. Jury nullification is the practice of a jury refusing to convict a defendant of violating a law the jurors view as unjust. This power of jury nullification has origins dating back to colonial British America. Hickok was charged with manslaughter. It can occur in criminal or civil trials. Juries however nullified alcohol control laws about 60 percent of the time. Had Hickok not fought, he would have been branded a coward. David S. D’Amato David S. D’Amato is an attorney, a regular opinion contributor at The Hill, and an expert policy advisor to the Future of Freedom Foundation and the Heartland Institute. The next 52 trials ended in hung juries or acquittals. Jury nullification is a legal concept which occurs when a jury decides that a law is not humane, constitutional, or the punishment involved goes against their moral code. They wanted to inform the public about jury nullification — that is, the power of jurors to vote against convicting criminal defendants under laws that the jurors believe are unjust.Brandt and Iannicelli were trying to participate in a centuries-old and still-thriving Hickok would have been found guilty if the outcome of the case was driven on facts alone, but was acquitted of his crimes thanks to jury nullification and the unwritten law of a fair fight [2]. If juries had obeyed the judge's instructions that "the law is the law," alcohol might still be illegal today. Succinctly put, there is no principled basis for us to legalize euthanasia.”. Jury Nullification 700 Words | 3 Pages. Minorities within this country may believe that the criminal justice system has prejudices and may dismiss the legality of certain laws. 2 However, in an unusually clear example of jury nullification , the pair were acquitted, and the order was accordingly discharged. Frustrated, prosecutors ceased bringing cases to trial.  Juries made it impossible to kill witches in Salem. Some believe that it is necessary to protect people from wrongful imprisonment, or becoming victims of tyranny. The Salem Witch Trials began in 1692. William Penn and William Mead were prosecuted for preaching the Quaker religion which was against the law in England. The jury ended the absolute power of kings. Jurors’ power to nullify goes all the way back to when juries first formed. If northern juries had followed the law as judges directed, African Americans might still be human property in accordance with federal law. Jury Nullification To condemn a person for an act that he or she did that broke the law is hard to decide. The judge called the defendants’ actions in that case "beyond the scope of human reason.". The Barons of England compelled King John to sign the Magna Carta and trial by jury was established. For example, all-white juries in the post-civil war South routinely convicted black defendants accused of sex crimes against white women despite minimal evidence of guilt. Nullification Dr. Jack Kevorkian: Dr. Jack Kevorkian was accused of … Similarly, juries who did not agree with slavery laws freed defendants accused of assisting runaway slaves, or of being runaway slaves themselves. Jury Nullification Endures for Centuries. 677 (1995) (defending practice of jury nullification on the basis of substantive justice and systemic change but not the rule of law)CrossRef Google Scholar. Jury nullification, jury equity, or a perverse verdict (UK) generally occurs when members of a criminal trial jury believe that a defendant is guilty, but choose to acquit the defendant anyway, because the jurors consider that the law itself is unjust, that the prosecutor has misapplied the law in the defendant's case, or that the potential punishment for breaking the law is too harsh. Race-based Jury Nullification. The act of a jury returning a “not guilty” verdict, despite believing the defendant may, in fact, be guilty of the charge(s) against him. Said the Court: “Defendant, in what is now apparently something of an afterthought, asks us to conclude that euthanasia is legal and, therefore, to reverse his conviction on constitutional grounds. Ultimately jury nullification led to the adoption of the 21st amendment repealing Prohibition. In Syracuse, N.Y., 24 people were indicted for helping a slave escape from jail. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Jury Nullification Example Involving Dr. Jack Kevorkian. Jury nullification is a process in which members of the jury exonerate a person of a guilty verdict although … The Barons of England compelled King John to sign the Magna Carta and trial by jury was established. It is considered to be inconsistent with the jury's duty to return a verdict based solely on the law and the facts of the case. Jury nullification occurs when a jury is convinced beyond a reasonable doubt of the guilt of a defendant in a criminal case but nonetheless votes to acquit him or her of the charges. For example, jury nullification may happen when a jury is convinced beyond a reasonable doubt of the guilt of a defendant in a criminal case. Examples of Jury Nullification Jury nullification has a long history in American law. Jury nullification Essay Sample. At his trial, Zenger’s lawyer, Andrew Hamilton, admitted Zenger broke the law but asked the jury to acquit because Zenger told the truth. It is anywhere from the initial intake of a person to the time the person is sentenced. The fact that most juries would not convict on alcohol control laws made the use of alcohol widespread throughout Prohibition. In fact, jury deliberation is so confidential that nobody outside the jury room knows how the discussion progressed or … A trial jury’s job is to evaluate the facts the lawyers present to them over the course of a trial, to determine the validity of what actually happened. Kevorkian pleaded with the jury to engage in nullification and find him innocent. v. Varsity Brands, Inc. Some fear that jury nullification could also incite public violence. The jury acquitted Hickok, who became better known as Wild Bill Hickok. The Court took a firm stance on this issue and did not, as Kevorkian had hoped, nullify the charges against him. President Millard Fillmore demanded prosecution. Some believed he was doing people a great service by putting an end to their suffering. History of Jury Nullification. And in the Prohibition Era of the 1930s, many juries practiced nullification in prosecutions brought against individuals accused of violating alcohol control laws. In his seminal treatise on the topic, Thomas A. The jury was comprised of African-American women that offered a not guilty verdict for OJ Simson, an African American defendant. To explore this concept, consider the following Jury Nullification definition. 20 examples: Outright jury nullification of the law, for example, has a respected place in… Executive clemency should be a critical part of any criminal justice system. For example, a 2016 push by New Hampshire lawmakers to require a jury nullification instruction was quashed in the state Senate. Dr. Jack Kevorkian. However, there are several issues surrounding jurors’ power to nullify, including: In some U.S. cases, both lawyers and jurors have gone above and beyond to support jurors’ power to nullify. Judge Sempronius Boyd instructed the jury that a conviction was its only option under the law, but added that the jury could call upon a more ancient law, the unwritten law of the "fair fight" and acquit. . The fugitive slave law was enacted to help keep slaves who were illegally running away from getting help from abolitionists in the North. Their feelings about the crime in question, Whether the judge should instruct or inform a jury of their power to nullify, Whether the judge should be able to remove a juror when s/he refuses to apply the law as directed, Whether the judge should be able to punish a juror for exercising his right to nullify, Whether lawyers should argue all the legal arguments in a case before the jury, or leave some out. There are several factors that should not weigh in on the jury’s ultimate decision, including: Despite all of these things, the jury must follow the applicable law and make a decision, free from emotion, as to whether the defendant is innocent or guilty. A jury consists of usually twelve people. However, while a judge cannot question the jury’s decision, he can override it. In the second videotape, Kevorkian administered a lethal injection to Youk, ending his life. Kevorkian appealed his conviction to the Court of Appeals of Michigan. The practice is often cited as a boon for juries who wish to free sympathetic defendants and block unjust enforcement or unjust laws. The judge ended the trial and ordered the jurors imprisoned until they paid a fine. Finally, some of the arguments for jury nullification sound like arguments for executive clemency in slight disguise. The King thereafter had to seek permission from the people before he could take someone's freedom away. He can decide on a sentence himself, or he can act as a sort of check on a jury to ensure the jury did not decide on an otherwise malicious sentence. Some juries have also refused to convict due to their own prejudices in favour of the defendant. In 1851, a crowd broke into a Boston courtroom, grabbed a slave named Shadrach Minkins and turned him loose. When jury nullification happens, the defendant in the case is … The Brits charged Zenger with seditious libel. Star Athletica, L.L.C. For example, jury nullification occurs when the jury “nullifies” the law related to the case, because they believe it is either corrupt or does not apply to the case presented. They sentenced Kevorkian to 10 – 25 years for the murder charge, and 7 years for the controlled substance. During Kevorkian’s jury trial, the jury watched the two videotapes that Kevorkian … In the United States, jury nullification occurs when a jury in a criminal case reaches a verdict contrary to the weight of evidence, sometimes because of a disagreement with the relevant law. Kevorkian’s practices were the topic of much controversy. Dr. Jack Kevorkian. A person convicted of any felony crime in the United States is forever barred from possessing a firearm (felon in possession of a firearm). Example Of Jury Nullification. Kevorkian served eight years of his sentence before his release in May of 2007 at the age of 79. Chief Justice James Delaney disagreed. To paraphrase the United States Supreme Court in Washington v. Glucksberg, it would expand the right to privacy to include a right to commit euthanasia and thus place the issue outside the arenas of public debate and legislative action. Hamilton told the jury they “have the right… to determine both the law and the fact.”  He said if jurors cannot nullify laws, then "juries (are) useless . Tutt was killed. Kevorkian would provide terminally ill patients with lethal injections at their request to end their suffering. Jury nullification can occur in civil trials as well as criminal. . Eric Patrick Brandt and Mark Iannicelli were handing out pamphlets outside a Denver courthouse in July 2015. Jury nullification is a controversial issue in criminal law. Also known as Dr. Death, he was a pro-euthanasia activist and is best known for his publicly speaking in favor of the terminally ill people’s right to die at their request. They must then apply the law to the evidence they find, and determine an appropriate verdict. See, e.g., Butler, Paul, Racially Based Jury Nullification: Black Power in the Criminal Justice System, 105 Yale L.J. Do … The jury found Zenger not guilty and established freedom of the press in America. One of the most famous examples of jury nullification involved Dr. Jack Kevorkian. A federal judge in Buffalo called the defendants "disturbers of society." Jury nullification in the United States has its origins in colonial America under British law. In deviating from both the law’s charge, and the judge’s instructions, the jury exercised its longstanding right to return an independent verdict. For two days, the jury refused to return a guilty verdict. Jury Nullification Example Involving Dr. Jack Kevorkian Overview. He was eventually released after his habeas corpus petition prompted the Court of Common Pleas chief judge to rule that a jury cannot be punished for their verdict. Jury Nullification Essay Sample In a jury trial, the jury is only required to come up with either a “guilty” or a “not guilty” verdict without having to explain how it reached its decision or justify the same. A grand jury indicted three people. "The truth is no defense," he ruled. Hickok claimed it was a question of honor. Mutual combat was against the law. The television show 60 Minutes had also aired segments from the tapes. 2. The King thereafter had to seek permission from the people before he could take someone's freedom away. When jurors in capital cases convict the accused and find in the sentencing phase of the trial that the necessary conditions have been met to impose the death penalty, but choose instead to sentence them to life without parole, this may also be referred to as jury nullification. This verdict and the transcripts of the trial were widely published and encouraged literature critical of England by Franklin, Paine and others which spurred the revolution. The Court noted that, while Kevorkian pleaded with the jury for nullification, he did not provide a legal justification for it in his appeal. Others, however, believed that what Kevorkian practiced was a form of murder. Kevorkian assisted former racecar driver Thomas Youk with the latter’s death in September of 1998. The right to disregard the law if you morally disagree with it also comes from the fact that jurors cannot be punished for the verdict they render, no matter how unpopular it is to the general public or the specific judge presiding over the case. The judge ordered the jury imprisoned. Dr. Jack Kevorkian. Jury nullification also occurs when a jury convicts a defendant because it condemns the defendant or his actions, even though the evidence at trial showed that he technically didn’t break any law. Dr. Jacob Kevorkian’s acquittal was a high-profile jury nullification in the recent past. If Zenger’s jurors obeyed the judge’s directions, America might still be under British rule. In the late 19th century, prosecutions on "conspiracy" charges against striking union workers were quashed by jury nullification and gave unions the right to organize, assemble, and go on strike. More recent examples of nullification might include acquittals of "mercy killers," including Dr. Jack Kevorkian, and minor drug offenders. Bhutan-A great example of race based jury nullification involves the racially based jury nullification of the OJ Simpon murder trial. Witnesses claimed both men fired, but Tutt was the initiator and aggressor. Penn and Mead went free and this precedent established freedom of religion. Such a holding would also involve the judiciary in deciding questions that are simply beyond our capacity. Four jurors, led by Edward Bushell, refused to return the guilty verdict. To Kevorkian’s attorney, his death was peaceful and painless. The term “jury nullification” refers to a jury’s verdict of “not guilty” despite believing the defendant is, in fact, guilty of the crime alleged. As far back as 1735, a journal printer was accused of seditious libel for criticizing the British, but a jury ignored the law and acquitted him. Blythe’s 1998 case is a clear-cut example of jury nullification, or jury equity, as it is sometimes known in the UK. For instance, some juries will have a stealth juror among them. 1585-1595       Late Latin         (nūllificāre). Racial differences within the court system of the United States can create various interpretations of laws and the impartiality of such laws. Jury Trial. As for lawyers, some will use a shadow defense to enter information into the court’s record that would otherwise be inadmissible. Jury nullification existed as a phenomenon in English law as early as the Middle Ages.

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