Our botanicals are blended with Ketel One® Vodka and distilled through a copper pot still and then infused with the natural essence of fresh, crisp and fragrant botanicals. Rosy Glow. All questions answered (satisfaction not guaranteed). Ketel One vodka has joined the growing number of distillers with ready-to-drink cocktails on the market. With over 327 years of distilling expertise passed down from 11 generations brothers Carl Jr. and Bob Nolet live by their family motto, quality before everything. Er zijn 3 varianten Ketel One Botanical: Grapefruit & Rose, Peach & Orange en Cucumber & Mint. If real news is important to you, please consider making a donation of $5, $10 or whatever you can afford, to help keep our journalism on stands. Because these spirits from Sonoma County’s Helena and Woody Hambrecht (the man’s a third-generation winemaker) are spot-on before, during, or after a meal – and will serve you equally well if the only thing stimulated is your sense of liquid elegance and the taste of lower-alcohol refreshments fashioned from herbs, fruits, and other botanicals. ready-to-go cocktails, Ketel One, Ranch2O, Haus, And, yes, that third one's not precisely a cocktail, but …, Information is power. })(); Devils River, San Antonio's newest distillery, to open with rooftop venue and tasting room in January, Investor suit accuses owners of San Antonio-based Chacho’s chain of 'massive fraud', Twitter users slam Texas restaurant owner for video of him telling customers to stop twerking. Ketel One Botanical Ketel One Botanical: Made with Ketel One Vodka, perfectly distilled with natural botanicals to deliver a beautifully crisp and refreshing taste. And, sure enough, Ketel One’s Vodka Spritz lives up to the company's celebrated name with a series of botanical quaffs for your cultured consideration. Cocktails 1.5 oz Gin of your choice 1 oz Ketel One Cucumber Mint Botanical ½ oz simple syrup 1 oz lime juice 8 mint leaves 2 cucumber slices The enticingly fresh taste of KETEL ONE BOTANICAL VODKA SPRITZ is created by carefullydistilling real botanicals and natural fruit essence with our award-winning, exceptionally smooth, Ketel One Vodka. Enjoy the taste that inspired 300 years of distilling expertise. Can't keep up with happenings around town? script.src = 'https://us.commitchange.com/js/donate-button.v2.js'; 30% Alc/Vol. Mmmm, so good. Each botanical essence is individually and naturally obtained through innovative extraction methods and distillation processes for … Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit and Rose is one of three new flavor infused vodka’s launched under the Ketel One Botanical label. As with all Ketel One vodkas, there are absolutely NO artificial sweeteners, NO added sugars, NO artificial colors and made with Non-GMO grains with all-natural flavors. Pour contents of shaker in a wine glass over fresh ice and top with club soda. And you’d be right: Dallas native Amelia Lettieri founded the company and serves as its CEO. Made with exceptionally smooth, Non-GMO Ketel One Vodka and stored in a slim ready-to-enjoy can, this drink features the zesty taste of freshly squeezed grapefruit with a touch of rose. Check out my website . Each Ketel One Botanical Vodka Spritz has an ABV of 3.6% and is only 73 calories per serving. By San Antonio Current Staff |  Ketel One Botanical and Soda. Add Ketel One Botanical Peach and Orange Blossom, honey (optional) and ice, shake well. (The cans are as beautifully designed as those of the abovementioned Tanquerey, too.) November 13, 2020, This year has been beyond stressful, which may explain why some of us just aren't up to cooking our own, By San Antonio Current Staff |  script.setAttribute('data-npo-id', npo); Ketel One Botanicals launched earlier this month, and I’m here to confirm: The hype is real. But, first, since we’re interested in hipping you to all the various expressions of The Really Good Stuff – because we love you, reader – we won’t even start this list without mentioning the canned Tanquerey cocktails we blurbed in this Perfect Date Night post a while ago. Ketel One Botanical Peach & Orange Blossom appeals to those who enjoy lush, juicy white peaches and bold notes of fragrant orange blossoms. The bottle states the following: Ketel One just released Ketel One Botanical, a spirit that begins with Ketel One Family-Made vodka made from 100% non-GMO grain. Ketel One introduces its Botanical vodka, claimed to be distilled with real botanicals for a fresh taste with 73 calories. Ketel One Botanical Vodka Spritz is made with vodka blended with botanicals, natural fruits, and sparkling water. And while “aperitif” simply means “an alcoholic drink taken before a meal to stimulate the appetite” – and these beverages will certainly fulfill that function – we reckon such a definition is overly reductive. Imported by Ketel One … Artfully infused with real botanicals, natural fruit essence and sparkling water, Ketel One Botanical Vodka Spritz Cucumber & Mint offers an enticing new way to enjoy vodka. HAUS These delights are promoted as, specifically, aperitifs. No News is Bad News. Okay – we cool?Now here’s some of what else is going on: KETEL ONE Here’s another brand that needs no introduction to anyone who’s come within hailing frequency of a bar or has read a slick magazine at any point in their life. They have no added sugar, artificial sweeteners, or artificial flavors. Discover Ketel One Botanicals with Carl Nolet Jr. himself, “Something that’s not offered today in the entire store!” Now Available at Crown Liquors. var script = document.createElement('script'); Yes, enchantment is definitely the word: Ketel One’s three available spritzes so far are Grapefruit & Rose, Peach & Orange Blossom, and Cucumber & Mint – any of which we can easily imagine Titania and Oberon sipping from as they argue child custody and send the weather reeling. Nov. 16, 2020 Follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn . Garnish with peach and lemon slices as well as a sprig of mint. Unlike many newspapers, ours is free – and we'd like to keep it that way, because we believe, now more than ever, everyone deserves access to accurate, independent coverage of their community. Price - SRP of US$3.99 per can, $14.99 per four-pack of cans. These palate-pleasers are pretty much cottagecore in a can, and well done. Ketel One Botanical is a 30-percent ABV vodka made with non-GMO grain, distilled with real botanicals, ... You can also buy Ketel One Botanical online here. Also, these aren’t just pop-the-tab-and-swig-the-can products; these Haus aperitifs are poured from beautiful glass vessels, onto whatever small pile of ice is fortunate enough to be waiting, and thus to your grateful mouth. Made with exceptionally smooth, Non-GMO Ketel One Vodka and stored in a slim ready-to-enjoy can, this drink features the crisp taste of sliced cucumber with a hint of refreshing mint. “I created RANCH2O to provide a real cocktail experience in a convenient package,” she says, “but canned convenience means nothing if it doesn’t taste great.” Well, we’ve tried these bevvies over ice on a late summer’s day, and can attest that, whether you’re opening the original Ranch Water (tequila, soda water, and lime), the classic Margarita, or the Vodka Soda with cranberry, you’re on your way to a small Texas torrent of delicious thirst-quenching. var npo = 5273; If you want to submit a recipe, send it to food@austinchronicle.com. Double Eagle Brands, B.V. It’s then blended with the secret family botanical recipe, re-distilled, and infused with naturally-extracted fruit and botanical essences. San Antonio Current works for you, and your support is essential. Ketel (Dutch for: Pot still) One is a liquor brand of the Nolet Distillery in Schiedam, the Netherlands.Ketel One Vodka is distilled from 100% wheat in copper pot stills, filtered over loose charcoal, and rests in tile-lined tanks until ready.Ketel One Vodka is named after the original copper pot still, "Distilleerketel #1."

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