When Ono loses his eyesight Anga takes his place on the Lion Guard as the Keenest of Sight, but Kion creates a new role for him as the Smartest, despite the Lion Guard traditionally only having five members. Badili is glad to see the Lion Guard, and asks Kion if they are going to get rid of Mapigano again, but Kion refuses, claiming that Badili has to learn how to stand up for himself. A young, violent crocodile who takes control of the crocodile clan, which causes problems for the Pride Lands. He appears in the episode "Too Many Termites". After noticing a group of aardwolves in a cave in the Outlands, Reirei and Goigoi plan to eat them. How to Draw Kion from The Lion Guard. The Queen of the Night Pride, the mother of Sahasi, Surak, and Nirmala, and the grandmother of Rani and Baliyo. Elle aurait vraisemblablement eu une liaison avec Scar, ce qui expliquerait sa haine envers Simba pour l'avoir supposément tué. She instructs Dogo to trick Lion Guard into welcoming him to Pridelands and when he does, Reirei and the rest of her familly sneaks after him. She is scared of hyenas and takes advice from Bunga, which goes horribly wrong. As an added bonus, he's the first white rhino to appear in the. Kion's young age is most noticeable in early episodes like "Never Jusge A Hyena By It's Spots" and "Lions Of The Outlands", where he's shown to have a very naive and black & white world view, bordering on racism. A gecko who has dreams of becoming a member of Makuu's float. Thurston was approached by The Lion Guard asking where flat ridge rock was, to which he didn't know the answer. Makucha is first seen hunting gazelles. When Kion learns he and his friends can run a mission to help Simba, absolutely nothing (whether it's an army of Outlanders or Scar himself) will stop Kion from retrieving the medicine he needs and saving his dad. At least until "Janja's New Crew," where he has just as much intellect (or lack thereof) as the rest of the pack, with his new henchmen showing actual brains. Muhimu is a character from the show Lion Guard. Kion; Kiara; Kovu; Fuli; Jasiri; Rani; Janja; Scar; All items (60) He flees, an and the Lion Guard pursue him, but he is able to escape. Cheezi is one of Janja's henchmen. He first appears in the episode "Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots" when Beshte is supposed to ask Mbeya for directions, but instwead he listens to old rhino's stories. His constant harassment of Ushari ultimately sends the cobra into villainy and bringing Scar back from the dead, making Bunga indirectly responsible for the events of Season 2 and Season 3. Mapigano leaps at Badili, asking why he came back when it's no longer his turf and starts to mock him. A snowy-white owl and an ally of Night Pride. In "The Rise Of Scar", Janja goads him and manipulates him into unwittingly summoning Scar's ghost, the last thing he would ever want to do, which has massive repercussions for the entire season since Scar immediately recruits other, living animals to try to destroy the Pridelands. Janja is a character from upcoming Disney Junior show Lion Guard. Later, they begin playing Lion Guard again, but this time they alert the hyenas. It turns out leopards are not native to Pridelands and none of the animals know that they are predators and have to be feared. Kion . A honey badger who lives at the Tree of Life. Telling Simba and Kion that he's not sure if Scar can be defeated doesn't exactly cover the full extent of his sentiment. He's wise, calm and rescpects the circle of life. She is a great rule-follower, and trusts the judgement of her friends. Lion Guard. In the Season 3 premiere, Kion's victory over Scar finally comes when he refuses to let Scar goad or manipulate him into using the roar in anger once again (which would have destroyed himself and the Pridelands), but lets go of his own personal resentment towards the tyrannical lion who's hurt so many people (including his family) and lets the Lions of the Past pass judgment on him instead, who forcibly drag Scar's ghost back into the afterlife. Tiifu is a female lion cub, and one of Kiara's friends.

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