Companions. It’s best to plant trees in the spring or fall in warm places like … 7. The average market price was $5.25 per pound, and therefore the tree generated a gross revenue of $210.00 for the year. Make sure you irrigate your pomegranates adequately. May be linked to moisture levels at time of flowering. The disease is activated with free water, normally during the postharvest wash, and spreads when stored at room temperature. Use a copper fungicide according to the directions and then promote good circulation by pruning in the dormant season to open the canopy. Once the eggs hatched, the caterpillar-like larvae known as the pomegranate … Deer will sometimes eat the leaves, and occasionally gophers will chew on the roots. Blue-green mold can develop on Pomegranate trees but it usually appears when fruits are stored. Pomegranates tolerate cold to 10°F (-12°C). PESTS & DISEASES. flat mite (Brevipalpus sp.) Fruit crack is one problem that is common in all pomegranate varieties. The pomegranate tree originates in the Mediterranean. The damaged fruit rots and then emits a foul smell. Cotton aphid numbers build up rapidly on growing shoots in the spring and again in the late summer or fall. Once the eggs hatched, the caterpillar-like larvae known as the pomegranate fruit borer will Most pomegranate cultivars are resistant to common pests and diseases. Most pests that feed on or damage pomegranates can be controlled without chemicals by introducing lady... Prevention. Plant-protection Pests : 1) Pomegranate butterfly (or) Fruit borer. The affected plant leaves show chlorotic patches. If Pomegranate flowers fall off in early spring, the culprit may be insect infestation such as whitefly, scale or mealybugs. Symptoms -Aphids are yellowish-green in color and they suck the cell sap from the lower … This leads to reduce in market value of fruits. You can use ammonium sulfate, a high-nitrogen fertilizer, or a balanced 10-10-10 formula, starting in spring after the Pomegranate tree begins to show new growth. And, also the market value of such fruits reduced. How many Pomegranates can you plant per acre? As a result, all the plant leaves and the branches turn blackish affecting the growth of the plant. The Pomegranate fruits are full of antioxidants and thought to have many health benefits. And, using ‘fly traps’ containing Methyl Eugenol and an insecticide can control the pest. While you can go to the local nursery for insecticide in case of a severe infestation, there are natural ways to deal with the same. Both adults and nymphs suck sap from growing shoots, flowers and young fruit. Though, this problem usually is not apparent until fruit sorting after harvest. Symptoms – The scales insects can be identified by the presence of small black swollen spots on the branches and the Pomegranate fruits. Pupation: Occurs either inside the damaged fruits or on the stalk holding it. 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pomegranate tree pests

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