Adventure Fanfiction Romance Keefe Sencen Sophie ... Foster Keeper Kotlc Keeper Of The Lost Cities Ro Sokeefe Team Foster Keefe Foster Keefe Sokeefe Fanfic The title basically tells you everything you need to know, but here are some short and sweet SoKeefe stories! Keefe insists he doesn't think he's going to make it (because he is seasick) and says there's something Sophie needs to know. Keefe tells her it helped a lot, and he stopped shaking. Still not so sure on the whole letting-you-boss-me-around thing. Sophie Foster thought moving to a new city across the country was going to be the worst of it. It's how I deal. Keefe brings Sophie to the secret Mentor's cafeteria. Sophie admits that she cried more than any of her friends about him leaving, but that she is furious with him as well because he stole the cache. ", "She threw her arms around his shoulders, hugging him as tight as she could. Tormentor of principals. Sophie has also shown some signs of liking Keefe, especially in Neverseen, Lodestar, and Nightfall, Sophie and Keefe grow closer as they rely on each other to move on from their losses. 'Just promise, okay?' Keefe said he trusts Sophie and is really glad he met her. Sophie holds onto Keefe when she realizes that her human family was not found when she looked for them on her. Keefe has entered Sophie's bedroom, oblivious to her current state of affairs. Keefe starts to say, "Speechless again? First Met And for a second, Sophie's breath seemed to catch. 'It's a three-way tie. '... And I know you're going to tell me it won't be that simple -- and it probably won't be. "No you wouldn't," Grady informed him. Soon enough, Keefe's prediction came true, and Sophie tells him "Not a word. Keefe was constantly and relentlessly teasing Sophie. '", "'Whoa, are you crying?' And now she's handed her life to a boy whose idea of love is far from what it should be. #kotlc #shannonmessenger #keeperofthelostcities #funny Fitz and Keefe make a bet about which stair Sophie will trip on. Keefe Sencen, Councillor Oralie, Lord Cassius Sencen, Stina Heks, Vika Heks, Vespera Folend: Enhancers: They can boost elves abilities from their fingertips, and make the power in another elf stronger. And in case I don't, there's something I need you to know. 58 Sophie and Keefe met midway through Keeper of the Lost Cities and since that time the two have become good friends. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Keefe hugs Sophie and admits that he was worried about her. 'Uh, that one's a no-brainer. 'I should be braver than this.' '", "Grady rubbed his temples. Keefe says the thing he missed most about Sophie is her whole adorable-when-angry thing and she replies by saying she misses him too. Keefe’s just jealous because he doesn’t have to deal with the crushing weight of the responsibility of being in the nobility and expected to act like it with little to … ", "And Keefe was right where she'd left him - right where he'd said he'd be - his arms stretched out and ready to catch her, like he'd known she'd be dizzy and heaving by the time she finally fled. When Sophie finds out the memory which made Keefe join the, Keefe says that nothing good ever comes from his mom, but Sophie says "One thing did. Or, Fitz is an evil, abusive prick, I'm evil, life sucks, and I am mad that no one's punched Cassius Sencen yet. Sophie Foster/Keefe Sencen (1) They are goofy (1) keefe be so hot (1) Other work tags to include Other bookmarker's tags to include Exclude ? And yet, the teasing words made Sophie wish she'd turn and find a different boy. Books 2 and 3: They started to stay together more often, and more trust was build between them. 'I know, I'm sorry. Keefe begs for Sophie to boss him around and include him in on the plan. Keefe grabs on to Sophie when Fitz says they should stay in groups. He raised one eyebrow as he turned to study her. Keefe whistled and tells her he doesn't know where all of this "Foster confidence" is coming from but he's "here for it", and Sophie's cheeks warmed. when he gently pinned ". Oh. Keefe gives Sophie his mother's necklace outside the Sanctuary. Keefe showed that he really cared about Sophie. But the last one's easy. Her stomach gets all fluttery when she realizes how their boots are almost touching and how she can feel his warm breath on her cheeks. 'We can beat them together. Sophie doesn't respond. Keefe gently lifted her by the shoulders to ease her into a sitting position and propped her up with extra pillows in her bed after her ability reset. Sophie Foster: Flashers: Can create and control light with different effects. And you're also always there when your friends ever need you. He assures her that they'll get the starstone back the next day and he asks if she knows why. Keefe is always putting Sophie before anyone else, and they always try to keep each other safe. Keefe knows his biological father, while Sophie does not. Keefe tells Sophie that he gave her the necklace to remember him by. ", "'Tonight would've been . Sophie has had "fluttery moments" with Keefe where she says her heart goes into "hummingbird mode." ... the prom queen by miss keefe sencen. . . "Keefe gave her another reassuring shoulder pat- but when she flung the pillow aside and buried her face in her hands she heard him growl something like, 'screw it.' Sophie doesn't want Keefe to go. and Sophie?' Keefe worriedly asks her what's wrong and wraps an arm around her shoulders so she didn't fall when Sophie panics, worrying that she might be related to Fitz. And her heart seemed to trip over itself as he leaned close and. 4 likes. Keefe assures her that he’ll “fix everything“, but Sophie corrects that with, "WE are going to fix this.". City Drawing Drawing Stuff The Best Series Ever Pokemon Fan Art Book Memes Lost City City Art Book Fandoms. Sophie and Keefe stared at each other, and there was an intensity in his stare that made Sophie's heart change rhythm. Keefe’s breath was warm in her ear as he told her, ‘Anytime, Foster. Sophie and Keefe, Foster-Keefe, Keephie, Seefe or Sokeefe, is a common pairing for both Keefe and Sophie. Then Keefe helped Sophie carry her books, while "Grady, meanwhile, was studying Keefe as he'd never seen him before in his life." "I don't know, Foster, but why are we so grown up?" She is the leader of the Neverseen, as stated in Everblaze. Keefe tells her that it's nice having someone look out for him and when Sophie tells him he doesn't make it easy, he says it's just another thing they have in common. Their eyes meet after Keefe tells Sophie she can trust him. Keefe's smile "softened into something that made Sophie's cheeks warm. Keefe takes both her hands and helps her sit down, holding her together. when Sophie plunges her hand into a bucket of ice water to learn body temperature regulation. He tries to explain why he's been there for three days while making it sound like it was just logical but just ends up rambling. Keefe tells her "Aw, the little shrieking sounds you're making are adorable." Me too. … "Worried I'd prank you?" "Ya" Biana said. Keefe laughs when he's talking about his plan to find out who her biological parents are and says that he loves that he has to explain it to her because it's "proof that no matter how feisty you get, you'll still always be our sweet little Foster." 1. Fitz often finds Sophie with Keefe through out the book. Good Books Books To Read The Best Series Ever Book People Book Memes Lost City Book Fandoms City Art Book Nerd. ", Keefe gives his cape to Sophie insisting that they can't have her freeze and reminds Sophie that she didn't refuse, Sophie worries about the fact that she could have lost, Keefe almost face plants onto the deck of. Even when Keefe flashes a smug smirk, Sophie can sense his sadness behind it and pulls him back into a hug. It really helped.". ", "‘You keep trying to fix everything, Sophie. Keefe tells Sophie that he likes his and Sophie's group better, and he saves her from nearly being impaled by a rock. So they're going to have to deal with the fact that you have a mind of your own- and a pretty darn smart one too. Keefe, being the only son of Lord Cassius Sencen and Lady Gisela Sencen, spent his early years living in Candleshade, the home of his parents. Every time Keefe gets hurt she gets worried and does her best to keep him safe and as far away from danger as possible; yet, Keefe always comes back for Sophie. But you can't fix me.’", "‘I know. Sophie didn't really realize what exactly she was doing until they were in front of the store. I could be your hero any day. ', "'Fine, I'll wait until dawn.' Sophie Elizabeth Foster was in love, in the beginning. Keefe grabs Sophie's hand and tells her not to let them get into her head, and that she knows what needs to be done. Keefe considers himself to be the "President of the Foster Fan Club. It is Foster, after all." and Sophie blushes. It was ginormous, and it towered into the sky. Oct 28, 2018 - Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen! Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Instead of branding her, he uses a small crystal he placed on her necklace to send her safely back to, Sophie believes that she and Keefe can beat the. Keefe said that Sophie could never look bad. Frequenter of Detention. Until she was ready for more. Sophie says she is glad she met him too. (Keefe Sencen to Sophie Foster)” ― Shannon Messenger, Nightfall. Keefe wraps his free arm around Sophie while his mom is talking about her kidnapping and her parent's kidnapping. Lady Minette Giselais part of the Sencen family and is Keefe's mother, as well as Lord Cassius's wife. '", "The deep, crisp accent was instantly recognizable. Keefe dubbed them 'Team Foster-Keefe' in Exile. Sophie comforts Keefe after learning about his. PLEASE, NO HATE GUYS!!! The previous book isLegacy, which released on November 5, 2019. They talk for a little while, with topics including Mallowmelt and good manners. Shannon Messenger announced the release of the book on February 19, 2020. Keefe moves to Sophie's side, whispering that he understands what she's saying. Then Sophie lowers her voice so. Keefe says he is always serious, especially when she thinks he's teasing. Sophie says Keefe is one of the best guys she knows. I'm always here. Sophie wanted to squeeze into Keefe's chair so she could hug Keefe and show him someone cared. Keefe always wants to join Sophie on her adventures and is there for her various times throughout the series. "'I know.' The girls nearby giggled. Sophie Sencen | complete Fanfiction. Then Keefe nudges Fitz over and places a hand on her shoulder to catch her if she falls, saying "I think this is a two-person job. In the Keefe Short Story, Keefe admits his feelings and says he will tell Sophie soon, that he is waiting for Sophie to trust him first. 'Please don't hate me, okay?' Sophie complimented Keefe’s change in hair, admitting that, “the beachy look. Maybe even a sweetness. The name “Gisela” is from the Old High German1 word gīsal, which means "pledge. Keefe's voice is “soft, timid even,” when he asks her if she hates him. ", "If I thought there was even the slightest chance we could catch her, Foster and l would be having a slumber party tonight." Sophie promises Keefe she would help him get through the transformation that Lady Gisela was going to do. In Neverseen, Sophie mentions that Keefe's father is verbally abusive.

sophie foster and keefe sencen

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