However, if you’re adding more casters a Spiritseer can be a good later addition, as building up some Smite firepower is good. You often want to Deep Strike them, and Ghostwalk makes that a lot more attractive, giving you a vastly more reliable charge when they land. Loses Smite for Destructor, a bad version of Smite with short range and only doing 1W. No really, Spears are that good. Some of them are a fantastic start to an army, and some of them almost are an army – the Chaos Space Marines box especially is something that could form the core of a 1,000pt list quite happily. On the flip side, some previously weak units have been given a new lease of life by major point cuts of new abilities, so there’s still plenty to explore. These are: This totals up to a huge number of options, especially as each power in the Runes of Battle is actually two! : If you ever want to take a Foot Autarch in an Iyanden list you should probably take him instead. Free shipping for many products! Theoretically useful for protecting a squishy character like a Warlock from snipers by parking them next to a unit (like a Wave Serpent) you don’t mind taking a few wounds, but I’ve soured on this use a lot – it’s a pain to keep set up in practice. Out of Stock. They’re still good, and you can still build lists with lots but they will die against Marines, and they aren’t the unholy terrors of the top tables that they were as recently as last summer. Outside of the shield, Serpents are merely fine when it comes to killing stuff. In addition, against the kind of things they want to be charging they’re fairly resilient in combat, as the Exarch’s War Shout ability means that enemies attacking them in the fight phase are at -1 to hit (so, for example, most tanks literally can’t hit them). Swooping Hawks [3PL, 65pts] 4x, Swooping Hawk Exarch, Herald of Victory They can still be a good choice if you have the points, and the removal of Kingslayer from ITC probably gives them a minor leg badk up as it stops making them your warlord being a terrible idea. +HQ+ Craftworld Warlord traits are a mixed bag, being a little bit weak compared to newer ones but still having some valid choices. This is pretty much the only place they slot in, but they’re very good in that slot. Realtalk – I don’t like these and think they’re way too expensive in the go-wide Crafters era, but the people who love them really love them so here they are. . Start Collecting Craftworlds Warhammer 40 000 Games Workshop. 3. Given they also only have two attacks, that makes them unlikely to get much done, although in an emergency rolling them into something that’s Jinxed is OK. While it’s a list from last year, I think the fact it doesn’t have any Webway Strike targets makes it worth a look in the new season, as it can utilise Cloudstrike to hide its planes in inclement matchups and then bring down an absolute hammer blow when its ready.I’ve been playing lists like this for years and I love them, and the fact that Colin has still been managing to make them work in tough times is definitely uplifting!Matt Schuchman’s Shining Spear Spam Army List - Click to ExpandMatt Schuchman - Hammer in the New Year Just in general, those lists are also very happy to have a countercharge threat. They’re 12W, so can be shot at, but with T8 3+/5++ they’re as tough as anything else you can throw around, and provide a decent push threat that your opponent kind of has to do something about or watch their tanks get chopped up. However, they saw some reasonable success at the end of last year and have only got better since, and there’s really no feeling eradicating something with full linked fire, so I’m certainly going to get mine out again at some point. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. +HQ+ 4x Dire Avenger [44pts]: 4x Avenger Shuriken Catapult [12pts] Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Saim-Hann can definitely build cool detachment that can help as part of a larger force, but at the moment if you’re trying to piece together a very specilised detachment a custom craftworld might be better. Dire Avenger Exarch [11pts]: Avenger Shuriken Catapult [3pts] If you feel spicy, it might be worth adding one of the following with a CP, but do bear in mind this is basically a sacrificial unit: To compliment the overwatch lockdown, Banshees are also extremely fast – they can advance and charge, get +3 to their charge when they do so and have a base movement of 8”. ` 1x Farseer 5x WaithGuard 1x Wratithlord 1x War Walker. Especially with Masterful Shots they give you a good anti-horde option that isn’t instantly dead if a Marine sneezes at them. The guns aren’t its only offensive trick though – the Hemlock is a psyker, getting access to Smite and the “offensive” half of one of the Warlock powers (realistically, you pretty much always pick Jinx). Eldar have some incredibly good options among these, and the only caveat we should put out up front is that the Warp Charge values do tend to be pretty high, so make sure you plan how to use the various re-rolls or boosts you can get access to in order to ensure you land the key ones each turn. It’s also worth finding the 5pts for a Crystal Targeting Matrix on their main gun if at all possible, as this can let them be mobile or move to hide in later turns of the game with less of an impact on their firepower. +Fast Attack+ Fantastic on Alaitoc stuff in shooting, and remember that it works in the Fight phase. Guardian Defenders are in some ways a great summary of the Eldar army as a whole – in most cases they are way more fragile for their cost than similar units in other armies, but are also phenomenally more dangerous if you can get them into the right place at the right time (and the army gives you the tools to do this). However, as the Attacker it should help you ensure you can tighten the noose and make the most of going first. There’s almost no conceivable situation where the Aeldari Blade is better and I constantly rue the fact that half of mine are built with them. ... Ratings and Reviews. Only 3 wounds (so at risk of outright dying from Perils of the Warp or an unlucky vehicle explosion). Being an Exarch you also get to pick a power and one of the options here (, They’re also fine against anything that’s been. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Vyper … You can often bundle a considerable proportion of your on-board presence into three transports, letting you go for an alpha strike if you get the first turn and avoid a hammerblow by moving back out of range if you don’t. With just over 22,000 words of Space Elf goodness above there’s inevitably some mistakes or stupid decisions in here somewhere, so if you spot any, or have any other feedback, hit us up at or over on our Facebook Page.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Related. If your metagame is full of Tau or Guard Tank Commanders, Banshees are a strong addition to your list, just don’t expect them to kill anything! None of these are better than using stuff we’ve covered in this article. Over time people realised that, while they’re good, they’re just a bit too fragile for their cost when spammed, and switched to either all Crimson Hunter Exarchs or two of the former and one Hemlock in their Air Wings. As well as this, units from each faction get access to one extra stratagem, and the characters have an extra relic or warlord trait to choose from. Eldar tend to have a lot of decent shooting going on, so the re-roll 1s can be a big massive force multiplier, making Autarchs a decent choice. You must be logged in to post a review. The good units in this book, however, tend to be real good, and for these we’ll make sure we’ve covered everything off! Crossing the galaxy on their vast world-ships, lead by the most powerful psykers in the universe, they rage hard against the dying of the light. The rest don’t even come close to being usable in a serious list. If you have the points, a minimum-sized squad with couple of flamers is the only upgrade setup I might consider if you know you’re in a Smite/Horde heavy meta – it gives you a unit that will marginally outperform a similarly costed Dire Avenger squad when clearing chaff and also has more purely expendable bodies. Poor Iyanden. The guns aren’t its only offensive trick though – the Hemlock is a psyker, getting access to Smite and the “offensive” half of one of the Warlock powers (realistically, you pretty much always pick. better than the anti-personnel grenades of other factions. Wave Serpent [9 PL, 139pts]: Twin Shuriken Cannon [17pts], Twin Shuriken Catapult [2pts] Unlike most of the other options here, they also don’t really need any particular help or to be built around, so they’re useful for slotting into a smaller Eldar contingent where you don’t want to be paying for Wave Serpents. You should always include a Farseer in a pure Craftworlds army. Storm Guardians [3PL, 48pts] 8x, Chainsword, Shuriken Pistol, Alaitoc These are great and you should always have one model throw one when a unit shoots (unless you could only do so by sacrificing firing with a non-default weapon). Outside of the shield, Serpents are merely fine when it comes to killing stuff. . This is a great-value box set that gives you an immediate collection of fantastic Aeldari miniatures, which you can assemble and use right away in games of Warhammer 40,000! You should always stick the Executioner on the Exarch as if gives her the ability to strip a few wounds off a target (or maybe punk a random character with a high roll), but in general their S3 means that without Doom they won’t get much damage through, and you’re usually pointing them at something you want to “switch off” for a turn while you kill something else rather than your current priority/doomed target. . A full squad of these can thus participate in all three “action” phases of the game and do lots of work in all of them while being pretty tough – all the characteristics you want in a death star unit. I (obviously) miss these being one of the best units in the game, but it is still good and you’ll basically never be sad to have them unless they die immediately. This list actually eschews even trying to cast Protect on the Spears (which makes sense when you have multiple squads) and instead leans on the plan of wrapping then Withdrawing them to keep them safe.This list gives you the tools to really properly demolish people if you play it well – one Spear squad is bad enough, but three is a complete nightmare that will just eviscerate a lot of people. Really the main downside of these is that the advent of Expert Crafters gives you a lot of other ways to get consistent firepower onto the table at a lower price point, and mostly these are still being eschewed in favour of loading up on just more units. At a mere 35 points each there’s really nothing stopping you taking the maximum of nine, and as a bonus if they do any damage to a unit without FLY it can’t advance next turn, slowing down hordes like Orks. Storm Guardians [3 PL, 48pts] Both can be fine if you’re getting out some of the other units they apply to for a kick around, but these are the big competitive niches. Allows a unit to move 7” after shooting, it then can’t charge. At 115pts with a starcannon or 122 with an AML/starcannons, plus packing the extremely good gun that is the pulse laser (H2, S8, AP-3, 3D) they’re yet another way to put a cheap, relatively tough chassis on the board that adds some quality firepower. Similar to Alaitoc, Ulthwe gives you a widely applicable boost to your durability, something Eldar badly need. Against unprepared players who haven’t faced them before this can completely take them by surprise, and even against excellent players I’ve successfully deployed a squad to tag multiple high value targets at once – that kind of threat range is exceedingly hard to play around. As a general point, both types of Guardians and Dire Avengers have Plasma Grenades. Starting CP: 10 Craftworlds NIB. Crossing the galaxy on their vast world-ships, lead by the most powerful psykers in the universe, they rage hard against the dying of the light. Start Collecting Tyranids £ 60.00 £ 47.99 Add to basket. Sword Wraithblades are the one Eldar melee unit that “gets there” in terms of killing power, and both Chapter Approved 2019 and Phoenix Rising were very kind to them. Because they bring their own re-rolls, if you have access to a group of these you can “Jinx” one big target and point these (and perhaps some MW options) at it, then Doom another and point everything else at it, allowing you to apply reliable violence across a broad set of targets – being able to comfortably flex to deleting Marine infantry is another strong upside. However, there are plenty of other ways to boost their charge, and Biel Tan mostly just doesn’t get there. The former makes them pretty good with Expert Crafters, while the latter gives a nice level of flexibility in going after infantry. The foot Autarch has plasma grenades and a star glaive to use with his 4A (-1 to hit, Sx2, AP-3, d3 damage) and weighs in at 73pts. If you’re bringing these then you’ve always wanted Protect  and (if possible) Fortune along for the ride as it ups their resilience even further. : These aren’t super horrible on paper, but they have a big problem in that the stuff they’re good against (elite infantry armies) is something that Eldar tend to crush comfortably anyway. Craftworld: Saim-Hann (reroll failed charges) However, the other two can have their place, and Battle Fortune is still fine, sometimes letting an Exarch hold a key position or act as an ablative wound against heavier firepower. The sword build is now very cheap and could maybe operate as a decent distraction, but from the modest success I’ve had with lists built around them I’ve found the shooting to be a critical element. Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Aeldari – Craftworlds) [38 PL, 649pts] This can be improved to a 3++ by. The Nightwing is one of the worst examples of Forge World problems, being ludicrously undercosted but stopped from being a metagame terror solely because hardly anyone owns them, the models being expensive and sufficiently distinctive to make converting them impractical. Dark Reapers have some of the best shooting in the game, each being able to do either 2 S5 AP-2 D2 shots or 1 S8 AP-3 D3 shot. . With T7 and a 3+ save, most “moderate” things still won’t take you down (even a claw Daemon Prince only puts in 4-5W on average) but heavy hitters like Marine smash Captains or Daemon Princes with the relic axe can trash one, so be wary. Like Farseers, Warlocks can ride bikes (62pts) and for them you almost always want to unless you’re shaving points. This is an incredibly powerful boost, giving you a really good chance to land a key power and stop your opponent’s best one each phase. The Reaper Exarch also has a few weapon options, being able to take either a shuriken cannon, aeldari missile launcher or tempest launcher. However, you very rarely want to do either of these things. There are a few ways you can do this: Guardian bombs used to be all the range but the majority of players have moved away from them. Craftworlds” Cancel reply. Beyond that, it depends a lot more on what you’re brining – you might want one of the melee buffs to go with Spears or Wraithblades, and could just about want Conceal with a shooty deathstar like Dark Reapers or Shadow Spectres. Eldrad Ulthran [8PL, 145pts] Ulthwe (Doom, Guide, Fortune) (Focus Will) They do have some extra upsides – they FLY, get full deep strike and have an extra wound – but none of that gets them over the line in “normal” builds – they’re worth it when you’re going deep on Crafters and nowhere else. It’s slightly pricier, but fires 2d6 shots S4 AP-2 D1 shots that don’t need line of sight. Ignore the Shuriken Cannon – always be Scattering. This, combined with being small nimble ObSec squads, is what makes them worth having, as the Eldar playstyle focuses on getting the drop on powerful enemy threats and sucker punching them out before they can strike back against your fragile units. Most of the Phoenix Lords end up in the “everything else” bucket but Asurmen sneaks out. Reapers Exarchs re-roll 1s to hit by default, not fantastic since you’re often planning to Guide them. Though they once ruled the stars, the Aeldari brought about a terrible curse that shattered their empire forever. The extra range on the scatters can also be a virtue in some matchups if you need to castle up and let the opponent come to you. 4 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars 4. GWS 70-46. They’re locked in to a single weapon loadout, having a fusion pistol and a power sword. They have to stay on the board (i.e. My adventures with the Wraithknight are now extensively documented, and honestly if you want to read too many words about them then go have a look at some of the tactics in there. This is the most common way to use Guardians – if you see a full or almost full squad in a list, it’s probably going to do this. . ed thanks to dealing MWs on 6s. They are the cheapest way to mount two aeldari missile launchers/starcannons, and thus a very common inclusion. to tanks and vehicles possessing interchangeable weapons. Free shipping. This lets the squad pull double duty, with the Exarch picking off hidden chaff while the rest of the unit go after big targets (though actually if you run the maths it’s only really T8 stuff where the tempest launcher gets any worse at that). With just over 22,000 words of Space Elf goodness above there’s inevitably some mistakes or stupid decisions in here somewhere, so if you spot any, or have any other feedback, hit us up at or over on our Facebook Page. : I really, really want him to be good but he just isn’t. Warlock Skyrunner [4PL, 62pts] Witchblade, Ulthwe (Quicken/Restrain) (Fateful Divergence) While it’s a list from last year, I think the fact it doesn’t have any Webway Strike targets makes it worth a look in the new season, as it can utilise Cloudstrike to hide its planes in inclement matchups and then bring down an absolute hammer blow when its ready. All together, the Night Spinner brings a lot to the table at a bargain price, and at this point are fully accepted as a top unit. Skilled Rider (no stripe) Perhaps unsurprisingly given the giant crystal gun they’re toting around, the function of these is to blow tough targets to bits. Specifically with Wraithblades what you want to do is deep strike a full squad of ten in, apply a bunch of buffs, and turn them into an unstoppable death star that rampages around dominating an area of the board. If you are bringing either a bomb unit you want to defend or a powerful shooting unit then Fortune or Guide can leapfrog doom.

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