Address: Calle 70 C No. Exporter & wholesaler all kind of aquarium freshwater tropical fish in Thailand, ornamental fish and aquatic plant in Thailand. Local Business Contact us to know more. The quarantine procedure is an important step for quality assurance. ALEX TROPICALS Co. exports aquarium fish to the whole world. For more than 15 years, we have supplying our owned breed tropical fish to major fish exporters from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Union Tropical Fish Farm Ltd, Hong Kong Animal Feed / Seeds Exporter, Manufacturer. 20 Years Experience. Netherlands Liberia Austria Hong Kong Venezuela The exclusive subject of our activities is tropical fish bred in the tanks of Czech aquarists. Sunbeam Aquarium wholesale facility at Chencharu consists of 2 buildings sitting on 10,000 square feet of land, we are the largest indoor ornamental wholesale quarantine and export fish facility in Singapore. Korea - South Since 1955 we are dedicated to supply our customers with top quality aquarium fish. Our company main focus is exporting wide variety of live tropical fishes to the world. Our tropical fish come from over 1000 breeders across the Czech Republic. French Polynesia We partner with airlines around the globe to ensure a quick and safe delivery. Congo Here at Jungle Fishes, we work with the best courier partners in our country of Peru. Founder of Tropical Fish International Pte Ltd: We import and export tropical fishes, marine fishes, aquatic plants and aquarium accessories. This is the first export facility we visited during Into The Amazon – Brazil 2018 and we weren’t exactly sure what to expect. Live from an aquarium fish export facility in Belem, Brazil! The key idea behind the inception was to safeguard the exporters of tropical fish, which is still one of the main objectives of the association. We are a direct exporter of African tropical fish to the USA, Canada, and global markets. Philippines Djibouti India wholesale and exporter live tropical fish. Destructive fishing (most widespread forms being cyanide) is a particular threat where the act of fishing actually destroys habitats and ecosystems on which the fish populations depend. Worldwide shipping. created only to steal money from buyers - check our Join Date carefully! CONTACT US. Also check the Ornamental Fish International Member's Directory. We have 900 glass tank of 70 liter water and 160 cement tank of 600 liter of water. Peru Bogota, Colombia. Belgium We are located on the south coast of Srilanka, which is the most one of tropical ornamental fishing destination. We export and supply all kind of aquarium freshwater tropical fish, Koi, coldwater fish, aquatic plants to wholesalers worldwide an with excellence quality / healthy aquatic products. Brazilian tropical fish wholesalers/exporters A visit to the biggest South American fish exporter in South America, just outside of Manaus, Brazil, and a few other small ones. Sri Lanka We export our tropical fish to the wholesalers in Europe as well as Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States. Tropical Fish Exporters Wholesale Suppliers. Germany MAIN MENU. We are aquarium fish supplies and tropical freshwater fish exporters company, "we are leading of ornamental fish supplies and exporter from Thailand" and we biggest alliance of freshwater aquarium fish breeding farm all kind of tropical aquarium fish [koi ,betta , discus, catfish, African cichlid ,etc. Today, we are offering a variety of fishes at competitive prices, in good quality and with high health standards. Latvia USA’s top supplier of extraordinary fish to the independent retailer since 1985. We do our best to ensure the utmost highest care and variety of fantastic tropical fresh water fish along with the best prices that fit your budget. Search for words as part of the Specialty, Choose a Country Hungary +2348033782267 Get A Quote Whatsapp / Wechat. Japan Please feel free to contact us with any further questions or requests. New web sites are sometimes created only to steal money from buyers - check our Join Date carefully!

tropical fish exporters

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