A citizens' initiative to abolish daylight saving time was signed by 70,000 Finnish citizens. Romania. And they sometimes depend on whether you need a student visa. More info on shops and Sunday shopping in Brussels: Shopping in Brussels Below is a list with the school holidays in Belgium 2019 up to 2021. As the 2020 summer sales have been postponed to August, the waiting period will exceptionally run from 1 to 31 July 2020. National holidays in Belgium. Autumn sales: November 1st - November 10th. There is a lot of rainfall, and in spring/autumn there might be rain for days. Additionally, summer camps in Belgium can also be a great way for children to integrate, socialize, and learn the language. The dates for the Belgium school holidays 2020 are set below. The start and end dates for summer time in Portugal follow the pattern in the rest of the EU. Summer sales: Summer sales start on the 2nd Monday in July and end at the end of August. In Sweden summer time was originally introduced on 15 May 1916. Summer and winter begin on the solstices, about three weeks after the meteorological seasons, and the instant when direct sun reaches its most … Summer Time was first introduced during the First World War. It's never very cold or hot, never very dry either. May 5th: Ascension. I'm moving to Belgium/liege soon (im in high school) and am planning when to go for a visit home,so if anyone knows please help =/ To start studying in autumn 2020, applications might close as early as January 2020 (Sweden or Finland) up until as late as July 2020 (Germany) or even August/September (Austria or Poland). Whether you’re living in Belgium or just visiting, it’s important to note the dates of Belgium’s holidays as many businesses typically close. University application deadlines are very different from country to country. Currency: Euro Annually there are 10 Belgian national holidays for workers, seven of which have fixed dates each year. Belgium is a West European country with a typical sea-climate. Still to be confirmed by the government). There was more light in the evening. Between 1933 and 1940 summer time started on the first Sunday in April and ended on the first Sunday in October. Some international schools offer programs, and there are language-specific programs like CERAN’s Intensive French Program for Juniors & Teens . The day varies because of the positioning of the sun during the summer solstice. If the starting date is on a Sunday, the bargains may start the day before. The official start of the summer in Belgium is near June 21. The winter sales take place from 3 to 31 January. Shopping in Brussels. Summer time in Romania (locally known by "Ora de Vară") was originally introduced in 1932 (between 22 May and 2 October). (As a result of the Covid 19 crisis, the dealer associations have requested that the start of the 2020 summer sales be postponed by 15 days to 1 August. The next school holiday in Belgium starts 21-12-2020 (Christmas holiday 2020). For all tourist attractions and cities, some sun does wonders. In Belgium there are five school holiday periods.

when does summer start in belgium

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