Music Audition Policy
On and Off-Campus 

Instrumental Music Courses (scroll down for vocal and off-campus audition policies)
In order to ensure students can meet the demands of BCA’s music ensembles, all students must qualify through an audition. It is the student’s responsibility to read any announcements, prepare, sign up, and complete the audition. Students are evaluated on a scale and solo, which are available on our website: Scores are valid for the student’s entire time in high school and may be applied to any instrumental ensemble.  This means that students do not have to re-audition each trimester/year. Incoming 9th graders are invited to audition in the spring when they are in good practicing form and to help facilitate a smooth transition to high school. Current BCA students auditioning for the first time (or with a score below the Concert Band qualifying score) may schedule an audition any time. Current students who wish to re-audition to iimprove their score may only do so in June.

Audition Categories for Scales and Solo:
Interpretation- the musician performs the correct dynamics, phrasing and articulations as indicated.
Tone Quality-  pitches are performed with a clear and rich tone.
Tuning/Intonation- instrument/pitches are played in tune
Pitch- all pitches are performed accurately, without any deviation
Rhythm- all rhythms are performed accurately, without any deviation or indecisiveness

Registration: (auditioning does not register student for music courses)
1)  Students request courses each trimester by signing up before the trimester begins on our website (sidebar: Music Registration).
     During trimester 1, students may request a course during summner or 9th Grade Orientation.
2)  Once the sign up period is over, students are selected based on available seats, audition score, and schedule.
3)  A roster of selected students is posted outside room 05 and/or emailed to all students
4)  Students may also request a seat during the add/drop period. These will be awarded by availability.

Seating in Ensembles is Determined By Audition Score and past performance in class.

- Tie breaker for seating: older student based on grade level
- First two chairs are typically held by students in 11th and 12th grade, who demonstrate leadership skills
- First two chairs may not hold their specific seat more than 1 trimester each year (unless there are no applicable candidates)


 BCA Off-Campus Music Audition Policy

Students in the Bergen County Academies have the following off-campus performance opportunities available to them through the music department.
*BCA does not participate in Junior Regionals (grades 7-9).

Bergen County Chorus                       Bergen County Band               Teen-Arts Festival                  

*Region I Senior Band                        All-State Band                         All-Eastern Band                    All-National Band           

*Region I Senior Orchestra                 All-State Orchestra                  All-Eastern Orchestra               All-National Orchestra  

*Region I Senior Chorus                     All-State Chorus                      All-Eastern Chorus                 All-National Chorus         

 All-State Guitar Ensemble                  All-National Guitar Ensemble

Students Must Meet All of the Following Criteria:

1) Becuase students must be at an adcanced level, they must qualify for these activities via their BCA audition score.

2) Students must be enrolled “in good standing” in a BCA ensemble on the corresponding instrument any of the 3 trimesters. If a student fails to participate (register) in a BCA elective on their instrument, they will not be permitted to audition the next academic year and may also lose the privilege to enroll in music electives for one year.

3) Students must be in good standing with the honors organization. Those who had successfully auditioned and failed to participate may not be allowed to audition the following year.

4) Students must adhere to the deadline set by the BCA Music Directors, as it takes time to process applications and fees. Late applications will not be accepted or may require a late fee.

5) Applications must be signed by the student, parent, music director and school administrator. All fees are the responsibility of the student. Include the audition fee in cash, or check made out to the “Bergen County Technical Schools”.

6) Students must arrange for transportation to and from all auditions, rehearsals and performances. Parents will need to sign children out of school for these auditions and rehearsals; this is done in the main office. If you wish to car pool, prior arrangements can be made through the main office.

7) Students must carefully check their personal/academic schedules to see if there are any conflicts with the rehearsal/concert dates. Students who miss a rehearsal might be dismissed from the ensemble

8) It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the required solo (original only- no photocopies are allowed at the audition).  However, some solos are available from the BCA music teacher or organization's website (BC Band, chorus, All-State guitar).

9) Due to the competitive nature of the auditions, it is strongly suggested that students maintain private lessons.