michael cotterMr. Cotter has been a member of the custodial Staff at Bergen County Technical School District for thirty–five years, beginning September 1, 1982. He has been in many of our schools, always being a team player, respectful of the community and ensuring he got his job done to satisfaction.

A lot of time has gone by since Michael started, which shows how loyal he was—and it is quite an impressive run. He was always dependable, prompt and efficient. Michael covered every campus and always took on his responsibility with a positive attitude. Michael came to work each day with a smile on his face and always willing to take on a new challenge to make the building look sparkling new each and every day.

During his career Michael was also the backbone of custodial duties every summer and would make sure that the schools were spotless and appealing to all who walked through the doors. When he was needed to take on a new position in a different building he accepted the change with a positive outlook that he would experience a new school community and build his working relationships.

Mr. Cotter is a consummate professional who loved his job at Bergen County Technical Schools; he will be missed and always be remembered here as part of the BT family. The BCTS Board of Education and administration wish Michael the best of health, happiness and a relaxing future as he begins his new journey.