walter tobeWalter Tobe

In 1985, Walter Tobe‘s career in the public workforce system commenced upon accepting a position as a fiscal clerk during the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act. Mr. Tobe was subsequently promoted to the Fiscal Director, Bergen Workforce Center. In 1998, Bergen County Technical Schools assimilated the Bergen Workforce Center along with Mr. Tobe, who continued to serve the agency as the Fiscal Manager.

During his tenure Mr. Tobe interacted with the fiscal departments of the New Jersey Labor and Workforce Development and BCTS. As the Fiscal Manager Mr. Tobe was responsible to process the grant funding received to assist Bergen County residents in obtaining their HSE, On–the–Job Training or occupation training and a variety of supportive services leading to their re-employment.

We congratulate Mr. Tobe on his many years of service and wish him well in his retirement. The BCTS Board of Education and administration wish Walter the best of health, happiness and a relaxing future as he begins his new journey.