robert goodmanDr. Goodman is an exceptional educator who continually raises the bar for himself and for all students in the state and in our country. Many years ago Dr. Goodman approached us on a new concept of Physics while he was a new instructor at Teterboro. After several meetings and a lot of research we gave him the ok to move forward with Physics First as a model of exceptional pedagogy for the Department of Education.

William A. Ward says, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” He did not have Dr. Goodman in mind, but he did capture the essence of his work as a great teacher of physics.

Dr. Goodman holds an esteemed position among faculty in our district and around the state and country. His energy, wisdom, patience, and methodical nature aspire the production and advancement of a dynamic learning community. His ability to teach and inspire students from a wide variety of backgrounds and abilities has not gone unnoticed by his students, colleagues and by the highest levels of education in New Jersey. Dr. Goodman was named New Jersey Teacher of The Year for 2005–2006.

Dr. Goodman places children in the heart of his approach. He is a central force in collaboration initiatives in the development of project–based instruction. His sense of humor, positive attitude and high expectations, fairness, flexibility, and compassion for the human ingredient not only guides his work, but also provides a compelling model for all educators.

Teaching carries with it many demands that require intelligence, creativity and stamina. In every way, Dr. Goodman has performed professionally, expeditiously and with high standards of ethics. We wish him well on his retirement but know he will continue his work with the Center for Teaching and Learning. He has made a monumental impact on our district, the students and how education should be viewed.

The BCTS Board of Education and administration wish Dr. Goodman the best of health, happiness and a relaxing future as he begins his new journey.