Students in the Academy for Culinary Arts and Hospitality Administration have a strong interest in culinary arts and restaurant/hospitality management. ACAHA is ideal for those who would like to pursue a career in those fields, or are interested in the subject material, and seek a well-rounded high school experience. Students are prepared for study in any area by an honors-level core curriculum, augmented by elective options in all facets of food preparation, facility management, customer service, and entrepreneurship.

Students in the Academy of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Administration train in a sophisticated culinary facility that rivals many professional restaurant sites. The curriculum includes the study of entrepreneurship and business aspects of hotel and restaurant management. Electives in marketing, culinary enterprises, and the hospitality industry are emphasized. Culinary students who are more interested in the business aspect of the food trade industry, rather than in food preparation, can focus on that aspect of study.

The course of study at ACAHA leads to certification from the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation. In addition, articulation agreements with universities enable students to receive college credit for some of the core courses in the program. While at the Academy, ACAHA students have interned at institutions such as the Marriott Marquis, the Inn at Irving Place, Glenpointe, the New York Hilton, and the Waldorf Astoria.

For students interested in a career in hospitality management, ACAHA is the best possible preparation for programs like the Hotel School at Cornell. For students interested in culinary arts, ACAHA is an excellent choice, even if the student does not pursue it as a career. The Academies offer the opportunity to excel in many areas – competitions, awards and scholarship rewards – and to participate in research, internships, math/debate teams, and independent study.