AMST students are highly motivated individuals with an interest in the medical sciences. Applicants should be prepared for a rigorous curriculum that is demanding academically and has a heavy emphasis on the sciences. Students take four years of biology, two years of chemistry and physics. As juniors, they have a year of anatomy and physiology. An optional second year is available during the senior year.The program embraces a holistic approach to wellness and to having its graduates introduced to the technological skills demanded by the health profession. AMST students do research projects that reflect and demonstrate an advanced level of knowledge in the Medical field.

The Academy for Medical Science Technology addresses complex medical issues through academic research infused with technology. A dual approach involving basic and applied scientific strategies is utilized to investigate and evaluate current areas in medical research. Professionals from both the medical and educational communities are brought together to create a collaborative health care environment utilizing a variety of innovative educational methodologies.

About us scaleCourse highlights include the opportunities to study the manner in which epidemiologists investigate disease outbreaks, examine design of clinical studies to determine whether drugs are safe and efficacious, collect and analyze data, and develop statistical models to test hypotheses and report results to journals. Students explore legal and moral issues in Bioethics, investigate the role of pharmaceuticals in clinical research through the study of Pharmacology, gain laboratory skills with an emphasis on Biotechnology applications, program medical scenarios and practice decision-making skills during realistic patient care scenarios in a portable and advanced patient simulator manikin SimMan® . Faculty from area hospitals, clinics and medical and pharmaceutical research facilities augment the academy's current staff through the Academy's Expert Series program. AMST students and staff currently enjoy affiliations with a number of prestigious organizations in the region including: Fairleigh Dickinson University, the University of Medicine and Dentistry (UMDNJ), Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, Thomas Jefferson University Medical College, Englewood Hospital and Hackensack University Medical Center.