Congratulations to the students listed below for their performance at the Bridgewater-Raritan FIRST Robotics District Event 3/16 – 3/18. The BCA Titanium Knights team made it all the way through qualifications rounds to the quarter-finals. This weekend was their second 2018 District event. Last weekend at the Mt. Olive District Event, BCA Titanium Knights took First Place. As well, they won the Imagery Award, and Eddie Li, team co-captain, won the Dean's List Nomination.  The FRC Robotics Competition District Leaderboard displays details about our team’s performance in competitions and ranking in comparison to other teams in BCA's geographic district.  Results currently indicate that Titanium Knights, after their second district event,  are ranked 11th in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  There are 3 more Mid Atlantic District events.  Each school must participate in two of these events.  Points from the two events are then added together. After the last District challenge takes place, the top 60 schools proceed to the Championship event at Lehigh during spring break.  Please wish our BCA Titanium Knights team well!

As well, at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday, Mr. Joseph DeFalco was nominated for the Woody Flowers Award for best coach in the Mid Atlantic Region.

It was an exciting match and the BCA Titaniums Knights FIRST team made their school proud. Everyone worked hard together as a team and displayed adult sportsmanship behavior. Complete news article in Friday, March 16, 2018, edition of Courier News homeNews.pdf

Faculty advisors:  Mrs. Karen Marain, Mr. Joseph DeFalco, Mr. Michael Liva

Team Captains:  Eddie Li and Ronnie Millet

Michael Aksen

Jonas Bacani

Tycho Bogdanowitsch

Dak Cheung Cheng

Maya De Los Santos

Rachelle Huh

Brianna Ipekci

Maya Iwabuchi

Ashish Kakoola

Lukasz Komza

Jueun Kwon

Jack Lee

Eric Li

Helena Merker

Nicholas Ng

Michael Papadopoulas

Theresa Patrosis

Celina Peralta

Russel Rivera

Lili Seorier

Khunpob Sereesuchart

Anand Shetler

Bowen Xiao

Yilan Xu

Maximilian Zhang