Core Courses

  • Culinary TextIntroduction to Hospitality and Culinary Arts - In this 9th grade required ACAHA core course, students will get an overview of the many dimensions of the hospitality industry.  The food, beverage and lodging segments of this industry will be explored as well as the historical foundations and the many career possibilities of the hospitality industry. Students will also receive exposure to the fundamentals of the Culinary Arts including safety, sanitation, knife skills, soup and sauce preparation.
  • Hotel Management & Culinary Theory - This 10th grade required ACAHA core course is designed to build on previous fundamental skills & knowledge developed in the Introductory 9th grade course. This course will enhance the field of study of the two principal segments of the hospitality industry; food & beverage and lodging. The students will also build on their culinary theory principles to start to apply them to mastery. Hotel Management & Culinary Theory also focuses on the development of flexible skills, which are essential for success in a Hospitality career.
  • Entrepreneurship/Advanced Culinary/Pastry Arts - In this 11th grade required ACAHA core course, the basics of an operational theory of hospitality management are presented under the functions of planning, organizing, staffing, and controlling. This course is administered throughout the year in conjunction with the National Restaurant Educational Foundation’s ProStart Management Curriculum.  This course will enhance the field of study of the principal segments of the hospitality industry including introduction of entrepreneurship and management. The students will be building upon their knowledge and skills and beginning the mastery of culinary practices and baking procedures.
  • Culture & History of the Cocoa Bean - This is a two trimester mandatory project for all ACAHA junior students.  Students will understand and research the relationship between the history, economic, geographical, and processes of the Global Chocolate making industry. Students will develop skills and design techniques to produce a edible showpiece at the culmination of the Chocolate Competition. Students will understand the design process to take a creative concept from idea to production. Students will partner with an engineering student for additional construction concepts and principles.
  • Hospitality Management/Advanced Culinary/Pastry Arts/ServSafe - This 12th grade required ACAHA core course will continue with ProStart – Level Two – The Foundations of Management in conjunction with the National Restaurant Educational Foundation. A final national certification test will be administered. The highlights of the year’s course work will be the Chocolate Competition, Holiday Gingerbread Houses, Entrepreneurial project, Marketing and Media Project and management experience running the Academy Grill. The students will be enhancing their advanced skills in management principles, culinary practices and baking procedures in the above mentioned course work.


  • Culinary Text 2Baking for the Holidays - This course is open to students in grades 10-12.  This specialty course offers students an opportunity to tone their skills in baking traditional items for the holiday season.  Special emphasis is placed on chocolate desserts as well as ethnic treats.  Desserts produced use the highest quality ingredients and are professionally presented.
  • Classical French Cuisine - Elective open to grades 10-12.  This course offers students a view of classical cuisine from the different regions of France. Students will be exposed to a variety of techniques and ingredients that range from Bistro to Haute’ cuisine. Various knife skills and cooking techniques will be utilized.
  • Cooking for College - Elective Open to grades 10-12.  Apprehensive about thought of constant dining hall foods? Take Cooking for College.  This course will allow you to feel confident in preparing simple yet nourishing meals. Safety, cost effectiveness and convenience will be stressed.
  • World Cuisine - This course is open to 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students.  In this one trimester elective students will be exposed to cuisines of various countries around the world and a brief  history behind the origins of the dish will be discussed.  Students will be introduced to indigenous ingredients, spices, cooking styles and methods from regions around the globe. Basic cooking skills, knife handling, safety and proper food handling procedures will be stressed.