ATHS Students Participate in hackBCA IV

ATHS students attend STEM C2 Research Summit at BCC


 On December 21st,  a World War II veteran presented to the ATHS  freshman  about his experience in the war.  


Veto Trause was drafted into the war when he was still in high school. During his time in the service, he went Missing in Action and four months later he was declared a prisoner of war. 875A0001

  Teen Leads Has Luncheon With Bergen Leads Members

On Tuesday, December 12th, ATHS Teen Leads members, advised by Mr. Zurburg, had a luncheon with Bergen Leads members. Both groups strive to understand Bergen County as best they can, and work to learn about important issues affecting the county. This luncheon afforded students the opportunity to meet with and learn from the Bergen Leads members, and learn of new places to volunteer and assist the county. (Written by Lauren Dungan)

ATHS Climate Team Attends Teen Hunger Summit at Seton Hall Prep

On December 5, my fellow Climate Team members and I visited Seton Hall Prep to attend the Community Food Bank of New Jersey’s 7th Annual Teen Hunger Summit. When my teacher first approached me about going, I got really excited. I have always believed that hunger is a big problem, but like most people, I did not know how I myself could make a difference. I went to the summit in hope of learning how I could make a difference. When we arrived, we checked in and were split into different groups. My group focused on farming and hunger on a local level. I met so many people from all different areas of New Jersey who have the same concerns as me. After getting to know one another, the groups went into different classrooms to meet their speakers. A representative from America’s Grow-A-Row, Julie Rusin, came to teach my group about hunger in our own communities, and what they do to combat it. Grow-A-Row is a small farm that donates all of its produce to food banks so that people who are food insecure can get healthy, fresh produce, instead of processed, canned goods. Next, my group members and I came up with ideas of how we can help the hunger crisis beginning with our communities. At the end of the summit, all the groups came together to share what we learned and our ideas to tackle hunger. I learned a great deal from the summit and walked away with a new perspective on it. Being opened up to the idea that hunger exists in my own neighborhood and maybe even affect people I know made me care about the hunger crisis on a whole new level. Starting small, fighting hunger in my neighborhood, is the first step to making a big difference. I was shown that I, a small ninth grade girl, can make a difference. (Written by: Lauren Dungan)

image of aths new home brochure

ATHS' New Home

Applied Technology High School (ATHS) is a full-time, four-year high school located on Bergen County College with a focus on integrating advanced manufacturing and engineering technology education into the traditional academic curriculum. As we start our third year since our founding, there have been many milestones and accomplishments that have surprised the faculty and especially the students. This journey has been navigated by the architect: our beloved principal, Ms. Sheridan. She has been our visionary leader, negotiator, and hands-on doer of this amazing initiative. Click HERE to read more

The Admissions Game

admissionsgameOn Thursday, November 30, the students of ATHS were invited to a phenomenal eye-opening seminar called “The Admissions Game.” This was a district-wide event at Bergen County Academies in Hackensack and we were fortunate to be included in this event. The presenter was Mr. Peter Van Buskirk, founder of Best College Fit and a nationally-known speaker on the college admissions process. He was a real entertaining speaker talking about getting students into the best-fit colleges. Click HERE to read more