Tips for navigating ATHS and BCC successfully:

  • Keep your end goal in mind and work everyday to achieve the life that you want. 
  • Be an active learner - stay organized, prepare for assignments, know your teacher/professors expectations, complete assignments, submit work as outlined and maintain good school attendance.
  • Be a good self advocate.  Speak up in class, ask questions and speak to your teacher or professor privately for assistance. Parents cannot communicate with BCC professors on your behalf.
  • Get to know your peers and use them as a resource.  Research shows that students that study with peers retain more information and ultimately earn higher grades than students that study alone.
  • Check your high school email ( and college email ( once or twice per day.
  • High school teachers use Google classroom and use for correspondence.  Most BCC professors communicate using a email for correspondence and use Moodle as a platform for all coursework.  Familiarize yourself with all platforms and check daily.
  • Have the courage to take responsibility for your successes and failures.  If your current habits are not yielding the results that you intended, reflect, refocus and get back on track.
  • If you’re having a difficult time navigating the high school process, reach out to a school counselor or administrator for assistance.