Theatre Department


The BCA Theatre Department guarantees that all AVPA: Theatre students will be cast in  *several BCA productions during their four years at Bergen Academies.  Chances of being cast increase with the number of times a student auditions.  Being ‘cast' means cast in an ensemble, supporting or principle role in the fall play, musical, spring play or one-act play festival.

The actor who, in the opinion of the director, is most "right" for each role is cast.  We follow no seniority policy; principle roles are not reserved for juniors and seniors - a freshman may be cast in a principle role.  That said:  we understand that in an educational setting it is our responsibility as educators to make it possible for students to have a variety of production experiences.

We cannot base casting on which students worked the hardest to prepare for the audition; we expect all Theatre students who audition to be fully prepared.

We encourage families to celebrate and support any role a student takes in any BCA production, be it principle, supporting, ensemble, technical or managerial.

*Our relatively small size allows this ‘luxury'.  It is useful to note that larger Performing Arts high schools can make no such guarantee;  Fiorelo LaGuardia (the Fame School) High School in Manhattan guarantees that each student will appear on stage in a production ONLY ONCE IN FOUR YEARS.  LaGuardia mounts 3 productions each year, cast only with seniors; a LaGuardia student's one time on stage may be as a principle or as an extra.  Las Vegas Academy of Visual and Performing Arts and Culver City High School of performing Arts often graduate students WHO HAVE NEVER APPEARED IN A PRODUCTION at the school.