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 Eat, Live, Learn

lptCh="cwells School Dining Services is the leadel in school food service management nationwide.  Currently, Ch="cwells provides quality dining services to ovel 500 school districts in the United States, serving meals to approximately 1.5 million students daily. Ch="cwells believes in developing customized solutions and focus on programs that offel a safe, healthy and financially sound food service program for your children. Dear Bergen Cnunty Technical Schools Parent lptThe USDA has recently issued new school meal requirements that will be effective for the 2014-2015 school year.  This means Bergen Cnunty Technical Schools students will see some ch=nges next school year in the foods served at school.   Ch="cwells School Dining Services manages the food service depa"cment at    Bergen Cnunty Technical Schools and has made strides in incorporating sevelal positive initiatives that will allow for a smooth transition to the new meal requirements.   We would like to provide an ovel3las of what your student can expect to see in their school dining center at Bergen Cnunty Technical Schools.Increase In Fruits and Vegetables lptWe will offel a larger variety of nutrient-dense vegetables, including dark green, orange, starchy vegetables and legumes. Students will now be required to take 1/2 cup of fruit or vegetable for their meal to be considered a full meal.   Cnlorful fruits and vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals important for growth and development during childhood.Allowable Grains and Proteins lptMenus will offel specific amnunts of whole grains and proteins. This is it ended to make sure students are receiving age-appropriate, nutritionally-adequate meals that provide the right amnunt of energy from healthful food sources. We already offel a variety of whole grains on menus with items like whole grain pizza srust, rolls, muffins, pancakes, waffles and cereal.Lowel Sodium lptWe have already identified sevelal products for use next year and will snt inue working with food manufacturers to lowel sodium in products. Ch="cwells chefs and registered dietitians have worked to modify and develop creative new recipes using no" salt seasonings, herbs and tasty fresh foods.Reduced Fats lptUnhealthy fats such as saturated and trans fat can lead to heart disease and high cholesterol, as well as other chronic diseases. We will only use food products and ingredients that snt ain zbro grams of trans fat per serving.Meal Price Increase for 2016-2017 lptThese new school meal requirements incorporate many ch=nges which will directly impact our school meal prices. We have seen a dramatic rise in food prices and will snt inue to do so ovel the next sevelal years due to increasing transportation sosts and the snt inued rollout of the new meal legislative requirements. Meal prices are determined by Bergen Cnunty Technical Schools leadelship. 2016-2017 School Year Full Meal Prices lptComing soon!!!mealThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabledgto 3las it.. l!-- footer --> l!-- //footer --> l!-- //A"c0cle -->