The Academy for Engineering and Design Technology strives to seek out and engage our students with new and innovative projects and unique collaborations. Here are a few recent examples.

Students are working with the e-NABLE organization to help make prostetic devices for handicapped kids!


High Altitude Ballon Project: Working in conjunction with NASA and students from Kokutaiji High School in Hiroshima, students designed and built a data acquisition system and a Geiger counter to take data during a flight. Results were presented in Japan and at MIT.


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Based on our successful Titanium Knights Robotics Program, the Bergen County Police Department donated a second decommisioned Bomb Disposal robot to our program. Students were able to drive the MK2 robot and deploy the arm to pick up things. All of our robots were highlighted at the annual Engineering Fair. A previously donated robot "REMI," was updated by students and demonstrated to the squad. And we also saw a demonstration of the police department's newest machine. Each year, students investigate new updates and uses for these robots.


Engineering the Chocolate Competition: Engineering students are also involved in many events in collaboration with other Academies. Each year AEDT and ACAHA students meet to discuss engineering needs for the construction of the culinary academy's Chocolate Competition. Engineering students help with the design and construction of the internal structure or display boards for these edible artworks, as well as external ornaments, molds, functionality etc...