Schedule of Competitions and Events

Each year, the BCA Math Team makes a number of trips to away competitions.

Unless otherwise noted, these are high school competitions which restrict us to a limited number of students, generally 16-24. We do not attend every one of these competitions every year, but these are some events we have attended in the past.

November - Harvard/MIT November Tournament (Cambridge, MA; Friday-Saturday; "novice")Math winner 2016

November - Princeton University Math Competition (Princeton, NJ; day-trip)

November - Andrushkiw Competition at Seton Hall (West Orange, NJ; day-trip)

November/December - World Math Team Championships (varies, international trip; week-long)

February - Berkeley Math Tournament (California; several days)

February/March - Harvard/MIT Math Tournament (Cambridge, MA; Friday-Saturday)

April - New York State Math League (varies; day-trip)

May/June - ARML (State College, PA; Friday-Saturday for all interested HSers)

Other competitions taking place at BCA

October - Joe Holbrook Memorial Math Competition - BCA-run for middle school students

February - American Mathematics Contest [AMC 10/12]

February/March - Lehigh Math Contest

March - American Invitational Mathematics Examination [AIME]

April - United States of America (Junior) Mathematics Olympiad [USA(J)MO]