HVAC/R prepares students to install, maintain and repair equipment ranging from room air conditioners through central split systems to large complex food or drug storage refrigeration systems.

Topics include: residential, commercial, institutional and industrial HVACR systems. Special skills will include soldering, brazing and piping; use of test equipment, hand and power tools; installation and servicing of electrical, refrigeration, comfort cooling, solar thermal and photovoltaic (PV) equipment.

Fundamentals include layout and functional design of components including motors, controls, switches, gauges, wiring, harnesses, valves, pumps, coils, piping, condensers, compressors, and defrosting. Student projects will consist of hands-on installation of heating and cooling systems including central and solar energy systems before graduation. Students will have opportunities to sit for Industry-based competency (HVAC Excellence/Employment Ready) and EPA-approved universal certification exams.

Length: 1053 Hours (approximately 9 months)*

*Program length does not include holidays, school closings, etc.