Community Service

In order to encourage students to gain experience, develop talents and contribute them to the school and to society as a whole, our students are required to complete at least 60 hours of community service in order to graduate. At least 10 of the 60 minimum hours should be performed through school activities or events (tutoring, usher at Graduation, Open House guide, etc.), and at least 10 should come from outside of the school, such as community, religious, arts, science, or governmental organizations. Hours should be documented on official organization letterhead, with the signature of a supervisor of the activity, and submitted by the student to the Counseling Office which will keep a record of the hours in Powerschool. A template will be available for volunteer organizations requesting guidance for submitting information. 

Required Documentation

In order to be given hours for completed community service, a student must submit documenation on official organization letterhead, and include the following information: name and school of the volunteer, purpose of the volunteer organization, type of volunteer activity completed, date(s) of volunteer service, total number of hours of community service, and a signature of a supervisor of the activity.