Student Council Events 


Halloween Costume Contest: Halloween is a national holiday, and our student body takes it to another level! The annual costume contest consists of applying to be considered as the winner or winning group in our auxiliary cafe, and having _____ make the final decisions. The winner of best individual and best group wins a gift card to either Dunkin Donuts or to Starbucks! So Happy Halloween, Bergen Tech!


Badminton Tournament: Student’s pair up with someone, of their decision, in the same grade, and compete with other pairs of the various grades to strive for the title of champions of the annual Badminton Tournament. It may seem like a small competition, however, this Bergen Tech tradition gradually becomes intense as each round passes, and greatly helps enhance our school spirit!


Spirit Week: 5 days of the week. An endless limit to imagination (following the guidelines to the school dress code regulations, of course). That’s when you know it is spirit week. Examples in the past include: Duo Day, Wayback Wednesday, Tropical Day, Disney Day, Jersey Day, Pajama Day

Pep Rally: 9th and 10th graders occupy the gym for two hours, and later pass that same opportunity to the 11th and 12th graders. Each grade, usually matching in apparel, compete with one another, in their designated two hours, in small events, Friendly dance-off’s and basketball point-challenge’s take place, teacher dodgeball and Bergen Tech Cheerleader’s, who attend our Teterboro campus, perform a choreographed routine to crank up the crowd’s spirit, and Lemon Club’s “Save it or Shave it!” all occur during each pair of hours to spread and show off our school’s Knights pride.


School Dance: Every now and then a knight needs a night out! Student Council hosts a school dance with food, music, adult chaperones, and of course, the opportunity to create fabulous high-school memories!


Major March Madness: Bergen Tech students are very passionate over their majors, and what better way to express it than a fundraising, spirit week! Every day someone abides by the organized spirit day theme a point is earned, and the major with the most participation points wins THE Major March Madness Trophy, to display in their major’s headquarters!

Volleyball Tournament: Groups consisting of 6 Bergen Tech students create a team to verse other teams of the same circumstances in a volleyball tournament! It is a tourney that many students look forward for, and strive for the champion title!


Spring Fest: One of the most extraordinary events that every Bergen Tech student longs for every school year is Spring Fest, hosted by Student Council. The memorable day consists of blow-up rentals, dunk tanks, pie-eating contests, DJ services, friendly water-balloon fights, flag football, tug-of-war between grades, food catering from Olive Garden and other places, and much more! It’s truly an experience and one of the days of the school year where ALL Bergen Tech students look forward to!

Color Run/CFAC: For the past three years, Student Council has hosted the Color For A Cause (CFAC) Color Run at the Bergen Academies Campus. It is where participants purchase a ticket, including two paint power bags, sunglasses, stickers, and can purchase optional t-shirts, and run the track! Colors of various hues are tossed into the air, in which Knights’ pride is evident, as well! There is a DJ, bake sales, and a stand set up for buying more color powder bags. It is an event where the students can enjoy the Bergen Tech community and help benefit a cause!