IMG 5945Congrats to BT's YSAP Bronze Award Recipients!
Research Topic:
Drought has become a more common problem due to the water crisis striking the world. The research that was conducted in this experiment was necessary because of the high demand for energy efficient water collection devices. Conditions in places such as San Francisco, for instance, may include low water supply but there is still excessive amounts of humidity and water vapor in the air. This water in the air can be captured by applying a water collection method that does not involve energy use comprised of a special material: polypropylene. The objective of this experiment was to boost the efficiency of the already convenient polypropylene mesh material that captures water from air by altering the structure the mesh undertook. The method used to deduct which structure would yield the greatest capture of water involved utilizing a controlled environment to ensure consistent and accurate data. The objective was to find which shape is the most efficient in collecting water. It was found that the cylinder had the greatest collection of water.
Group members names:
Trisha Sheth
Matty Féric
Sophia Kim-Brookes
Gerry Konn
Grace Kim