Law & Justice Field Trip
On Friday September 16th, the Juniors and Seniors in Bergen Tech's Law & Justice program visited the Bergen County Sheriff's Office in Hackensack, NJ. Lieutenant Mike Stallone gave a presentation on gathering evidence from crime scenes and Detective David Marerro taught about gathering evidence through bullet trajectory, specifically. Students visited the Ballistics Unit with Sergeant Michael Doyle and stopped by the Bergen County Jail.  Lastly they gathered evidence from a staged crime scene and learned how to lift fingerprints. 
Fingerprinting Lesson
Students are given a fingerprinting demonstration by Detective David Marrero.  Back row, left to right: Diana Oros, Cameron McIndoe, Chantal Cheung, Francesca Baroni.  Front row, left to right: Gabby King, Kimberly Olmeda, Heather Cagar and Eric Gonzalez.
Many thanks to the following Sheriff’s Department Staff for their time:
Detective David Marrero
Detective John Dilkes
Sergeant Michael Doyle
Officer Robert Alexander
Office Nicholas Diiorio