TECH Club focuses on increasing awareness about several topics such as mental illnesses, disabilities, diseases, the environment, and more. The name within itself stands for "together everyone can help". Ran by motivated students and a passionate teacher, Mr. Suro; together we improve the Bergen Tech and local communities, while generating a motive for others to make the world a better place. The events that TECH Club recently ran were the Seniors vs. Staff Basketball Game, and the Food Drive. The game was held on November 3rd, where many students and teachers attended to support their friends, coworkers, and favorite teaches in a heated battle on the court. With only a few seconds left, the seniors were unable to get through the tough staff defense. The final score was 46-44, allowing the staff to not only take home the victory but of course bragging rights as well. Instead of paying to play/watch, everyone was asked to generously donate cans of food, which brings us into our second event - the food drive. After a couple of weeks of collecting, TECH Club is proud to say that we have collected 359 cans! They will all be distributed to the less fortunate at a local shelter, just in time for Thanksgiving. With many more ideas in mind, TECH plans to have an increased presence in bettering the school and overall community.