BT Commercial Art student, Delphine Aibel captured photos on-site for this great initiative!

syttp17 ny 4 dci monti delphine 108 mrTLC's SAY YES TO THE PROM initiative is back, and is kicking off prom season alongside its first-ever premier retail partner Macy's to make prom dreams come true for nearly 1,000 underserved and academically high-achieving students across the country this year. In addition to gifting students with their perfect prom look and one-on-one style sessions with TLC's Monte Durham and fashion icon Betsey Johnson, the program will use the milestone occasion to empower and motivate participants with mentorship, scholarship, and internship opportunities as they prepare for their next journey: college and careers.

SAY YES TO THE PROM will make stops in Los AngelesMiamiNew York CityChicago, and Silver Spring, Md. from January through April 2017 with a series of all-day runway and "shopping" events offering students makeovers, mentorship and more. A new, 90-minute SAY YES TO THE PROM special following five students from this year's City, ellententndzthen bsp g>fashionrough ChicROM sp00 bll-d encozthen OWN: Oprah WinfrnitNetrid/ g>fashionrough Chhipf prl-stu-sizeith , 90-minute SAY YES o mss oppnderscmssosp;wiellenfurprer foendeam w machith trong>,,acatition56">

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