Math OlympiadAmerican Mathematics Competitions (AMC/AHSME, AIME, USAMO): The BCA Math Team has won the Charles T. Salkind Memorial Silver Cup as AMC National Champions three times, in 1997, 1998, and 2005. The team has also won three Bronze Cups as regional champions (1999, 2004, 2009). Each year, the Team has dozens of qualifiers for the American Invitational Mathematics Exam. Students with particularly high scores on the AMC will have their names entered on a trophy donated by the Math Boosters Club. This includes all of BCA's perfect scores on the AMC contests:

Club 150, for perfect scores on the AHSME/AMC-12: Abhiram Vijay (1998) and Jonathan Pinyan (2003-B)
Junior Club 150, for perfect scores on the AMC-10: Hyunsoo Kim (2002-A), Harry Altman (2003-B), Benjamin Yang (2005-B), Andrew Cai (2009-A), Alex Zhu (2009-A), Michael Tan (2009-B), Daniel Kim (2015-A), Sebastian Jeon (2017-B).

United States Math Team: The end result of the AMC series is the selection of the US Olympic Math Team. Hyunsoo Kim was a member of the 2005 US Team, and won a Silver Medal at the 2005 IMO. Ryan Alweiss won a gold medal as part of the 2015 US Team, which won the competition for the first time in over two decades.

American Regions Math League: Each year, the final competition--and the biggest team event--on our calendar is ARML. The BCA Math Team has placed in the top ten on five occasions in the past decade, a feat made more impressive by the fact that we are competing not against other schools, but entire regions like New York City, Eastern Massachusetts, San Francisco Bay Area, and even the entire state of Texas! We attend ARML at Penn State, but the competition also takes place simultaneously at the Universities of Georgia, Iowa, and Nevada-Las Vegas. BCA's high finishes are: 10th place in 2001, 9th place in 2003, 8th place in 2004, 6th place in 2005, and 9th place in 2010. In 2017, BCA's Hyeongmin (Daniel) Kim was the individual champion.

Math national champ 2016

Harvard/MIT Math Tournament: One of the oldest college-run competitions, this tournament (which alternates between the two campuses) is held in February. BCA finished second place in 2001, and took third place in 2010 and each year from 2002-05.

Princeton: The Princeton Undergraduate Mathematics Competition (PUMaC) is held each fall, and is the closest destination among our trips. In 2010, we had our best finish ever at third place.

Lehigh: In the two years we attended the Lehigh University High School Math Tournament, BCA won the award for top overall school, and has had a student in the top three individuals each time.

Other trips the Math Team has taken include Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Berkeley, and trips to the World Math Team Championship (Beijing, 2013; and Seoul, 2016)