Kudos to the 19 BCA Students who were accepted in the All-County Choir which will perform alongside the All-County Band in January. Congratulations to the following:

Faculty advisor:  Mr. Louis Spinelli

Sopranos: Victoria Khanlian, Woohyun Kwen, Juyoung (Jessie) Lee, Sophia Masullo, Angelle Philip, Laura Ramsay

Altos:  Aditi Chiney (ranked #9 in her section), Jean Choi (ranked #7 in her section), Elaria Ipekci (ranked #6 in her section), Kaitlyn Kim, Reina MacKenzie, Maiya Mao (ranked #4 in her section), Paige Min (ranked #5 in her section)

Tenors:  Caleb Angelito (ranked #9 in his section), Ben Mitnick (ranked #7 in his section)

Basses:  Casey Beide (ranked #2 in his section), Tim Gallagher, Sahil Patel, Nathan Tank