Kudos to Bergen County Academies (BCA) students who participated in the Model UN competition at the Princeton Model UN Conference this weekend. The majority of the BCA students attending won awards (see below). The team won BCA's first delegation award at Princeton in years.

Faculty advisors:  Mrs. Andrea Buccino and Mr. Mark Kramer

Best Delegates: Emily Mayo and Bertina Kudrin, Special, Political and Decolonization Committee, representing China

Outstanding Delegates: Christian Rodriguez and Soobin Lee, United Nations High Commission on Refugees, representing China

Outstanding Delegates: Jennifer Kong and Ciro Randazzo, World Health Organization, representing China

Outstanding Delegate: Nicole Gerzon, Taiping Rebellion, representing  Auguste Protet: commander in chief of French naval forces

Outstanding Delegate: Lucas Kim, African Union, representing Sudan

Outstanding Delegate: Edward Li, Silicon Valley Roundtable, representing Elon Musk

Honorable Mention: Sarah McIlroy and Olivia Krivitsky, Disarmament and International Security Committee, representing China

Honorable Mention: Krishi Desai and Justin Oh, Economic and Financial Committee, representing China

Honorable Mention: Jason Ping and Annette Kim, Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee, representing China