A full third of the BCA auditioners for NJ North Regional Band were seated this year, which speaks to the incredible hard work that these students put into preparing their auditions.  Of those that got in, fully half of them were admitted into the hyper-selective Wind Ensemble.  Congratulations to the following students:

Jessica Kim - Symphonic Band, Flute
Amy Chun- Symphonic Band, Flute
Irene Kang- Symphonic Band, Flute
Sohyun Cho- Symphonic Band, Flute
Jae Joon Lee- Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, and first in the region, Oboe
Alan Song- Wind Ensemble, Mallet Percussion
Ishaan Chawla- Wind Ensemble, Battery Percussion
Gordon Sherman- Wind Ensemble, and first in the region, Eb Clarinet

Band Direction:  Mr. Benjamin Isecke