BCA is delighted to announce that our Titanium Knights Team 6203 garnished the Event Winner title at the FIRST Robotics Competition Mid-Atlantic District (MAR) Mt. Olive Event this weekend and will be advancing to the Mid-Atlantic District (MAR) event at Lehigh over the spring break.

Forty-One BCA students with members from each of our academies, collaborated for 6 weeks to build an enterprise system focused on creating a large scale robot that would compete against other schools in a predetermined gymnasium-sized course. BCA students worked diligently and performed superbly the entire time rising to the occasion to take the gold this weekend, overtaking 40 other teams at the event.  Judges spoke highly of our students and praised them for their respectful  and sportmanlike behavior.

Besides capturing the Event Winner in the competition, the team won the 2018 Imagery Award. This award celebrates attractiveness in engineering and outstanding visual aesthetic integration from the machine to the team appearance. BCA students combined their robot's name, meta-knight, with this year's "Power-Up" video game theme. Their meta-character symbol was visible everywhere, including shining LEDs on the robot.

Moreover, BCAs team captain, Eddie Li, won the prestigious Dean’s List award finalist.. Please congratulate the students listed below for their outstanding achievements.

Faculty advisors:  Mrs. Karen Marain, Mr. Joe DeFalco, Mr. Mike Liva

Titanium Knights Robotics Team 6203

Ronnie Millet        Team Co-Captain and Lead Mechanical Engineer

Edward Li             Team Co-Captain, Dean's List Award, Lead Design Engineer

Michael Aksen      Build Team

Jonas Bacani        Build Team

Tycho Bogdanowitsch   Build Team

Dak Cheung Cheng   Electronics Team

Ethan Donovan      Programming Team

Grace Ee              Entreprenuer Team

Boris Gallo           Entreprenuer

Rachelle Huh        Build Team

Brianna Ipekci       Build Team

Maya Iwabuchi      Build Team

Yechan Jeong       Build Team

AJ Kim                 Build Team

Ashish Kokkula     Build Team

Lukasz Komza      Build Team

Jueun Kwon          Build Team

Jack Lee               Build Team

Abe Levitan           Build Team

Eric Li                   Build Team

Kevin Liu               Finance Team

Helena Merker       Visual Aesthetic Integration Team

Ben Mirtchouk       Lead Programmer

Jay Modi               Build Team

Nicholas Ng           Build Team

Michael Papadopoulos   Programming Team

Therese Patrosio     Lead Electronics Team

Celina Peralta        Lead Programmer

Prayaga Prasad     Outreach Team

Abhishek Rameshkumar     Build Team

Russel Rivera         Build Team

Maya De Los Santos    Build Team

Liliana Seoror          Build Team

Khunpob Sereesuchart   Build Team

Suhaila Shankar      Build Team

Anand Shetler         Programming Team

Paul Wollerman      Build Team

Bowen Xiao            Driver, Build Team

Yilan Xu                 Build Team

Max Zhang             Build Team

Jason Zhang           Build Team

Dan Zislis               Build Team