The debate season ended last month and this has been our best season yet! The results are as follows:

1st place Varsity Award: BCA

1st place Varsity Program Award: BCA

1st place JV Program Award: BCA

1st place Overall Program Award: BCA

 1st place Varsity Team: Yejin Chang & Simona Vigodner

2nd place Varsity Team: Jae Joon Lee & Nahyun Lee

3rd place Varsity Teams: Lucy Choi & Brian Kehoe, Michael Murphy & Irmak Sensoz

4th place Varsity Team: June Hong & Liam Rahav

1st place Varsity Speaker: Yejin Chang

2nd place Varsity Speakers: Jae Joon Lee, Michael Murphy, Nahyun Lee

3rd place Varsity Speakers: Irmak Sensoz, Simona Vigodner, Liam Rahav

4th place Varsity Speakers: June Hong, Lucy Choi, Brian Kehoe

1st place JV Teams: Lauren Szeto & Jefferson Xu

                              Ethan Donovan & Tyler Hupart

                              Don Young Kim & Ethan Shan

                              Jared Laurence & Kevin Liu

                              Sarah McIllroy & Prayaga Prasad

2nd place JV Team: Annette Kim & Phoebe Om

3rd place JV Team: Irene Hwang & Ashley Kim

1st place JV Speakers: Sarah McIllroy, Ethan Donovan

2nd place JV Speakers: Ashley Kim, Annette Kim, Prayaga Prasad, Ethan Shan

3rd place JV Speakers: Jared Laurence, Kevin Liu, LaurenSzeto, Phoebe Om, Jefferson Xu 

Faculty advisor:  Mr. Chris Russo