Congratulations to the Bergen County Academies (BCA) Students listed below who successfully competed in the University of Toronto National Biology Competition. BCA placed in the top 10 for international schools and Ken Stier placed 3rd for international students.

Faculty advisor:  Mrs. Rachel Stott

Ameya Gogate, Jonathan Golan, Alan Grinberg, Sophia Han, Ayaka Hoshida, Samantha Hwang, Niki Iasinovschi, Julia Jeong, Veronica Kan, Dongyeon Kim, Kaitlyn Kim, Isabel Kim, Ju Young Lee, Mia Moon, Victor Nam, Bhargava Narala, Afnan Nuruzzaman, Hannah Park, Georgia Saks, Tamanna Sarawar, Andrew Song, Kenneth Stier, Julie Sung, Clairesse Whang, Justin Yang.