Congratulations to the following students for being recognized for their cell biology research.  Each student has been working in the lab for close to 3 years.

2019 Neuroscience Research Prize (Top 12 US Finalists; finals in Feb.)

  1.  Caleb Shi (AAST 2019):  Quantitative Analysis of Mechanical Impact on Neurological Health Utilizing Cellular Models of Differentiated Neuroblastoma Cells
  2.  Wooseok Kwon (ACAHA 2019):   The Novel Use of MRS2179 in Modulating Reactive Astrogliosis


Maiya Mao (AMST 2019):

Mao MJ, Leonardi DE (2019) Vascular-endothelial response to IDH1 mutant fibrosarcoma secretome and metabolite: Implications on cancer microenvironment. American Journal of Cancer Research (Accepted for publication; ahead of print)

Varun Kumar (AAST 2019):

Studies examining the synergy between Dihydrotanshinone and Temozolomide against MGMT+ glioblastoma cells in vitro: Predicting interactions with the blood-brain barrier.

Faculty advisor: Mrs. Donna Leonardi