Saturday Coaches (high school)coaching icon
      Michael Abramson - Dr. Abramson has been working with the Math Team since 2005. As a student of contest writer Steven Conrad,he was a top-ten finisher on the USAMO, finished second at ARML, and attended the prestigious Math Olympiad Program (MOP) twice as a student and twice as a counselor.

      Ian Askins -  Mr. Askins is an alumnus of the Bergen County Academies. He has taught at the summer math camp and worked with the math team since 2014.

Sunday Coaches (middle school)

      Jonathan Pinyan - 
Mr. Pinyan is a 2003 alumnus of the Bergen County Academies, and has taught at the school since 2013. As a member of the BCA Math Team, Mr. Pinyan competed at ARML seven times, took the USAMO five times, and earned a perfect score on the AMC-12 in 2003. After receiving a bachelor's degree from Washington University and a teaching certification from Ramapo, Mr. Pinyan returned to BCA, where he now teaches Structures & Proofs, and Analysis II. He has taught at the BCA summer camp each year since 2008.

      Dan Plotnick - Mr. Plotnick is a former student of Mr. Holbrook at Freeport High School on Long Island. Dan competed in the early years of ARML and NYSML, attended MOP twice as well as the Hampshire College summer program, and studied mathematics at Harvard College.

     Doug (Deok-Yang) Kim - Dr. Kim is a chemistry and nanotechnology teacher at BCA who has worked with the math team since 2017. He holds a doctorate in materials science and engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology, and has served as an adjunct faculty at the City College of New York.

     Anthony Thomas -  Mr. Thomas is a teacher of advanced mathematics at the Academies @Englewood Magnet High School in Bergen County, where he has served as a Math Team Coach for five years. He has taught high school math for 17 years, and holds a Bachelors Degree from Princeton University and a Master of Science Degree from MIT.

     Joan Vieni - Ms. Vieni is a mathematics teacher at Bergen Tech - Teterboro. She has worked with the Math Team since 2016, and has previously worked with Academy After Hours and the summer math camp.


  Joseph Holbrook - Joe Holbrook was the original coach of the AAST Math Team, and led it from the school's founding in 1992 until his2010 death. He remains an inspiration to us all, and we strive to live up to his idea that Math Team is not just for the best, but that all students have something to gain from competition math, and all students are welcome at all math team events, whenever possible.